August and Maria Dickenhorst Dankenbring

(Anna) Maria Dickenhorst

August Henry Dankenbring

Parents: Margarethe Grungras and Hermann Dickenhorst

Parents: Sophia Brase and Cord Heinrich F. Dankenbring

Born: January 22, 1847 in Neuenkirchen, Hannover, Germany (certificate)

Born: April 26, 1846 in Mardorf, Hannover, Germany (Mardorf book)

Emigrated: October 25, 1851, Bremen to New Orleans, SS Julius (Passenger List and ship)

Emigrated: October 24, 1848, Bremen to New Orleans, SS Oneco (Passenger List and ship)

Married: January 14, 1868 to August Dankenbring in Lafayette County, MO (certificate)

Married: January 14, 1868 to Maria Dickenhorst in Lafayette County, MO (certificate)

Died: March 21, 1919 in Watertown, WI of cerebral hemorrhage (due to fall about 14 years earlier) (certificate)

Died: October 5, 1944 in Sweet Springs, MO (certificate)

Interred: Immanuel Cemetery in Sweet Springs, MO (picture)

Interred: Immanuel Cemetery in Sweet Springs, MO (picture)

Occupation: farmer

Maria’s granddaughters remember her stories of how their great-grandmother, Margarethe Grüngras, was from royalty, but upon marriage to a commoner she was disinherited, and emigrated to America. How hard the move must have been—by age 10 Maria lost her sister and father and acquired a stepfather. Then followed years of fear of bushwhacking raids in the Civil War, when Maria was a young teenager. But 1864 was the last attack, so by the time of her marriage, things were calm. A devoted, creative and talented mother, Maria fashioned feather adornments for her daughters’ hats. She never recovered from a terrible fall at Flora’s 2nd floor Sweet Springs dress shop circa 1906/7 (after August 2, 1906 when she visited Waterloo,IA), probably incurring a subdural hematoma, and was hospitalized circa 1917 at the Bethesda Lutheran Home for the feeble-minded in Watertown, Wisconsin, where she rocked in a chair clutching a baby doll. Her daughter Flora visited her at the Bethesda Lutheran Home (in Wisconsin), and never forgot seeing all the coffins at the rail stations along the way (World War I). Maria spent her 50th wedding anniversary there alone.

August emigrated with his mother when he was two years old. Upon arrival, his mother married Henry Dankenbring, the only father August ever knew. In fact, it is not clear if August knew Henry was a step-father; his 1942 newpaper article sounds like he thinks Henry is his natural father. August took over the family farm upon Henry’s death in 1873, and eight children were born in the one-room log cabin in Emma, with its beds that retracted to the ceiling on pulleys—August’s favorite home! In 1884, the family of 10 moved into a frame house on a farm near Sweet Springs. For his last 25 years, he lived with children and grandchildren in the town of Sweet Springs, and great-grandson Chuck Hohenstein remembers how his grey beard reached his waist! Strong-willed and strong-minded, especially later in life, August’s family did not agree with his decision to move Maria so far away when there were closer alternatives, and were upset that August never visited her in the Wisconsin Home.

Maria Dickenhorst Dankenbring

Census: 1860, Civil War, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910

1898-1927 Photo Gallery. Circa 1871 picture of Concordia.

August Dankenbring
Census: 1850, 1860, Civil War, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Emilie (“Millie”)

4/2/1869 Emma, MO

4/12/1952 Sweet Springs, MO

2/17/1891 John Vogelsmeier


2. Anna Louise

2/13/1871 Emma, MO

3/7/1949 Waterloo, IA

12/4/1892 Arthur Roepe


3. William

7/6/1873 Emma, MO

9/14/1932 Sweet Springs, MO

Rosa Thias


4. Elizabeth (“Eliza”)

6/28/1876 Emma, MO

Waterloo, IA

8/16/1896 Maelher (Walter) Wallhausen


5. Flora

4/8/1878 Emma, MO

2/5/1935 Sweet Springs, MO

1-Fredrich Meyer 2-8/1910 Otho Witcher


6. George William

12/16/1879 Emma, MO

7/14/1934 Santa Monica, CA

1- 1902 Myrtle Ratekin 2- 1905 Alma Widmann 3- 1916 Nondus Spoo 4- 1921 Estelle Short


7. Mary (“Mollie”)

5/12/1881 Emma, MO

10/6/1897 Sweet Springs, MO



8. Sophia Louise

1/23/1883 Emma, MO

1/13/1963 Sweet Springs, MO

12/22/1910 Henry G. Fischer


9. Edward (“Ed”)

4/22/1884 Sweet Springs, MO

3/9/1965 St. Joseph, MO

4/21/1909 Louise Rodekohr


10.Arthur (“Art”)

7/15/1886 Sweet Springs, MO

1/1/1982 Waterloo, IA

12/12/1912 Wilhelmina Hinsberg


11.Eleanora (“Nora”)

5/22/1889 Sweet Springs, MO

4/29/1975 Sweet Springs, MO

3/2/1916 Otto H. Pinkepank



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