1870 Census -- Ninth Census of the United States

State: Iowa, County: Dubuque; Dubuque City, Ward 3
Post Office: Dubuque City; Sheet #84
Enumerated: 11th day of July, 1870, Fitzroy Lessions, Assistant Marchall

Dwelling #716, family #677
Wittman, Conrad, age 57, Male, White, Laborer, personal property $200, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born
-------, Katie, age 34, Female, White, Keeping House, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born
-------, Mary, age 26, Female, White, At home, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born, school in the current year
-------, Caroline, age 14, Female, White, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born, school in the current year
-------, Paulina, age 11, Female, White, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born, school in the current year
-------, Anna, age 2, Female, White, born in Wirtemberg, parents foreign-born

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Notes: The Widmannís are misindexed -- Wiltman, Weltman and Witman in the census books! The Widmanns have been in Dubuque for three years. With their assuredly heavy German accents, Whitman and Wittman are common assumptions of the spelling. Sons Conrad Jr (22) and William (19) apparently just moved to Waterloo, and missed the census the both cities -- it was taken in Waterloo mostly in June. Daughter Catherine (18) lives nearby and is working as a domestic servant. Conrad is 55 not 57, Katie is 46 not 34, and Mary is 16 not 26. Anna was born in Iowa, not Wirtemberg. The youngest child born in Germany, Sophia, died in June 1869 of pneumonia at age (almost) six. The Widmanns will soon follow their sons to Waterloo; it is unknown if they stayed in contact with Conrad's siblings -- Fred and Johann Gottlob. It was Fred who had emigrated earlier and lived in Dubuque who determined their destination. This is Conrad's onl census -- he dies in Waterloo (Fox township at Conrad Jr's farm) in just seven years.

Conradís brother Fred (45), a shoe maker, lives close by with his wife Fronica, and seven children: Fred 19, Sophia 16, William 12, Andrew 10, Henry 7, August 4 and John 2. Fred emigrated 8/21/1854, SS Lamont, Havre to NY, and planned to settle in Oswego, NY (according to the passenger list), but was in Dubuque in December marrying Veronica. Conradís brother Gottlob (41), a laborer who just emigrated in June 1869 (6/10/1869, SS Hermann, Bremen to NY) with his two sons (Henry 7 and Gottlob 6), is already married; he married a widow with two little girls.

Dubuque, a large city in a prime location on the Mississippi River, is mostly Irish, although there are a lot of Germans too. Conrad, Katie and the girls shortly move to join their sons in Waterloo, and it is not known if Conrad keeps in touch with his brothers Fred and Gottlob; the cousins do not stay in touch (at least Elmer does not remember hs father talking about these Widmann cousins). This is Conrad's only census; he dies in 1877 in Waterloo, in Raymond (Fox township) on son Conrad's farm.

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