Johann Peter and Catrina Maria Venghaus Hoermann

Catrina Maria Venghaus

Johann Peter Hoermann

Parents: (maybe) Catrina Maria Nagel and Wilhelm Henrich Venghauss


Born: (maybe) October 18, 1749 in Werther, Westphalia, Germany

Born: (maybe) Novmber 21, 1734 in Kirchdornberg, Westphalia, Germany

Married: Johann Peter Hoermann

Married: Catrina Maria Venghaus



Interred: Werther

Interred: Werther


The records in the mid 1700s are not as complete as in later years. Without a marriage record that specifies the parents or the birthdate, it is not certain that Catrina's parents are matched up correctly. Indeed, the birth records of their children even have different names -- the 1770 birth record of Anna Maria is to Johann Peter Hoermann and Anna Catrina Venghaus. Therefore, there are likely to be errors where nieces/nephews are listed as children.

The birth record found for Johann Peter Hoerman listed no parents names. Therefore, this is even more suspect. There are several Hoermann families, and the name seems to have been spelled Heermann in later generations, so exact family composition is impossible. Again, there are known to be some errors, but with the exception of 1770 Anna Maria, all the children's births are to Catrina Maria Venghaus and Johann Peter Hoermann.



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Cathrin Ilsabein

9/21/1766 Werther

2. Anna Maria

5/7/1768 Werther

3. Anna Marie

6/4/1770 Werther

4. Catrina Maria

2/28/1775 Werther

5. Hanna Marie Elisabeth

1/1/1777 Werther

6. Johan Peter

3/12/1779 Werther

1/18/1843, Spenge

13/15/1801 Catherina Maria
7/14/1824 Anne Marie
Ilsabein Horsskotte


7. Herman Friedrich


(maybe) 3/29/1809 Marie Ilsabein Walkenhorst

8. Anne Marie Elsabein

11/19/1782 Werther

3/28/1816 Werther

Johann Henrich Fetkoetter


9. Anna Catrina Margaret Elisabeth

12/20/1784 Werther

10. Trin Elisabeth

3/12/1789 Werther

Notes: this was compiled solely from the online indexes to microfilmed records. There may have been records lost, or towns that did not allow their churchbooks to be microfilmed, so there are sure to be serious gaps in information.

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