Frederick and Catharine Dickenhorst sell land to Hermann Dickenhorst - October, 1858

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Know all men by these presents That We Frederick Dickenhorst and Catharine Marie Dickenhorst the Wife of the Said Frederick of the County of Saline in the State of Missouri have this day for and in Consideration of the Sum of Twenty five hundred dollars to the said Frederick Dickenhorst in hand paid by John M. Hancock of the County and State aforesaid granted bargained and Sold, and by these presents do grant bargain and Sell unto the said John M. Hancock the following described tracts or parcels of land situated in the County of Saline in the State of Missouri that is to say the South West 1/4 of the South West quarter of Section No four and the South East 1/4 of the South East quarter of Section No five and all of the West half of the South West quarter of Section Ten except four acres sold to James Gresham embracing the Mill Site on Said land and Twenty acres of the South end of said land sold to Hermann Dickenhorst all in Township forty eight and Range Twenty two. Containing in all One hundred and thirty six acres. To have and to hold the premises hereby Conveyed with all the rights, privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging or in anywise appertaining unto the said John M. Hancock his heirs and assigns forever. I the Said Frederick Dickenhorst hereby Convenanting to and unto the Said John M. Hancock, his heirs and assigns for himself his heirs executors and administrators to warrant and defend the title to the premises hereby Conveyed against the Claim of every person whatever. In Witness Whereof in law hereto subscribed our names and affirmed our Seals on this the 25th day of October 1858.

Frederick Dickenhorst (seal)
Catharine Marie Dickenhorst (seal)

State of Missouri, County of Saline

Followed by an attestment by Thomas Farrell, JD & Justice of the Peace-knows them & Catherine signed voluntarily

[Microfilm of handwritten copy of original document]

Note: Hermann's wife Margarethe married Henry Menkhoff in August 1858, so clearly Hermann died prior to August 1858, prior to this sale. This sale only mentions Hermann's name in conjunction with the land previously sold to him (probably the land contract of 1856) and does not state whether he is alive or dead; clearly he is already deceased.