Johannes and Margaretha Kaletsch Krieger

Margaretha Kaletsch

Johannes Krieger


Parents: Katharina Muth and Johannes Krieger

Born: October 25, 1788 in Niederweimar, Germany

Born: November 19, 1791 in Gossfelden (#60)

Married: December 26, 1814 to Johannes Krieger

Married: December 26, 1814 to Margaretha Kaletsch

Died: December 26, 1861 in Gossfelden (in house #68½)

Died: December 3, 1752 in Gossfelden (in house #68½)

Interred: Gossfelden

Interred: Gossfelden

Occupation: shepherd

Nothing is known of Margaretha Kaletsch other than she was born in nearby Niederweimar. It is unknown how many children Margaretha and Johannes had (I suppose Anna Naumann mostly researched the Gossfelden and Marburg records, and only knew of births elsewhere when they were married in Gossfelden...) It is noteworthy that both Margaretha and Johannes died at house #68½, which was their son Peter's home. Johannes died three years after Peter married Katherina Naumann, but Elizabeth might have remembered her Krieger grandmother; she was six when Margaretha died.

Johannes' parents, shepherd Johannes Krieger from Oberweimar and Katharina Muth from Michelbach, had at least six children, born in Gossfelden, Colbe and perhaps other homes, even though they owned house #60 in Gossfelden. But in those days, if a shepherd also had suitable accommodations in the place where he guarded the sheep, his family could live with him. House #60 was inherited by the youngest son, Johannes Krieger, Jr. (I am not sure why the younger Johannes is considered the "junior" -- he was born in 1799 in Colbe). Johannes apparently took over his father's shepherd job in Colbe, as he had at least one son born there.



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1/2. Peter

11/14/1818 in Colbe

5/30/1885 in Gossfelden (#68½)

10/28/1849 to Katharina Naumann


...incomplete list

*Note: the information on the children was provided in handwritten form in 2003 by Anna Nauman, Sarnau Hauptstr. 16, 35094 Lahntal Germany. She researched the Gossfelden and Marburg church records at the archives in Marburg, and wrote a book about the homes in Gossfelden. She sent me the relevant pages from the book, and hand-written notes about the family history. Records are not released outside Germany; records after 1830 are kept in the parsonage in Gossfelden; ealier records are archived in Marburg.

"Gossfelden - Grenzgang 1995" -- genealogical book on the families and houses of Gossfelden -- selected pages (whole book was not mailed to me):
cover (by Historian Anna Naumann)
house #5 "Weigands" (~p.20-21)(Weigand Naumann 1756-1819)(Michael Naumann 1782-1836)(Johann Henrich Naumann 1814-1872)
house #10 "Lettermanns"(p.30-31)(Kurt Engle 1570-?)(Heinrich Naumann 1648-1707)(Michael Naumann 1684-1747)(Johannes Naumann 1715-1785), p.2 (p.32-33)
house #60 "Kriegers"(p.180-181)(Johannes Krieger 1762-1836)(Johannes Krieger 1799-1863)
house #63½ "Chrests" (p.188-189)(Christian Naumann 1795-1855)(Michael Naumann 1825-1901)
house #68½ "Dippels" (p.204-205)(Peter Krieger 1818-1885)

My translation of the "Krijersch" (Kriegers) page: The shepherd Johannes Krieger of Oberweimar and Katharina Muth of Michelback were wed in 1787 in Gossfelden and were owners of House #60. The couple had six known children; it may have been more because a shepherd could also house his family where he was herding sheep if the accommodations were suitable. Thus the youngest son, Johannes Krieger Jr., was born in Colbe in 1799. He was a Shore-attendant [probably ran the bridge that went across the River Lahn] in Gossfelden, inherited House #60 and in 1828 married Anna Elisabeth Linker, daughter of schoolmaster Valentin Linker of Gossfelden. Two daughters were born from this union, both named Elisabeth. Elisabeth I married Johann Heinrich Muller from “Hans” in 1853 and inherited the house. Elisabeth II married Henrich Grebe of “Backes.” Johann Heinrich Muller and Elisabeth Krieger had four sons and two daughters; the two daughters were stillborn and one of the sons died at age two. The oldest son Johannes Muller married Anna Margaretha Althaus of “Enn.” Their son Johann married Anna Katharina Fischer of “Sanmeiersch” in 1911. In 1913 they bought the neighboring

My translation of the "Dippels" page: Shepherd Peter Krieger, who was born in Colbe but resided in Gossfelden house #60, married Catherine Naumann of “Chrests” in 1849. They built their house onto “Chrests,” making it into a double-house, with the Krieger part becoming number 68½. Six children were born; a boy died at age 4 months and a girl at age 5½ years of age. The youngest son, Johann Heinrich Krieger, married Catharina Feussner of Sterzhausen in 1886. His sister Elisabeth married Henrich Busch from Sterzhausen, and lived in the “Busch” house #64. The daughter of J. H. and Katharina Krieger, Catherine, married Peter Opper from Unterrosphe in 1924. Their son Konrad Heinrich Opper married Catherine Fey of Gossfelden. The family Opper constructed a new house in Unterrosphe and sold house #68½ to Henrich Dippel of Mellnau and his wife Katharina Althause of “Petersch.” After the death of Heinrich Dippel in 1985, his widow Katharina Dippel became the owner of the property. house #61 (previously called “Schlipps”) and moved there as their own home became unfit for living in 1914.

Note: my translations are not precise, as I do not know German; the automatic translators available on the internet were used, so these are subject to errors.

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