Melchior and Magdalena Ruhle Widmann

(Maria) Magdalena Ruhle

Melchior C. Widmann

Parents: Anna Maria Bauer and (Johann) Conrad Ruhle

Parents: Maria Magdalena Greif and Johannes Georg Widmann

Born: April 1, 1757, Zuffenhausen, Wurtemberg, Germany (church record)

Born: April 26, 1756, Germany

Married: July 26, 1781 to Melchior Widmann (church record)

Married: July 26, 1781 to Magdalena Pfisterer (church record)

Died: October 21, 1829 in Zuffenhausen (church record)

Died: October 9, 1829 in Zuffenhausen (church record)

Interred: Zuffenhausen

Interred: Zuffenhausen

Occupation: shoemaker

How touching that Melchior and Magdalena died just 12 days apart, at ages 73 and 71, after 48 years of marriage. How difficult that they too lost half their children as babies. Infant mortality remained high until the advent of clean water and better hygiene in the early 20th century. Most likely the three children for whom there is only birth information did not die young -- when children die, the death information is usually included on the birth record. There is probably much more information to be found -- I am particularly interested in tracing back to what towns/countries our ancestors are from. With the inevitable computerization of this data, research will be much easier!

This is a work in progress. It appears from the wedding record that Melchior was not born in Zuffenhausen, but the town is very hard to read. This is old German script and the handwriting is often illegible. However, the fact that these records still exist is incredible. If not for the Mormon church microfilming a lot of these old church record books, they would be lost forever. The earliest Widmann record I found in Zuffenhausen was one for a Michael Widmann family, where Michael was born in 1707 in what looks to be Unterensingen, near Nurtingen (SE of Stuttgart), but it appears he had no surviving issue but may have had illegitimate children -- more research is needed.



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Johann George

4/28/1782 Zuffenhausen

1/29/1784 Zuffenhausen



2. Jacob Friderich

3/15/1784, Zuffenhausen

4/15/1843 Zuffenhausen

8/23/1810 Magdalena Pfisterer


3. Conrad

12/5/1785, Zuffenhsen

4. Maria Catherina

4/27/1788, Zuffenhausen

5. Johann Michael

1790, Zuffenhausen

1/25/1791, Zuffenhausen



6. Anna Maria

11/29/1791, Zuffenhausen

4/15/1796 Zuffenhausen



7. Unnamed

2/25/1795, Zuffenhausen

2/25/1795 Zuffenhausen



8. Conrad M. W.

12/4/1895, Zuffenhausen

9. Johann George

3/17/1797, Zuffenhausen

These records were very hard to decipher, especially since I do not know German! The records were almost 200 years old when they were microfilmed, the copies were often poor, the handwriting is often illegible, and the old script is hard to decipher. Even Elmer Widmann, himself a Lutheran minister and fluent in German, found them impossible. More research is definitely needed, for confirmation of all this information and to obtain more. Besides the single entries for birth, marriage and death, there are also Family pages (such as Conrad Ruhle family and the Melchior Widmann family) and also other pages (I think this is some sort of confirmation page, but it includes some babies that died and is missing others -- for Widmann).

Definitely pages are missing, since the handwriting is so hard to decipher, so I know I skipped some records that I probably wanted. It is not impossible, as you usually start with the most recent data, but when dates are unknown, such as for deaths, and there is no index, it can be next-to-impossible. Conrad Ruhle's 1724 birth record; Johann Conrad Ruhle's 1769 death record; Anna Maria Bauer Ruhle's 1787 death record.

Some Widmann descendants (for example, Shawn Reagan from Cedar Rapids, Iowa) thought that the Widmanns had come from Grossaltdorf -- but it was thought to be Conrad's father Melchior and not his grandfather. I believe this to be an error.

Zuffenhausen church books on microfilm:
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2. #1055791 (permanently in LA) -- Taufen 1808-1837 Heiraten 1808-1857 Tote 1808-1837 Taufen 1838-1852 Tote 1838-1853 Uneheliche Taufen 1844-1871 Familienbuch (Vermißt!) 1785-1807 Konfirmationen (Vermißt!) 1796-1903
3. #1055792 (permanently in LA) -- Taufen 1853-1868 Heiraten 1853-1876 Tote 1854-1868 Familienbuch 1864 Taufen 1869-1878
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8. #1055797 -- Heiraten 1933-1953 Taufen 1935-1950 Tote 1933-1944 Gefallene 1940-1946

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