1790 Census -- First Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: New York
County: Westchester
Township: Bedford

actual 1790 NY census form - click on image for entire page
The 1790 census instructed the marshals to identify, by age brackets, free white males sixteen years of age or older and those under sixteen. It was designed to determine the country’s industrial and military capabilities. Additionally, the first census was to count the number of free white females; all other free persons regardless of race or gender; and slaves. A twenty-dollar fine, to be split between the marshals’ assistants and the government, would be levied against anyone who refused to answer the enumerator’s questions.

Jehiel Gregory Sr is 35, and this is his only census data (133 -- one adult male, 3 males under age 16, 3 females)—there is no data available in Ohio in 1800 or 1810, and he will die in 1818. Jehiel was born at Gregory Point which is most often stated as being in NY but the only Gregory Point I can find today is part of Norwalk, CT. I believe he was born in CT and moved to NY before the Revolution, as he definitely enlisted in Bedford, Westchester, NY. He was married to Elizabeth Andrews (Andrus?) in 1775 in Westchester, when he was 20 and Elizabeth was 18, but their first child, Jehiel Jr. was not born for seven years. It was not uncommon for women to follow the men and cook, sew and nurse between battles; it is unknown if Elizabeth did this or stayed with her relatives in Bedford. Of course it is possible that there were earlier children born who did not live to adulthood, too. In 1790, Elizabeth and Jehiel have had five of their six children: Jehiel Jr 7, Nehemiah 6, Elizabeth 3 and twins Annis and Andrews less than one year old. One more son, Adley, will be born in seven years in Cumberland PA en route to Ohio. The land in Ohio was probably awarded to Jehiel for his patriot service.

There are 217 Gregory households in these 11 states in 1790 -- mostly in Connecticut and North Carolina. There are 52 Gregory households just in Fairfield County in Connecticut, and only four here in Bedford, NY: Aaron (114), Daniel (225) and Nehemiah (Jehiel's half-brother, 201) -- but unlike other locales, when the list was transcribed, it was not alphabetized, so none of the Gregorys are next to each other, and not even on the same pages. However, there were only six double-pages, so Bedford had less than 600 families -- there were 618 adult males, 622 male children, 1182 females, 10 free non-whites and 38 slaves.

No 1800 or 1810 census data available for Ohio.

For documentation on the census data (collection procedures, errors, availability, etc) refer to documentation.