Hay Genealogy

I hope all my distant cousins enjoy exploring the Hay family genealogy here. Please email me with any additions or corrections.

Genealogy for: Robert Hay and Alma Bischoff, Elizabeth Stiebeling and Charles Bischoff, Mary Howsmon and Oliver Hay, Catherine Rueb and Lorenz Stiebeling, Elizabeth Gregory and Joseph Howsmon, Margaret Crawford and Robert Hay, Sophie Guth and Johann Rueb, Margarethe Deckebach and Georg Stiebeling, Sarah VanDolah and Jehiel Gregory, Abigail Britton and William Howsmon, Sarah McNeeley and David Crawford, Sarah Maiden and Thomas Hay, Anna Schneidmuller and Johann Rueb, Catherina Volant and Johann Deckenbach, Elizabeth Hoelle and Johann Stiebeling, Maria Weber and Christian Stiebeling, Anna Lahning and Johannes Weber, Anna Frust and Christoph Stiebeling, Anna Oberheim and Saul Lahning, Maria Lahning and Martin Weber, Gertrude Rupperl and Adam Stiebeling, Sarah Craig and John VanDolah, Elizabeth Andrews and Jehiel Gregory, Hester Dalrymple and Peter VanDolah, Ann Barnum and Nehemiah Gregory, Anna Gibson and Jesse Britton, Mary Gibson and Joseph Britton, Martha Frost and John Howsmon, Mary Passwater and Andrew Maiden, Jane Taylor and William Hay, Ann Cranston and Thomas Taylor, Anna Turnbull and Robert Hay, and more!

America (county-state): Fairfield CT, Washington
     DC, Bureau IL, Henry IL, Stark IL, Jefferson
     IN, Scott IN, Middlesex MA, Iredell NC,
     Hunterdon NJ, Monmouth NJ, Bedford NY,
     Kings NY, New York NY, Richmond NY,
     Fayette OH, Madison OH, Pickaway OH;
     Range OH, Bucks PA, Fayette PA, Alexandria
     VA, Frederick VA
Scotland: Roxburghshire
England: Lancashire, Nottinghamshire
Germany: Braunschweig, Gedern