1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

1860—Schedule 1—Inhabitants
State: Missouri, County: Lafayette; Township: Freedom
Post Office: Lexington; Sheet #18
Enumerated: 15th day of August, 1860, M Schultz, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #123, family #123
Henry Minhoff, age 38, Male, Occupation: Farmer, real estate value: $400, personal property value: $100, birthplace: Hanover
Margaret ", age 40, Female, birthplace: Hanover
Lena ", age 6, Female, birthplace: Missouri,
Sophia ", age 4, Female, birthplace: Missouri
Emma ", age 2, Female, birthplace: Missouri

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Notes: Hermann died in 1856-1858 (he bought land from his brother in 1856, and Margarethe remarried in 1858). The last name is Menkhoff. Lena (Carolina) and Sophia are Dickenhorsts; only Emma is a Menkhoff (when Caroline and Sophia married, they used the name Dickenhorst). Margarethe was born in Westphalia, Prussia not Hanover.

Margarethe has three more Dickenhorst children: Henry, 9 (living nearby on the Uphouse farm, next door to his uncle Fred, who lives with his wife on the Westerhouse farm) and Maria 13 and Catherina 18 (who cannot be found anywhere). While it seems odd to me to have such young children at others’ homes, I think it underscores what a tight-knit community this is. Maria and Catherine are likely working in homes; the enumerator probably did not ask for last names. Catherine will get married in Lafayette County in November of this year.

There had been interim censuses taken in Missouri in the 1850’s, but only a handful of counties are left; Lafayette is not one of them.

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