1880 Census -- Tenth Census of the United States

Inhabitants of county of Black Hawk, state of Iowa, Waterloo City
Supervisors District #2; Enumeration District: #64; Sheet #39
Enumerated: 12th day of June, 1880, J H. Kuhns, Enumerator

Adams Street
.....Dwelling #348, family #362
Meinzer, Leo, White, Male, Age 27, Married, ?? occupation, 0 months unemployed, born in Illinois, parents born in Germany
-------, Carrie, White, Female, age 24, Wife, Married, occupation: housekeeping, born in Germany, parents born in Germany
.....Dwelling #349, family #363
Widman, Catharine, White, Female, age 55, Widowed, occupation: housekeeping, born in Germany, parents born in Germany
------, Anna, White, Female, age 11, Daughter, Single, attends school, born in Iowa, parents born in Germany.

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Notes: Conrad died three years ago, and Catherine has only one child left at home - the American-born daughter Anna. Daughter Carrie lives next door. Unfortunately, there is no 1890 census; Catherine dies in 1893 in Sweet Springs; Family stories say she is buried there, but I could not find her on the cemetery records (tombstone and burial plot) when I visited the church there in 2001 (nor were there records for Pauline and Imanualís two infants who died there). Gihring family stories also say that Catherine was only visiting daughter Paulina there, and not living there, when she suddenly took ill and died. Family history says Conrad Sr. is buried in Fairview Cemetery: it is conceivable that Katieís body was taken back to Waterloo, but neither Conrad nor Catherine can be found in the Fairview records either. The current owner of the Raymond farm (Fox township) has no knowledge of a family burial ground there,. In 1880, Conrad Jr. lives in Raymond (just outside Waterloo), William & Elizabeth are in Portland, OR(!!), Mary and Adolph Klaus live nearby on Fourth Street in Waterloo, but neither daughter Catherine Mahnke (and husband Fred) or daughter Pauline (not yet married) can be located anywhere in the U.S.

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