Frederick and Catharine Dickenhorst sell land to Hermann Dickenhorst - February, 1856

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This indenture of bargain and sale and conveyance made and entered into this 14th day of February 1856 between Frederick Dickenhorst and Catherine his wife of the first part and Hermann Dickenhorst of the second part (witness?) that the party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of two hundred dollars paid by the party of the second part have this day bargained sold and conveyed unto him the said Herman Dickenhorst his heirs and assigns the following described lands to wit twenty (20) acres on the south side of the west half of the southwest (gr?) of Section Ten township, forty eight (48) Range Twenty three (23) in Saline County, State of Missouri. To have and to hold said land to him the said Herman Dickinghort his heirs and assigns. And the said Frederick Dickinghorst and his wife do covenanct with the said Herman Dickinghorst that they will warrant and forever defend the same against all claims whatever. In testimony wherof the said Fred Dickinghorst and his wife have hereunto set their hand and seal on this 14th day of February 1856.

Frederick Dickenhorst (seal)
Cahtrine Dickenhors (seal)

State of Missouri, Saline County

Bottom part is an attestment to their signatures.

This is a Microfilm of handwritten copy of original document. NOTE: spellings of the names (Cahtrine, Dickenhorp, Dickinghorst, etc are transcribed as written, with their errors intact. In old-fashioned script, s was often written as a p, so the spelling of Dickenhorpt is actually Dickenhorst.