1790 Census -- First Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: Pensylvania
County: Fayette
Township: Bullskin
Page: 56

actual 1790 PA census form - click on image for full page
The 1790 census instructed the marshals to identify, by age brackets, free white males sixteen years of age or older and those under sixteen. It was designed to determine the country’s industrial and military capabilities. Additionally, the first census was to count the number of free white females; all other free persons regardless of race or gender; and slaves. A twenty-dollar fine, to be split between the marshals’ assistants and the government, would be levied against anyone who refused to answer the enumerator’s questions.

Peter Vandola’s family (301) is comprised if 3 adult males and one female: Peter ~55, two sons, and wife Hester ~52. It cannot be certain which two sons are here and which three are elsewhere (and cannot be located on the 1790 census), but I think it might be Henry 30 and Jesse 19 at home, and that the other three (Joseph 27, Peter 23 and James 21) are in Ohio surveying land, since Joseph and Peter (along with John) petitioned for the new state of Ohio in 1776-1780. John, 25, is the only son married so far, and lives nearby with his family including one son (Peter 3) and newborn Elizabeth, his wife Sarah 23, and one more unknown female. In 1790 there were no non-whites, free or slaves in Bullskin township PA.

Peter witnessed the will of Johannes Johnson, his stepfather, on 11/10/1756, along with James Ashton and James Dalrymple (presumably Hester’s brother). The Vandolahs moved from New Jersey in 1771/72, just after the birth of their sixth son—in 1772 they lived in Bedford, PA (which encompassed all of SW PA). Peter bought land in Westmoreland County, Rostraver twp PA in 1780 and paid taxes there on 200 acres, 3 horses, 3 cattle, 3 sheep and 8 inhabitants in 1783. Peter bought 207.75 acres in Fayette County in 1787 and was on the tax rolls there for 1785-1789.

Peter and John are the only VanDolahs enumerated in 1790, but the enumeration exists only for 11 states: CT, ME, MD, MA, NH, NY, NC, PA, RI, SC and VT. There are known to still be VanDolah relatives in Delaware, whose enumeration has been lost.

For documentation on the census data (collection procedures, errors, availability, etc) refer to documentation.