Jehiel Barnum (1718-2/2/1758 Kent,CT)

Jehiel was born in 1718, probably in CT, the son of Ebenezer Barnum and Abigail Skeets. On 4/30/1741 he married Marah Berry (8/18/1723 Tolland,CT-) in Kent county, Litchfield twp, CT. The Kent Barnums were involved with the Kent iron works and farming. Jehiel on one occasion appeared before Kent justice of the peace John RANSOM (appointed in 1752). It was charged that he, with "clubs, fists and swords," assaulted the body of Abner KELSEY, and "made him incapable of business for a long time." His grave, undoubtedly in Kent, is not found in the late 20th century.

Research: possible prior first marriage of Jehiel, and a birth of daughter Ann, who was the first wife of Nehemiah Gregory.

1. Barnabas Barnum (4/7/1742 in Kent,CT-3/12/1778 in Shelbourne, Chittenden,VT) married (1) 1 Hepsibah CHELSTON (1746 Bennington,VT-) on 4/14/1763 in Bennington,VT and (2) Abigail Harwood (1747 CT-) in 1777 in Bennington,VT -----1a. Lorace Barnum (1764 CT-)
-----1a. Joanna Barnum (1765 CT-)
-----1a. Elihu Barnum (6/2/1767 Bennington,VT-7/21/1821 Monkton, Addison county,VT) married Tamar Barnum (6/2/1774 Danbury,CT-7/21/1821 VT) on 3/20/1792 in Monkton,VT
----------1b. Lucy Barnum (4/21/1793 Barnumtown,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Laura Barnum (5/6/1794 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Amanda Barnum (1796 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Eda Barnum (1798 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Betsey Barnum (1800 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Russell Ebenezer Barnum (1804 Barnumtown,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Elijah Seth Barnum (1/17/1806 Vergennes,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Abigail Barnum (1808 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Harlow Barnum (2/11/1811 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Lois Barnum (1814 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
----------1b. Lewis James Barnum (9/11/1816 Monkton,Addison,VT-)
-----1a. Abigail Barnum (1769 CT-)
-----1a. Nehimiah Barnum (1771 CT-)
-----1a. Rachel Barnum (1772 Bennington,VT-)
-----1a. Barnabus Barnum (4/6/1775 Bennington,VT-)
-----1a. Jehiel Richards Barnum (8/19/1777 Bennington,VT-)

2. Lois Barnum (10/10/1743 Kent, Litchfield,CT-<1770) married Nehemiah Gregory on 10/3/1759 in Kent,Litchfield,CT -- 2 children
-----2a. (stepson/nephew?) Jehiel Gregory (1755 CT-1818 OH) married Elizabeth Andrews (1757 CT-1857 OH) -- 6 children
-----2a. Nehemiah Gregory (1762 NY-1841 NY) married Sally Unknown -- 6 children
-----2a. Annis Gregory (~1765 NY-~1810s Bridport,Addison,VT) married Frederick Carter on 2/20/1785 in NY -- 6+ children
Lois and Nehemiah left behind three underaged children. It is thought that these children may have lived in CT in the 1770s, as both Jehiel and Nehemiah enlisted as Patriots in CT in the Revolution. Nehemiah is specifically stated to have been living with his (Gregory) grandmother in Norwalk,CT in 1779, when that town was raided and he enlisted in Bedford,NY. My guess is that these children may have been raised by Lois' brother Barnabus, as Annis is also found in Bennington,VT in the late 1770s. Perhaps Barnabus moved back to CT by 1769 due to his sister's death, and her orphaned children. It would appear that Annis Gregory was particularly close to her uncle Barnabus Barnum, as she and her husband followed Barnabus to VT.

3. Abigail Barnum

4. Rhoda Barnum

5. Jehiel Barnum (5/27/1750-)

6. Chloe Barnum

7. Lydia Barnum

8. Richard Barnum

The Barnham/Barnum Genealogy by Eben Lewis Barnum, Dodge, Worcester, Massachusetts & Rev. Frances Barnum, S.J., South Norwalk, Connecticut Published 1912; Pg. 93 (Killed By indians in Shelbourn Block House) Family Trees: C.W. Barnum Ancestral File FHL #002891Connecticut Vital Records Index, Barbour Collection Kent vital records; vol.LR1, p.2

Ebenezer moves to Vermont , Monkton VT Page 516 HISTORY OF ADDISON COUNTY. (1749-1830) Ebenezer Barnum, from Litchfield, Conn., came to this town in 1786. His son, John Barnum, was then five years of age. John afterward married Abbie Dean, with whom he passed a married life of sixty-six years. He was a prominent man in town, and took an active part in the War of 1812. He died in 1878, aged ninety-eight years. Comment by Steve Davis: No other mention of Ebenezer (1712- 1790) but records indicates Monkton was his place of death. Ebenezer (b. 1712 had a father Ebenezer b. 1682) Stephen Barnum was the eldest brother of Ebenezer Barnum (b. 1749). Stephen Barnum (b. 1746) moved to Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Ebenezer (b. 1712) also had a son John who was born in 1758. Pa ge 514 HISTORY OF ADDISON COUNTY. Ac cording to tradition, John Bishop was the first settler in town. His farm was on the Ridge, upon which he undoubtedly located with the idea, so prevalent in those days, that the heights were better than the valleys for the habitations of men. He came in 1774. The same year witnessed the arrival of Barnabas Barnum, whose followers of the same name originated "Barnumtown," and John and Ebenezer Stearns, who lived in the north part of the town, just south of the Hinesburg line. The settlement was broken up and dispersed by the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, and all attempts to clear the forests and cultivate the fields were replaced by endeavors to stem the approaching tide of British tyranny and misrule, and repel the arrogant invaders. Between the close of the war and the year 1787, however, we find that the following settlers took up lands in Monkton, and, by taking the freeman's oath, evinced a determination to remain. John Ferguson settled in that portion of the original town of Monkton which was afterward set off to Starksboro. At an early day he represented the town in the Legislature. He has descendants now living in Starksboro. Others who lived in this neighborhood were the following: Richard and Samuel Barnum; Stephen Haight, who settled on the place now occupied by Norman Finney. He was for many years a leading member of the Legislature, a sheriff, and a judge of the County Court. He died on the 12th of January, 1841, at Washington, D. C., aged fifty-eight years, while holding the office of sergeant-at-arms in the Senate of the United States. The body thereupon voted an appropriation to pay the expenses of carrying his remains to Burlington for burial. Samuel Barnum was for a number of years a justice of the peace, and a member of the Legislature. He died in Vergennes at the residence of his son, General A. W. Barnum. Abijah Barnum also settled originally at Barnumtown, but was of a locomotive disposition; also Jesse, Theron, and Moses Barnum. James Tobias, a Quaker, married a sister of Amos Barnum's wife. Johnson Finney located on the place on which Norman Finney, his son, now lives. Frederick Carter lived a little toward Vergennes from Barnumtown. Isaiah Sanford lived in Barnumtown. William Garret carried on a store a little way south of Barnumtown. Miles Bates lived a short time in Barnumtown and removed to the Borough.

Information from "Ancestors of Charles W. Barnum"
-- Jehiel BARNUM Sr was born in 1718 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. He was baptized on 16 May 1742 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. Jehiel was baptized in the First Congregational Church, by special ordinance. He died on 2 Feb 1758 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut. He supposedly died from an accident of some sort. Jehiel was admitted as a member of the Kent Congregational Church in 1742. On one occasion he appeared before Kent Justice of the Peace John Ransom (appointed in 1752). It was charged that he, with "clubs, fists and swords," assaulted the body of Abner Kelsey, and "made him incapable of business for a long time." He was a 2nd Lieutenant during the Indian Wars of the 1750s. From the Connecticut Historical Society Collections, Volumes VIII-IX, XI, XIII, XV-XVII, and XIX; Collections of the Connecticut Historical Society Vol 9, Campaign of 1755, Fourth Regiment - Col Elihu Chauncey "Jehiel Barnum [of Kent], Second Lieutenant." Jehiel was included in the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh land divisions in Kent: May 1740, May 1748, 1750 and 1752. Jehiel BARNUM Sr and Mariah BERRY were married on 30 Apr 1741 in Kent, Litchfield, Connecticut.
-- Mariah BERRY 16 was born on 18 Aug 1723 in Tolland, Tolland, Connecticut.10 She died. Kent Vital Records list the wife of Jehiel as Mariah Finney, but the History of Litchfield says her name was Marck Berry and other sources say Mary or Marah Berry.

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