1870 Census -- Ninth Census of the United States

State: Missouri, County: Lafayette; Township: Freedom
Post Office: Concordia; Sheet #27 and 28
Enumerated: 20th day of June, 1870, Henry Tiemen, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #172, Family #179
Menkhoff, Henry, age 51, Male, White, Occupation: Farmer, real estate value: $1300, personal Property value: #304, birthplace; Prussia, parents foreign-born
-------- Margareth, age 50, Female, White, occupation: keeping house, birthplace: Prussia, parents foreign-born
--------, Carolina, age 16, Female, White, birthplace: Missouri, parents foreign-born
--------, Sophia, age 13, Female, White, birthplace: Missouri, parents foreign-born
--------, Emma, age 11, Female, White, birthplace: Missouri, parents foreign-born

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Notes: Margarethe is living next door to Fritz (Fred) Dankenbring with his seven children, and Dorothy and Fred Heidorn. Caroline and Sophie are Dickenhorst daughters. Daughter Maria (23) married August Dankenbring two years ago. Son Henry (18) is a farm laborer in Sedalia (Pettis County). Daughter (Anna Margaretha) Catherina Vegele (28, no children) is in Clinton, MO, but she will die sometime in the next three years, based on Margarethe’s tombstone which says “mother of five children”. Margarethe dies in 1873, but Henry lives another 29 years.

The civil war is over, bushwacking is ended, and the town was renamed Concordia in hopes of a time of reconciliation—but can the four years of terror be forgotten?

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