Nehemiah and Ann Barnum Gregory

Ann Barnum

Nehemiah Gregory (Jr)

Parents: (unknown and Jehiel Barnum?)

Parents: Unknown Belden and Nehemiah Gregory

Born: ~1735 Litchfield?, CT? (maybe)

Born: ~1731 at Gregory Point (Norwalk), CT

Married: ~1753 to Nehemiah Gregory

Married: 1-~1753 Ann Barnum 2-10/3/1759 Lois Barnum (in Litchfield, CT)

Died: ~1758 Gregory Point, CT?

Died: ~9/1770 Bedford (Westchester county), NY

Interred: CT/NY

Interred: Bedford, NY



All that is known about Ann Barnum is that she is said to have been the first wife of Nehemiah Gregory; there have been no documents found to confirm her first or last names (see below). She was likely born in south-western Connecticut -- in Hall's History of Norwalk, Conn., both Gregorys and Barnums are given as residents of that locality as early as 1663. Since the name "Jehiel" in the Gregory line starts with Ann's son, it is thought she could be related to Jehiel Barnum, father of Nehemiah's second wife Lois Barnum; however, Ann is too old be the daughter of Jehiel's wife Marah Ferrey (but it is possible that Jehiel had a brief first marriage that produced Ann). That Jehiel is a "Barnum" name, supports Nehemiah's first wife being a Barnum, but it should be noted that there was another Gregory born in 1754 in Norwalk who was named Jehiel, so this inferred support of a Barnum link for Nehemiah's first wife is weak. The Annis name is also from the Barnum side. In 1790 there were 78 Barnum families in the 11 enumerated states, but none in Westchester County -- 35 in Danbury, and four in Litchfield (Tila, Amos, David and John) -- and the only Jehiel Barnum is in Monkton, Addison County, VT, which is where Annis Gregory Carter lived.

Very few documents survive about Nehemiah (Jr). He was assuredly born in Norwalk,CT, assumed to be ~1731 based on the known dates of his siblings. There is documentation that he fought in the French and Indian Wars in 1759 for the 3rd regiment in CT (and maybe in 1755-1758 as well). (Note that his enlistment in CT in 1759 suggests that son Jehiel was born in CT not NY in 1755). He married Lois Barnum in Kent,CT on October 3, 1759. His son Nehemiah III was born August 29, 1762 in Bedford,NY (Patriot pension application). Based on the 1773 will of John Concklin of Bedford,NY (see below), he seems to have mortaged land in Bedford to John Concklin and Jesse Lyon. Nehemiah is known to have died by the time of his father's will on October 31, 1770 (see below), but after August 21, 1770 when he sold two pieces of land in Bedford; it is assumed the death was sudden and unexpected as he did not write a will. It is unknown if Lois died then too, or if she remarried. The three young orphans appear to have stayed in Bedford (based on Nehemiah's pension application statements and Annis' marriage there in 1785), although they visited Norwalk,CT often; no Barnum relatives have been found in Bedford, but Nehemiah's brother Daniel lived there, and both Jehiel and Annis had ties to Vermont where Barnum relatives moved.

Nehemiah's page in Grant Gregory's 1938 "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory," and that of his father



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Jehiel

~1755 Gregory Point, CT

4/18/1818 Fayette, OH

1775 Elizabeth Andrews


2. Nehemiah

8/29/1762 Bedford, NY

3/18/1841 Kortright (Delaware Co), NY



3. Annis

~1765 Bedford, NY

~late 1810s Bridgport, VT

2/20/1785 in NY to Frederick Carter



Note: There is a lot of confusion over the locale "Gregory Point," listed as being in both NY and CT. William Perry Hay researched "Gregory Point"-92,93,94,95,96, and concluded there is only one, and it is in CT not NY -- located at the east side of the mouth of Norwalk River in Fairfield County, CT. A very short distance up this river are the towns of South Norwalk on the west side and East Norwalk on the east side of the river. Two or three miles above is the town of Norwalk. Bedford (Westchester county), NY is 20 miles from Norwalk, CT.

Gregory Point on the US Geographical Survey map, 20th century - click on image for larger view
Gregory Point USGS Norwalk South Quad, Connecticut, Topographic Map. Gregory Point is a Cape in the state of Connecticut (county of Fairfield), located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also known as lat-long or GPS coordinates) of N 41.08704 and W -73.40151. Gregory Point is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United States Geographical Survey map USGS Norwalk South quad. The nearest major town is East Norwalk, CT. See also the entries and map about Gregory Point in the 1865 book "The Ancient Historical Records of Norwalk.

Also note the entry on the 1847 map for Norwalk which states that the road on the bottom-right goes to Gregory Point.

There is a lot of misinformation in print about this branch of the Gregory family. Many sources mention that the Nehemiah Gregory born ~1731 was a revolutionary soldier along with his son Jehiel. This is incorrect. As stated above, Jehiel's father Nehemiah died in 1770 prior to the Revolution. It was probably an assumption based on the ages of the father and son Nehemiahs -- when a roster of soldiers was found, it would have been normal to think that such military service in the 1770s would belong to the father, since the son was born in 1762 and would be very young. However, there is an 1832 pension application for Nehemiah Gregory in which he states he was born on 8/29/1762 in Bedford,NY and first served in 7/1779, just prior to his 17th birthday, and is 70 in 1832. It was not uncommon for 16-year-old teens to join a local military unit to defend their homes. The father Nehemiah did serve in the French and Indian Wars leading up to the Revolution, but had died in 1770 prior to the Revolution.

There is a lot of misinformation about the father Nehemiah's birthdates and deathdates, even in such distinguished sources as the DAR. In DAR Book Vol 35, p.317 (by Mrs. Lincoln) Nehemiah is said to have been born in Scotland in 1720 and to have died in Westchester Co., NY. In Vol. 94 p.301 (by Mrs. Goodwin) he is said to have been born at Gregory Point in 1755 and to have died in Fayette Co., Ohio in 1818. These erroneous DAR-accepted genealogies confirm how independent verification is necessary. In my opinion, the best source of information with the most reliance on original documents is the 1938 "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" book by Grant Gregory (Nehemiah I's page and Nehemiah II's page); not only does it include all documents about Nehemiah Gregory, but it includes all Gregory documents in New England, with extensive queries of family members, to try to tie all the information of all the Gregorys together. Note that genealogist William Perry Hay (1871-1947) contributed to this book.

Jehiel is Nehemiah's child from his first marriage to Ann; Nehemiah and Annis were by his second wife Lois Barnum.

In 1789 Nehemiah and Daniel Gregory, both of Bedford, sold right in Cranberry Plain land, Norwalk, that had belonged to Nehemiah I; Nehemiah subsequently moved to Kortright in 1794.

Annis was married in 1785 in NY (recorded in Christ church, Salem, NY near Bedford) and lived in Vermont, near Barnum relatives, and Jehiel briefly served as a Patriot out of Vermont in 1778. In 1796 Annis had land undivided with Nehemiah II and Silas, apparently sons of her uncle Stephen Gregory. In 1814 she sold her right to land devised to her by her "grandfather Nehemiah". Note that at least two of Annis' children moved from Vermont to Ohio in the 1810s, and were even witnesses to Jehiel's 1817 will.

Wills are available since 1664 in Westchester county, NY where Nehemiah Jr died. There is no will for him, or for either wife; it is assumed the death was sudden and unexpected. There are only two Gregorys mentioned in the 1664-1784 period ("Early Wills of Westchester County, NY 1664-1784"):
• 1773 -- John Concklin, Bedford. To wife Allada, use of estate to bring up the children. Leaves to son John 5s. Legacy to daughter Sally. Mentions "my sons" (not named), and Jesse Lyon and Nehemiah Gregory of Bedford. August 30, 1773. Proved Jan. 18, 1774. (Note: full will reads: In the name of God, Amen. August 30, 1773. I, John Concklin, of Bedford, in Westchester County, millwright, being very sick, I leve to my wife Allada the use of all my estate to bring up my children and to pay debts, till my sons are of age. I also leave her the use of 1/3 for life. I leave to my son James 5 shillings "to cut off the Right of Heirship." "As my wife is now likely to have a child, if it be a son it is to have an equal share." I give my estate to my sons (not named), except c/e30 to my daughter, Sally Conkling, and if my wife have a daughter, it is to have c/e30. I make my wife and my friend, John Roll, executors. Mentions "a mortage given to me and Jesse Lyon by Nehemiah Gregory."[It is curious this will is dated 1773 after Nehemiah died in 1770; curious that this had not been resolved to the Gregory estate in the intervening 3 years.]
• 1768 -- Daniel Smith, Bedford. Wife Mary, use of goods, etc. Rest to sons Daniel, Gabriel, Denton, Thomas, Caleb, Ward, John and James, and to daughters Hannah Gregory and Mary. May 26, 1768. Proved May 22, 1769. [Hannah is thought to be the wife of Daniel Gregory, Nehemiah's younger brother.]

1770 will of Nehemiah Sr. On October 31, 1770 Nehemiah Gregory signed his will giving his Cranbury (Norwalk,CT) dwelling to his son Stephen, adjoining land of Denton Gregory. He mentioned his wife Elizabeth, son Daniel, surviving children of his son Nehemiah, daughters Ruth and Olive. This wife was his second wife, the widow Elizabeth St. John whom he married in 1749; his children were all by his first wife, name unknown, but she may have been a Belden. The reference mentioned for this will in the Grant Gregory book is Eardeley -- William Applebie Daniel Eardeley (1870-1935) was a prolific genealogist hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of his career he amassed an extensive collection of genealogical information concerning families from all parts of the state of New York. The Brooklyn Historical Society has made Eardeley’s collection available to researchers on microfilm. -- The New York State Abstracts of Wills is comprised of 11 reels organized alphabetically by county name. The reels consist of abstracts of wills, administrations and guardianships compiled by Eardeley during the period 1929-1933, which he copied from original estate proceedings in the counties of New York. The abstracts generally cover the years 1787-1835, and each county file can range from several hundred pages to over a thousand pages. In addition, Eardeley indexed on 3×5 cards all the names in his abstracts, i.e., those of the decendents, executors, administrators, petitioners, guardians, witnesses, named beneficiaries and minor children. This index is available on a collection of 7 microfilm reels and is arranged alphabetically by last name. Each 3×5 card contains an individual’s name, date of death (if applicable), town of residence, and page number on which the indexed person can be found within the corresponding county file. -- I have not seen the original, but assume it can be found at the BHS. This source should be examined for Ann Barnum too -- who may or may not have been from Litchfield where Lois was from.

It is assumed that the assertion that Nehemiah's first wife was Ann Barnum was from Jehiel's grandchildren, based on stories told to them first-hand by their grandmother, Jehiel's wife Elizabeth Andrews Gregory, who lived to be age 99 in 1857. It seems likely she would have been certain of her mother-in-law's ancestry, especially if Ann had been related to Lois. Note that Jehiel's niece (and supposed nephew, children of Annis Gregory Carter) moved to Ohio in the 1810s, from Vermont, and they too would have been certain of the relationship between Nehemiah's two wives.

The Gregory line was related, through the Olmsted ancestors, to 13th President Millard Fillmore.

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