Jacob and Magdalina Pfisterer Widmann

Magdalena Pfisterer

Jacob Friderich Widmann

Parents: Maria Magdalena Siegel and (Jung) Johannes Pfisterer

Parents: Maria Magdalena Ruhle and Melchior C. Widmann

Born: February 12, 1790, Zuffenhausen, Wurtenberg, Germany (church record)

Born: March 15, 1784 in Zuffenhausen, Wurtemberg, Germany (church record)

Married: August 23, 1810 to Jacob Widmann (church record)

Married: August 23, 1810 to Magdalena Pfisterer (church record)

Died: March 9, 1860 (age 70) in Zuffenhausen (church record)

Died: April 15, 1843 (age 59) in Zuffenhausen (church record)

Interred: Zuffenhausen

Interred: Zuffenhausen


How hard life must have been to have twelve babies and lose half of them as infants. However, the loss of twins was not uncommon, without special neonatal care in those days. It seems like not only Magdalena, but also her adult children lost half their babies.

When Jacob died, all the children would still have been living at home -- none of the five had yet been married. However, with the children ranging from 12-27, they were old enough to help out. Only Fred emigrated during Magdalena's lifetime.



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Jacob Friderick

10/19/1811 Zuffenhausen

11/10/1811 Zuffenhausen



2. Johann George

12/7/1812, Zuffenhausen

2/21/1814 Zuffenhausen



3. Jacob Friderick

9/21/1814, Zuffenhsen

9/23/1814 Zuffenhausen



4. Conrad Melchior

9/22/1815, Zuffenhausen

1/26/1877, Raymond, IA

7/2/1848 Catherine Fetzer


5. Maria Magdalena

2/3/1818, Zuffenhausen

4/29/1857 Johann Matzger

6. Esther Regina

11/11/1820, Zuffenhausen

2/19/1842 Zuffenhausen



7. (Jacob) Friderick

5/23/1823, Zuffenhausen

1875-1880, Dubuque, IA

1-4/30/1850 Sophia Barbara Jung, 2-12/23/1854 Veronica Rauch


8. Johann Georg

10/7/1825, Zuffenhausen

10/20/1825, Zuffenhausen



9. Carl (twin)

10/17/1826, Zuffenhausen

11/6/1826, Zuffenhausen



10. Carolina (twin)

10/18/1826, Zuffenhausen

11/2/1826 Zuffenhausen



11. Johann Gottlob

11/6/1827, Zuffenhausen

10/8/1888, Dubuque, IA

1- 1856 Catherina Siegel, 2-1869/1870 Mary ?


12. Catherina

6/16/1830, Zuffenhausen

1853 Heinrich Manis


Son (Jacob) Friderick and his wife Sophia emigrated in 1854 (8/21/1854 on the sailing ship Lamont, Havre to New York) with two children (Fred born 1851 and Sophia born 1854). Although all four are on the passenger list, and listed as planning to go to Oswego, NY, Fred ends up in Dubuque, Iowa instead, and remarried in December 1854, just four months later. It is unknown whether Sophia died enroute or shortly after landing. Son Conrad is the second to emigrate, 13 years later, in 1867, and joined Fred and family in Dubuque. The last Widmann son Johann emigrates in 1869 (6/10/1869 on the SS Bremen, from Bremen to NY), with his two sons, after his wife and six children have died. For only a couple of years, all three Widmann surviving sons ended up in Dubuque. It is thought that Fred and Johann are buried at St. John's Lutheran Cemetery.

It seems like the Widmann family was particularly hard hit with infant mortality -- more than half of their children died in Zuffenhausen. Perhaps this was part of the impetus to move -- especially for all the boys -- usually one inherits the home and stays. It is not known if the two Widmann daughters also emigrated.

There is an odd January 16 1811 christening record for a Maria Catharina, daughter of unwed mother Magdalena Pfisterer, which mentions a Conrad Friderics Widmann, thought to be the son of Melchior Widmann -- I think it might say he was killed in the army on October 11, 1810. But I cannot translate all the German to be sure. While this would appear to be the same Magdalena above, it is not certain, as this Magdalena married this Jacob on August 23, 1810, and had a child christened in October 1811. More research is needed.

It would also be useful to reorder in the microfilm to look up to see if there are family histories for Johann Matzger and Heinrich Manis.

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