The Dankenbrings and Brases of Mardorf, Hannover, Germany

The Dankenbrings

Mardorf home #5
August Dankenbring's family traces back in Mardorf to a Albert Henrich Dankenbring, born about 1630 in Lutjen Mardorf am Stienhuder Meer. His son, Johann Henrich Dankenbring, born about 1665 in Mardorf, married Margreta Hinstzen, and they lived in Margreta's parents house -- #5 in Mardorf.

However, house #5 itself can be traced in church records back to the early 1500s, when it was owned by the Meiger family. The history of the house (and our ancestors) are as follows, based on Friedrich Dankenbring's genealogy research:

12. Unknown Meiger family
11. Carsten Meiger (1525-?) and unknown wife
10. Unknown Meyer and unknown wife
9. Unknown Meyer and unknown wife
8. Unknown Meyer and unknown wife
7. Cord Hintze (~1655-1705) and Ilsabe Meyers (~1655-?)
6. Joh. Heinrich Dankenbring (~1665-?)** and Margreta Hintzen (1680-?)
5. Hans Dankenbring/k (1701-1766) and unknown
4. J. Albrecht Heinz Gorge Jurg Dankenbrink/g (~1740-1808) and Ana Maria Dor. Meyers (1746-1808)
3. Johan Heinrich Dankenbring/k (1784-1837) and A. Catherine M. Mg. Wegener (1782-1819)
2. Cord Heinrich Friedrich Dankenbring (1814-1846) and Sophia Brase (1810-1885)
1. August Heinrich Dankenbring (1846-1944)
Sophia Brase Dankenbring emigrates to America in 1848 with son August

**7. Joh. Henrich Dankenbring's parents were Albert Henrich Dankenbring (~1630-~1685) and Maria unknown

Mardorf home #18
The Brase Family

The Brase family can be traced back to an Engelbert Brase in Braunschweig, Germany in 1385-1397. Then, there is a Cort Brase in Hannover in 1490 and a Cord Brase in Hannover in 1500. Finally, there is a Henni Brase in Nienburg in 1554. But the earliest Brase in Mardorf traces back to an unknown Braasen, born circa 1560 perhaps in Sudostl.Nienburg. The heritage then is as follows:

11. Unknown Braasen (~1560-?) and Unknown Meiers** (~1565-?) -- Mardorf house #18
10. Ludeke Braasen (1590-?) and unknown (maybe Meiers)
9. Albert Henrish Brasen (~1620-1689) and Unknown
8. Dietrich Brase (~1650-1705) and Catrina Heydorns** (from house #20)
7. Hans Braase (1676-?) and Lucia Dannenbergs (1677-?) -- now live in #3
6. Johan Hinrich Brase (~1705-?) and unknown
5. Johann Hinrich Brase (1730-?) and Anna Ilsabeth Brassen (1730-?)
Mardorf home #3
4. Joh. Heinrich Brase (~1755-1812) and Else Maria Heydorn (~1763-?)
3. Joh. Heinrich Brase (~1785-1812) and Ilse M. Margarethe Heidorn (1784-1844)
2. Margarethe Sophia Brasen (~1805-1883)
Sophia Brase emigrated to America in 1848 with sons

**It is assumed that this female Meiers was living in house #11 in Mardorf.
**Catrina Heydorns parents were Hinrich Heydorn (~1631-1689) and Margreta Meyers (from house #11), and they lived in house #20. Her grandfather was Diecrich Heydorm (~1530-?) from house #15, and her great-grandfather was Hans Heydorn (~1500-?) from house #2.


The Mardorf (Hannover, Germany) records have not been microfilmed. All of this information from Germany is based upon the many years of research performed by Friedrich Dankenbring of Mardorf, as listed in his 1997 book (which he so kindly sent me in 2001), and as updated online at his Dankenbring website ( and by email ( I owe a deep debt indeed to all of his work, based on the examination of the Mardorf church books and the Mardorf community books (a second set of church books, also hand-written, and not always consistent with the church books).

Friedrich Dankenbring's 1997 book on Mardorf -- cover page at left (click on picture for a larger view); inscription; table of contents; authors; history; map; history: 1170; history: 1171-1628, p.2, p.3, p.4; history: 1629-1721, p.2; history: 1722-1829, p.2, map, p.3, p.4; history: 1830-1899, p.2, 1837 calendar, 1840 records, p.3, map, p.4.
History of homes:
#3-Brase, p.2; #4-Brase, p.2, p.3; #5-Dankenbring, p.2, p.3, p.4; #6-Heidorn, p.2, p.3; #10-Forthmann; #12-Forthmann, p.2, p.3; #13-Brase, p.2; #18-Brase; #39-Blanke, p.2; #44-Dankenbring.

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