1790 Census -- First Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: Pennsylvania
County: Fayette
Township: Bullskin
Page: 57

actual 1790 PA census form - click on image for full page
The 1790 census instructed the marshals to identify, by age brackets, free white males sixteen years of age or older and those under sixteen. It was designed to determine the country’s industrial and military capabilities. Additionally, the first census was to count the number of free white females; all other free persons regardless of race or gender; and slaves. A twenty-dollar fine, to be split between the marshals’ assistants and the government, would be levied against anyone who refused to answer the enumerator’s questions.

John Vandola and Sarah Craig married just four years ago, and their family (113) is comprised of 1 adult male over 16, 1 male under 16, and three females -— which is one more girl than we know of at this time. John is about 25, Sarah is 23, and there should be only two children at home: Peter 3 and newborn Elizabeth; perhaps there was another daughter who died, or it could be a mother or sister of Sarah's. John’s father Peter’s family was comprised of 3 men and one female (it is unknown where John’s other three brothers are). The Vandolahs moved from New Jersey in 1771/72, just after the birth of their sixth son— -- in 1772 they lived in Bedford, PA (which encompassed all of SW PA) and in 1783 in Westmoreland, PA, buying 207.75 acres in Fayette, PA in 1787.

---There were five Craig families in Fayette County in 1790: John (133) in Washington township, Thomas (101) and James (112) in Tyrone township, and Thomas (203) and John (100) in Union Township.
---In the surrounding counties there were: in Greene and Somerset Counties: none; in Allegheny County: Alexr (403), Isaac (13208), and Jno (142) in Washington township; In Washington County: Daniel (121), James (123), Jno (123), Jno (202), John (111), Robert (111) and William (121) in "not stated" township; in Westmoreland County: Andrew (102), John (143), Saml (213) and Wm (102) in Derry, John (121) in Mount Pleasant (this is close to Fayette-Washington), and John (14303) in Unity township
---(No Crego, 3 Crago - in Washington County, "not stated township" - James (111), Robert (122) and Thos (134), no Cragg (1 in Allegheny County), Alex Crage (211) in Washington county-Armstrong township, and no Cregg).
---Without more detailed ages, and with such a common name, there is no way to be sure which, if any, are relatives to Sarah. In 1800 the only Craig family in Fayette County-Washington township will be Rebecka (11200 12001) - it is possible, but totally unsubstantiated, that John Craig was Sarah’s father and Rebecka her mother (she did name a daughter Rebecca).

In 1790 in Bullskin township there were no free non-whites or slaves.

For documentation on the census data (collection procedures, errors, availability, etc) refer to documentation.