Jehiel and Elizabeth Andrews Gregory

Elizabeth Andrews

Jehiel Gregory

Parents: Unknown and Major _____ Andrews

Parents: Ann Barnum and Nehemiah Gregory

Born: 1757 CT (see notes below)

Born: ~1755 at Gregory Point, CT (see notes below)

Married: 1775 to Jehiel Gregory

Married: 1775 to Elizabeth Andrews

Died: 1857 in Yankeetown, Fayette County, OH

Died: April 12, 1818 in Yankeetown, Fayette County, OH (court record)

Interred: on farm -- reinterred in 1903 to Kirkwood Cemetery (documentation)

Interred: on farm -- reinterred in 1903 to Kirkwood Cemetery (documentation)


Occupation: Farmer, legislator, postmaster, millwright, soldier

"The dates of birth, marriage and death of Elizabeth Andrews Gregory can be regarded as correct as she survived until well within the memory of those from whom I secured the information. Her birthplace was probably in or near Spencertown, Columbia County, NY. I presume that her later years were spent in Ohio. At the time of her death she was 99 years, 9 months and 15 [27] days old. Her father was known as 'Major Andrews.' Was small and sprightly. Taken to visit her relatives near Londonderry at age of 97. I am told by Mrs. West that there was a connection between the Andrews and Adley families." -- W.P.Hay (1871-1947). Elizabeth was clear-minded and enjoyed reminiscing about her eventful life with her great-grandchildren: the throwing over of the tea at Boston, the battle of Bunker Hill, the stirring events of the time of Washington. Her husband and sons had fought in three great battles: the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War. Her great-grandchildren would soon be fighting in the Civil War as well. She was venerated and respected by a large community (source). As of 2010, the reference to "Major Andrews" has not led to the discovery of his first name on Patriot records, nor has Adley research been fruitful (perhaps relating to her maternal line). On her 1850 census, Elizabeth herself said she was born in CT; only later sources (1881 county history, 1939 Gregory book) list her birthplace as NY (see below). Probably the best place for further research is Spencertown,NY, where the Andrews family lived in the 1760s/1770s.

"After achieving considerable importance in Athens county, Ohio, as its first postmaster, associate county judge, trustee of first library in N. W. territory, trustee of Ohio University [1808-1812], [State Legislator for three terms (1811, 1812, 1814)], organizer and Colonel of first regiment in Ohio in the War of 1812, he sold out in 1815 and moved to Fayette county where he bought a tract of 1040 acres of land on which he lived for the balance of his life. He divided the land into farms for himself and his children and kept them about him up to his death in 1818. The community came to be known as Yankeetown; it is now only a cross road with one or two houses. The burying ground of the family, on Deer Creek, has been obliterated and no tombstones remain. The bodies were removed about 1911 [actually 1903] to Kirkwood cemetery near London, Ohio." -- W.P.Hay (1871-1947). Jehiel enlisted August 3, 1775 in the 4th Regiment of the NY Line in the Revolutionary War and fought in Ticonderoga, Crown Point and Fort Montgomery. He also served in the Bedford militia and a brief tour of duty in Vermont. The move to Ohio -- first Washington County, then Athens by 1804 when he purchased property consisting of a grist-mill, saw-mill and carding machine -- was perhaps precipitated by a land grant due to reparations for the burning of Norwalk or Bedford; no land grant documents have been found, but are known to have been issued for the loss of CT/NY property.

Census data: 1790, 1800, 1803, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850

Census data: 1790, 1800, 1803, 1810

William Perry Hay's Howsmon Genealogy book; page on Jehiel and Elizabeth. "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" page on Jehiel.



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Jehiel

11/20/1782 Spencertown,NY

9/1823 Fayette, OH

8/19/1816 Sarah “Sally” VanDolah


2. Nehemiah

3/31/1784 Spencertown,NY

2/21/1817 Fayette, OH

12/31/1807 Patience Brown


3. Elizabeth “Betsy”

10/3/1786 Spencertown,NY

1/10/1840 Jackson, OH

3/5/1809 Jared Strong ~1830 John Burnsides


4. Annis

8/8/1789 Bedford, NY

10/8/1877 Meigs, OH

1/11/1811 Ozias Strong in OH


5. Andrews

8/8/1789 Bedford, NY

7/21/1866 Fayette, OH

1-1/2/1814 Sarah Dunehew Roberts, 2-8/3/1848 Isabel Foster


6. Adley

6/17/1797 Cumberland, PA*

8/19/1878 Bloomingfield, IA

1/16/1827 Margaret Armstrong Walker



Note: mine is the only source that has Elizabeth Andrews as being born in CT and not NY. While many published sources list NY, I maintain that the 1850 census data "trumps" all these later sources -- in 1850 Elizabeth herself answered CT on her census data (and her daughter stated NY); Elizabeth's mind was clear, the daughter would have been certain as well. All the later sources are at least 30 years later (see the earliest: 1881 biography; also 1939 Gregory book), and would have been based on recollections of grandchildren/greatgrandchildren (as her children were all deceased by 1881), who undoubtedly remembered the stories of NY during the Revolution, and perhaps had even mentioned that the family moved to Ohio from NY, which got translated for both Elizabeth and Jehiel as being born in NY. Both Jehiel and Elizabeth are thought (by me) to have been born in CT; unfortunately, none of their children lived to 1880 to answer their parents' birthplaces on their census data.

W. P. Hay (1871-1947) lists Jehiel Gregory's (Jr.'s) 1782 birthplace as Spencertown,NY as well as it being the birthplace of two of his siblings in 1784 and 1786; the 1939 Gregory book confirms Spencertown (but the source was likely W. P. Hay). W. P. Hay hypothesized that Spencertown could be the NY birthplace for the mother, Elizabeth Andrews. Spencertown is in Columbia county, about 92 miles north of Bedford and half-way to Fort Ticonderoga. Spencertown is now a part of Austerlitz, New York; the north part of the town of Hillsdale was known as Spencer'stown as it was settled by a dozen Spencer families in the 1750s. There is no Andrews or Gregory listed as one of the 71 original settlers of Spencertown in 1757-1760, confirming this is not the 1757 birthplace of Elizabeth Andrews. (But there were 20 Andrews families with 129 people in Spencertown in 1790 -- see research.) Note that while the 1850 census data would have been theoretically available as of 1922, Elizabeth would have been hard to find as she was not in Yankeetown as expected; it is unknown if at that time the census records were made available in Washington,DC or if you had to look for them locally (i.e., Meigs county,OH).

Many sources likewise have Jehiel as being born in NY (see the earliest: 1914 biography which actually states he was "a New Yorker"), and specifically Gregory Point, NY (1939 Gregory book). Gregory Point is in CT not NY (just south of Norwalk, and considered a part of Norwalk today). William Perry Hay researched "Gregory Point"-92,93,94,95,96 in the 1930s, and concluded there is only one, and it is in CT not NY -- located at the east side of the mouth of Norwalk River in Fairfield County, CT. A very short distance up this river are the towns of South Norwalk on the west side and East Norwalk on the east side of the river. Two or three miles above is the town of Norwalk. Bedford (Westchester county), NY is 20 miles from Norwalk, CT, and it is land-bound which suggests it would not have a "point". As Jehiel's father Nehemiah signed up out of CT in the French and Indian war in 1759 (and married in CT in 1759), it seems certain that Jehiel was born in CT and not NY, and that the family's move to Bedford,NY was subsequent to Jehiel's ~1755 birth.

Gregory Point on the US Geographical Survey map, 20th century - click on image for larger view
Gregory Point USGS Norwalk South Quad, Connecticut, Topographic Map. Gregory Point is a Cape in the state of Connecticut (county of Fairfield), located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also known as lat-long or GPS coordinates) of N 41.08704 and W -73.40151. Gregory Point is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United States Geographical Survey map USGS Norwalk South quad. The nearest major town is East Norwalk, CT. See also the entries and map about Gregory Point in the 1865 book "The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk.

Elizabeth Andrews and Jehiel Gregory were married in 1775, around the time Jehiel enlisted in the Revolution, but no record has been located -- perhaps in either Spencertown (my guess) or Bedford. After the Revolution, Jehiel and Elizabeth lived in Spencertown at least in 1782-1786, but moved (back) to Bedford by 1789. Further research should be done to locate the Andrews family ties to: Spencertown,NY; Connecticut (where I think Elizabeth Andrews was born in 1757); the Adley family; and the identification of "Major Andrews." Note that the parents of Jared and Ozias Strong were Judge Horatio Strong of Massachusetts and Patience Stevens of Yonkers, NY (originally of Fairfield County, CT) and she was the daughter of John and Lydia Barnum, and Horatio and Patience lived in Athens in 1797-99.

On the early tax rolls in Ohio, Jehiel Gregory is listed: 1800-1803 in Middletown township in Washington county (1803) and in 1806 in Athens county.

It is noteworthy that Jehiel is an early name in the Andrews family as well: Jehiel Andrews (1720 Wallingford,CT-1812 Mt.Holly,VT) married Sarah Cook (1722-1805 Rutland,VT). The Vermont connection is noteworthy too, as Jehiel Gregory is listed as being in VT in the Revolution in 1781. It is thought this is likely to be some relation to Elizabeth Andrews, but they are not thought to be her parents. This Jehiel (son of Daniel) was born 6/1720 in Wallingford, CT, married Sarah Cook on 1/16/1745/46 in Wallingford, CT (daughter of Israel) and their children, all born in Wallingford,CT are: Mabel (1/9/1746/47), Thankful (12/9/1748), Lois (8/30/1750), John (11/12/1752), Ebenezer (5/4/1754), Sarah (12/29/1756), Eunice (3/14/1759) and Chloe (12/16/1760).

Some researchers have a middle name of "Grant" for Jehiel Gregory Sr or Jr. No source has been found to confirm this middle name. It is thought this might have been a result of a listing in "Revolutionary Soldiers buried in the State of Ohio" for Nehemiah Gregory which mentions "For discrepancies on the birth place of Jehiel Grant Gregory Boston (geneal on Jehiel line) repts prob Bedford, Westchester co N Y whr his father Nehemiah lvd before Rev ..." -- this is the only mention I have found for a middle name of Grant. This listing was supposed to correct errors in Jehiel's listing. It is assumed that he did not have a middle name of Grant.

The twins Annis and Andrews are said by some to have been born in Newberry, Massachusetts (specifically that Annis was born in MA), but this is clearly in error; they themselves on their 1850-1870 census data state they were born in NY not MA; perhaps this was confused with her husband Ozias Strong. Note that the 1790 census has the family living in Bedford,Westchester county,NY. *Some sources state Adley’s birthplace as MD but Adley’s 1850, 1860 and 1870 census confirms PA—I believe this is Cumberland County which was formed out of Lancaster County in 1750—en route to Ohio. Jared and Ozias Strong were brothers, and the sons of Judge Horatio Strong and Patience Stevens of Lenox, Berkshire, MA. In 1790, there were 442 Andrews families -- 99 in CT and 57 in NY (and only 1 in Westchester, but in Greenburgh, not Bedford). (And there were 80 Andrus families -- 59 from Connecticut and 1 in NY).

Athens county, Athens township: Silas Pruden, born in Norristown [sic], New Jersey, in 1773, came to Athens county in 1815, and purchased the mills and farm east of Athens, then owned by Col. Jehiel Gregory, who soon after removed to Fayette county, Ohio. Mr. Pruden rebuilt and improved the mills, which were known as the "Pruden mills," till about 1836, when Mr. Pruden sold them with the adjoining farm, etc. to J. B. & R. W. Miles. Mr. Pruden was a man of considerable means, and raised a highly respectable family of six sons and seven daughters. In November, 1832, one of his daughters, Achsah, was married to John Brough, late governor of Ohio. Mr. Pruden was a member of the Presbyterian church during his residence in the county, and a most worthy man. In 1837 he removed to Hocking county, where he died, November 30, 1856.

Note that Jehiel's will, written on July 12, 1817, lists as witnesses W. H. Vaughn, Wm. Bostwick and Retrace Carter. Vaughn is unknown, but Bostwick and Carter are nephews to Jehiel. Specifically, Jehiel's half-sister Annis' daughter Sarah "Sally" Carter married William Bostwick and they died in Fayette,OH in 1821 and 1823 respectively. Retrace Carter is surely a nephew as well who has not yet been researched (see cousins); he may have died 1817-1820 as the only Carter on the 1820 census in Fayette,OH is James, 26-44, assumed to be a son of Retrace; curiously, there have been no records at all found anywhere in America for the unusual name of Retrace Carter. (There was no 1810 census in OH; he is not on the 1800/1810 census in VT.)

Adley research has turned up nothing in CT in our time period. It should be noted that Adley is not a common surname, and that cousin Sally Bostwick named a son Adley as well which is curious since the Bostwick line does not descend from the Andrews line; perhaps the Adley connection is not through Elizabeth Andrews (and specifically her maternal line).

There was a cousin Jehiel Gregory born 11/17/1754, son of Thomas and Mary Betts Gregory of Wilton,CT, who married Phebe Arnold on 3/13/1775 in Norwalk,CT and who is known to have still been living in CT in 1799 (his father's will) and died in Wilton,CT in 1822 (Gregory book), but nothing more is known of him. It appears that he had no issue and no connections to VT or NY; so all the NY and VT records would be correctly assigned to "our" Jehiel Gregory. However, this does call into question assumptions about the origin of the name "Jehiel" in the Gregory line.

The Gregory line was related, through the Olmsted ancestors, to 13th President Millard Fillmore.

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