Grandchildren of Maria Obervahrenholz and Johann Peter Hoermann [Dickenhorst]

The first two children are Maria's by her first marriage to Bernard Heinrich Dickenhorst; the subsequent seven are a product of her March 15, 1801 marriage to Johann Peter Hoermann, who assumed the suname of Dickenhorst upon the marriage.

1. (daughter) Dickenhorst (~1796 Spenge-?)

2. (Peter) Johann Heinrich Dickenhorst (1/4/1798 Spenge-?) married Catherina Ilsabein Gehring (4/24/1804-) on 4/12/1826 -- 7+ children
-----2a. Johann Peter Dickenhorst (3/9/1827 Spenge-?) married Anne Ilsebain Heidsick (7/6/1838-) on 9/25/1860 (source: cover,page)
----------2b. Friedrich Wilhelm Heidsiek (5/15/1865 Joellenbeck-)(sic-Heidsiek)
----------2b. Hanne Catharine Marie Elisabeth Heidsiek (9/22/1867-11/13/1867 Joellenbeck-)(sic-Heidsiek) -- died young
----------2b. Anna Catharine Ilsabein Heidsiek (1/3/1869 Joellenbeck-)(sic-Heidsiek)
-----2a. Anna Maria Dickenhorst (12/24/1829 Spenge-?) married Hermann Heinrich Winkelhage on 5/4/1874 -- no children?
-----2a. Maria Ilsabein Dickenhorst (8/23/1832-2/13/1833 Spenge) -- died young
-----2a. Friedrich Wilhelm Dickenhorst (12/8/1833 Spenge-?) married Anne Marie Ilsebein Heermann (3/7/1845-) on 8/13/1871
----------2b. Johann Heinrich Heermann/Dickenhorst (12/1/1872 Werther-)
----------2b. Anne Marie Auguste Heermann/Dickenhorst (4/21/1874 Werther-) married August Heinrich Wilhelm Junker on 10/18/1895
----------2b. Anna Marie Johanne Heermann/Dickenhorst (7/25/1875 Werther-) -- (must have died young)
----------2b. Anna Marie Johanne Heermann/Dickenhorst (10/8/1876-5/30/1877 Werther) -- died young
----------2b. Heinrich August Heermann/Dickenhorst (2/17/1878 Werther-)
----------2b. Anna Marie Johanne Heermann/Dickenhorst (3/31/1879 Werther-4/22/1879) -- died young
----------2b. Casper Heinrich Wilhelm Heermann/Dickenhorst (4/25/1880 Werther-)
----------2b. Katharine Marie Emma Heermann/Dickenhorst (1/29/1883 Werther-)
-----2a. Catherina Ilsabein Dickenhorst (5/6/1836-2/7/1838 Spenge) -- died young
-----2a. (Catherine) Maria Ilsabein (9/26/1838 Spenge-?) married Johann Heinrich Gehring on 8/13/1866
----------2b. Marie Auguste Gehring (5/11/1868-2/12/1870 Werther) -- died young
----------2b. Heinrich Wilhelm Gehring (9/17/1870 Werther-)
----------2b. Anne Marie Auguste Gehring (3/1/1873 Werther-)
----------2b. Henriette Lisette Bertha Gehring (2/4/1876 Werther-)
----------2b. Hermann Heinrich Gustav Gehring (12/7/1879 Werther-)
-----2a. Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst (9/28/1842 Spenge-?) married Anne Marie Lippelmann (6/5/1846-?) on 9/22/1874

Note: First two children by first husband Bernard Heinrich Dickenhorst; subsequent children by second husband Johann Peter Hoermann.

3. Anne Marie Dickenhorst (2/10/1802 Spenge-12/4/1825 Spenge) married Johann Peter Wessel (8/14/1789-1830 Spenge)(his father's surname was Redecker) on 12/10/1824 -- 1 child
-----3a. Anna Maria Ilsabein Wessel (11/21/1825-12/4/1825 Spenge) -- died young

4. Johann Peter Dickenhorst (9/11/1804 Spenge-5/24/1880 Spenge) married Anne Marie Elizabeth Kaemper (6/24/1812-?) on 7/3/1835
-----4a. Johann Peter Dickenhorst (9/29/1835 Spenge-?)
-----4a. Anne Ilsabein Dickenhorst (12/7/1837 Spenge-?) married Johann Peter Kaemper on 4/20/1855
----------4b. Johann Hermann Kaemper (2/1/1857 Spenge-) married Hanne Friederike Schnier (12/6/1863 Sundern-) on 11/2/1888 in Herford
----------4b. Hanne Friedrike Kaemper (8/1/1859-6/4/1864 Spenge) -- died young
----------4b. Anne Margarethe Ilsebein Kaemper (11/13/1861 Spenge-)
----------4b. Hanne Friedrike Kaemper (12/26/1864-1/8/1941 Spenge-) -- never married?
-----4a. Catherine Ilsabein Dickenhorst (8/3/1840-2/6/1843 Spenge) -- died young
-----4a. Catherine Ilsebein Dickenhorst (7/16/1843 Spenge-?) married Freiderich Deiderich Wilhelm Stranghoener on 11/1/1863
----------4b. Anna Elise Stranghoener (12/31/1876 Muenstergmeinde-)
-----4a. Hanna Friedrike Dickenhorst (5/18/1846 Spenge-) married Gottlieb Friedrich Saarmann on 7/24/1868
----------4b. Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Saarmann (4/21/1872 Schildesche-)
----------4b. Anne Friederike Luise Saarmann (8/6/1874 Schildesche-)
----------4b. Johanne Friederike Caroline Saarmann (2/13/1877 Schildesche-)
-----4a. Anne Marie Dickenhorst (12/28/1851 Spenge-) married Gottlieb Friedrich Boekstiegel on 7/9/1871
----------4b. unnamed Boeckstiegel (4/8/1872-4/8/1872 Joellenbeck) -- died young
----------4b. Peter Heinrich Boeckstiegel (1/18/1874-1/19/1874 Joellenbeck) -- died young
----------4b. Anna Marie Lisette Boeckstiegel (8/13/1876 Joellenbeck-)
----------4b. Johann Heinrich Gottlieg Boeckstiegel (5/9/1879 Joellenbeck-) married Anne Mrie Luise Blomenkamp (11/9/1884-) on 3/31/1905 in Schnathorst
-----4a. Friedrich Wilhelm Dickenhorst (10/12/1854 Spenge-?) married Ida Friederike Lisette Hassebrock (3/4/1864-) on 5/2/1883
-----4a. Anne Marie Elisabeth Dickenhorst (4/1/1857 Spenge-)

5. Catherine Ilsabein Dickenhorst (7/10/1807 Spenge-?) married (1) Johann Peter Wessel (8/14/1789-1830 Spenge) on 4/14/1826 (the widower of sister Anne Marie Dickenhorst -- see above -- his father's surname was Redecker) and (2) Frederich Wilhelm Landwehrmann (1812-) on 5/17/1832 and (3)? Unknown Landwehrmann ~1848? -- Note: both subsequent husbands assumed the Wessell name
-----5a. Johann Peter Wessell (6/12/1828-12/12/1828 Spenge) -- died young
-----5a. Hanna Friedericka Wessell (4/5/1833 Spenge-?)
-----5a. Johann Wilhelm Wessell (9/16/1834 Spenge-?)
-----5a. Catherina Ilsabein Wessell (8/26/1836 Spenge-?)
-----5a. Anne Ilsabein Wessell (2/22/1838 Spenge-?) married Friederich Wilhelm Heidermann on 6/25/1862
-----5a. Friedricka Wilhelmina Louiae Wessell (5/15/1840 Spenge-?)
-----5a. Johann Friedrich Wessell (2/1842 Spenge-?)
-----5a. Johann Heinrich Wessell (1/26/1844 Spenge-?) married Caroline Louise Mathilde Hackmann (11/8/1875 Alatstadt,Prussia-) on 10/17/1875
-----5a. "Hanne" Johanne Wilhelmine Wessel (1/27/1846 Spenge-) married Friedrich Gustav Pahde (5/28/1836 Bielefeld-) on 3/27/1873
-----5a. Marie Ilsabein Wessell (2/20/1849 Spenge-?) married Ernst Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm Schulze (2/18/1839-) on 3/23/1879

The following children all died young or emigrated to America; none of these grandchildren lived in Germany with Maria Obervahrenholz or Johann Peter Hoermann Dickenhorst.

6. Catherine Maria Dickenhorst (11/1810 Spenge-?) (no other records located in Spenge, but more research there is needed. It is thought this might be, but probably is not, the Carolina Dickenhorst born 5/1/1809 who married Frederich Frerking and moved to Concordia, MO, USA where she died 4/6/1878) -- see Frerking chart (maybe census: 1850, 1860?, 1870 and complete Frerking descendancy.)

7. Freiderich Wilhelm Dickenhorst (1/30/1812 Spenge-10/10/1864 Concordia, MO) married Catherina Anne Marie Bokstiel (~1815 Germany[Spenge?]-1870s Benton, MO) on 4/27/1853 -- no children (Census: 1850, 1860, 1870)

8. Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst (1/24/1816-4/3/1817 Spenge) -- died young

9. Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst (6/12/1818 Spenge-~1857 Concordia, MO) married Anna Maria Margarethe Grungras (8/31/1820 Wallenbruck-7/24/1873 Concordia, MO) in 1840 -- 6 children (Census: 1860, 1870)
-----9a. Johann Peter Dickenhorst (9/17/1840 Wallenbruck-12/3/1840 Wallenbruck -- died young
-----9a. Anna Margarethe ("Catherine") Dickenhorst (1/23/1842 Spenge-1870-1873 Clinton, MO) married Andrew Vegele on 11/20/1860 -- no children
-----9a. (Anna) Maria Dickenhorst (1/22/1847 Neuenkirchen -3/21/1919 Watertown, WI) married August Dankenbring on 1/14/1868 -- 11 children
-----9a. Catharina E. Dickenhorst (~1849 (near Spenge)-4/26/1852 St. Louis, MO) -- died young
-----9a. Henry H. Dickenhorst (9/1851 At sea-7/1/1914 Lincoln Cty, MO) married Emily Smith (5/15/1859 NJ-7/12/1930 AR)(subsequently married a Dent) on 5/6/1878 -- 4 children
-----9a. Caroline Dickenhorst (4/1854 Concordia, MO-1900s Lafayette, MO) married William Brackman on 9/6/1871 -- 13 children
-----9a. (Carolina Maria) Sophia Dickenhorst (5/26/1856 Concordia-12/15/1895 Concordia MO) married William Oetting on 12/3/1872 -- 10 children
-----9a. Emma Menkhoff (4/25/1859 Concordia-1920s Concordia, MO) (daughter of Henry Menkhoff) married Ernest Stempenhausen on 8/26/1876 -- 8 children

Notes: Most of this information was compiled from the Spenge record books, and there may be omissions, and there are sure to be errors -- the record books are old, some pages are missing, most entries are hard to read. It is interesting that these record book microfilms are available in America only; they are forbidden for distribution in Europe.

There is a record for Henrich Dickenhorst marrying Catharine Eleonore Godft on 8/19/1866 in Brockhagen. Perhaps this is a first marriage for -----2a. Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst (9/28/1842 Spenge-?) who married Anne Marie Lippelmann on 9/25/1874??

There was a record for Maria Dickenhorst marry Johan Horman on 11/4/1667 in Werther.
And a record for Johan Henrich Trebbe, born 1/26/1727 to Johan Alff Trebbe and Anna Margreta Dickenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Johan Herman Beckman born 2/22/1728 to Johan Henrich Beckman and Catrin Ilsabein Dickenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Johan Henrich Beckman born 1/23/1730 to Johan Henrich Beckman and Catrin Ilsabein Dieckenhorst in Hoellenbeck.
Johan Casper Beckman born 1/11/1733 to Johan Henrich Beckman and Catrin Ilsabein Dieckenhorst.
Johan Herman Trebbe born 10/5/1738 to Johan Alff Trebbe and Anna Catrin Dieckenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Gret Liesabeth Beckman born 7/12/1739 to Johan Henrich Beckman and Catrina Ilsabein Dieckenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Johan Peter Speckman born 1/10/1740 to Johan Philip Speckman and Anna Catrin Dieckenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Berendt Henrich Trebbe born 2/25/1742 to Alff Trebbe and Anna Catrina Dickenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Johan Peter Beckman born 9/23/1742 to Johan Henrich Beckman and Catrin Ilsabein Dickenhorst in Hoellenbeck.
Johann Hermann Strathmann married Unknown Dickenhorst on 1/5/1743 in Wallenbruck.
Maria Elsabein Grahmans born 1/30/1746 to Johan Herman Grahmans/Speckman and Anna Catrin Dikenhorst in Joellenbeck.
Maria Isabein Dikenhorst married Peter Friderich on 10/17/1747 in Werther.
Margreta Ilsabein Frideriech born 8/9/1748 to Peter Frideriech and Maria Ilsabein Diekenhorst in Werther.
Margreta Ilsabein Friederich born 10/26/1749 to Peter Heinrich Friederich and Maria Ilsabein Dickenhorst in Werther.
Johann Heinrich Fridrichs born 1/1/1753 to Peter Heinrich Fridrichs and Maria Ilsabein Dikenhorst in Werther.
Johann Heinrick Dikenhorst/Hafersiek married Catrina Maria Blase on 4/24/1764 in Werther.
Johan Herman Dickenhorst born 5/16/1765 to Johan Henrich Dickenhorst and Catrina Maria Habersiek in Werther.
Johann Wilhelm Dickenhorst born 11/5/1768 to Johan Henrich Dickenhorst/Habersiek and Catrina Maria Habersiek.
Johann Wilhelm Diekenhorst married Anne Margr. Graffarnds on 8/6/1780 at Infanterie Regiment 10 Von Petersdorff, Bielefeld-Wedel.
Mar. Els. Winkelhage born 1781 to Berend Henr. Winkelhage and Mar. Els. Dickenhorst married on 10/17/1901 to Zacharias Karmann (born 1776) in Halle Stadt.
Johan Herman Dickenhorst born on 5/10/1785 in Werther, to Johan Henrich Dickenhorst and Catrina Maria Habersiek.
Bernhard Heinrich Winkelhage born 9/20/1788 to Bernhard heinrich Winkelhage and Anna Maria Dieckenhorst marries Anna Maria Ilsabein Kerksieck (born 5/28/1775) on 8/20/1820 in Spenge.
Peter Henrich Dickenhorst married Catrina maria Esselman on 5/1/1789 in Werther.
Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Winkelhage born in 1791 to Bernd Heinrich Windelhage and Maria Dieckenhorst married Cathrina Ilsabein Jostmann/Walkenhorst on 10/18/1816.
Anne Marie Ilsabein Dickenhorst married Johan Henrich Wellmann on 9/24/1814 in Wether -- no parents or birthdates on record.
Joh. Peter Wellmann born 8/27/1815 to Joh. Henr. Wellmann and Anne Marie Dickenhorst in Werther.
Cathr. Marie Wellmann born 8/12/1817 to Joh. Henr. Wellmann and Anne Marie Dickenhorst in Werther.
Cathrine Marie Wellmann born 2/28/1820 to Joh. Henrich Wellmann and Anne Marie Dickenhorst in Werther.
Anne Cathrine Ilsabein Wellmann born 1/19/1823 to Johann Henrich Wellmann and Anne Marie Dickenhorst; married Johann Friedrich Wilhelm Kipp (born 11/22/1810) on 7/22/1853 in Schildesche.
Cathrine Marie Wellmann born 10/11/1826 to Johann Henrich Wellmann and Anne marie Isabein Diekenhorst in Werther.
Marie Ilsabein Welmann born 12/10/1829 to Johann Henrich Welmann and Anne Marie Ilsabein Dickenhorst in Werther.
Anne Marie Wellmann born 3/7/1833 to Johann Henrich Wellmann and Anne Marie Ilsabein Dickenhorst in Werther.
Anne Marie Diekenhorst married Johann Heinrich Stock on 7/22/1853 in Werther.
Friedrich Wilhelm Stock born 3/19/1865 to Johann Heinrich Stock and Anne Marie Dickenhorst. in Werther -- died 2/28/1866.
Anne Marie Auguste Stock born 4/30/1871 to Johann Heinrich Stock and Anne Marie Dickenhorst in Werther.
Anne Marie Dickenhorst (born 1830) married Hermann Heinrich Winkelhage or Stock (born 1844, son of Johann Heinrich Winkelhage) on 5/12/1874 in Werther

Hermann Heinrich Dickenhorst married Anne Margarethe Ilsabein Gruenegres on 9/6/1840 in Wallenbrueck -- Film #473690 - not in LA
Marie Ilsabein Dickenhorst (born 9/26/1839) married Hermann Heinrich Einhaus (born 2/26/1853) on 5/9/1884 in Werther (sic -- she was 44 and he was 31).
Anna Marie Elisabeth Dickenhorst married Christian August Heinrich Luttermoeller on 2/27/1880 in Brackwede

Of interest is a Dickenhorst family in Michigan. On the 1920 Ottowa, Michigan census are: Charlie and Anna Dickenhorst with children Minnie, Clarence, Lewis, Raymond, Rensena and Albert -- Charlie b. 1878 in Michigan. Holland, Michigan birth records for this family (e.g., Maukie Dickenhorst was born to Aru Dickenhorst and Francina Deekenhorst in 1872) -- and other children's names of Hermanus and Jan -- confirm this is not a German family; both Arie/Aru and Francina Dickenhorst/Diekenhorst are listed as being born in the Netherlands, and likely about 1830s/1840s. This is likely also the source of the Lawrence Dickenhorst from Kewanee, Wisconsin record of a soldier killed in the Civil War (Private Co. A., 27th infantry; enlisted Aug. 15, 1862; killed at Jenkins Ferry, April 30, 1864); he is likely a Dutch relative of Arie, and these may even be a misinterpretation of the more common Diepenhorst Dutch name.

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