1800 Census -- Second Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: Kentucky/Indiana

The Crawfords cannot be located in 1800 (or 1790, or 1810). I am sure that they were residents of America in 1790, 1800 and 1810. By my best guesses, their residences would have been: NC/KY/VA in 1790, KY in 1800 (David and John born in 1795 and 1797) and Indiana in 1810. There was no census in KY in 1800 or in IN in 1810, so no census data has been found for them.

Since there is census data in KY in 1810, and William and his sons cannot be found, they must have moved to Indiana between 1797 (John's birth) and 1810 (census). It seems that they first moved to Clark County where both William and John married (8/26/1814 William Crawford married Mary Jones, and 2/15/1818 John Crawford married Elizabeth Benard), and then to Jefferson County by 1817 (land purchases, confirmed by David's subsequent 1820 marriage and the 1820 census).

William Crawford was born in the 1760s and was living in Oldham County Kentucky by 1795 when son David was born. W. P. Hay said the Crawfords came to KY by way of NC. He thought that William may have been foreign-born (but I think not, based on Johnís 1870 census - assuming that John is indeed another son). The problem with the 1790 census is that he may not have yet been married, and there is no clue as to his fatherís name. Even guessing his fatherís name is William, David or John leaves too many possibilities. And he may have already left NC or not have moved to NC in 1790. Of course, the Iredell and Rowan Crawfords particularly caught my eyeóbut none of these work as our William would be in his 20s and if not the head, he surely would be another adult male. Without more information, this is pure speculation.

1790óNC (no 1790 census in KY or VA): there are 30 Crawford families (# men, # boys, # females), and none match up definitively: Charles Crawford (401), Elizabeth Crawford (102), and William Crawford (104) families in Beaufort; Tom Crawford (101) in Burke; Dennis Crawford (100) and William Crawford (122) in Fayetteville, Cumberland; Michael Crawford (244) in Fayette; Thomas Crawford (327) in Halifax; James Crawford (121), John Crawford (112) and John Miller Crawford (123) in Iredell; Hardy Crawford (224) in Johnston; John Crawford (101) in Mecklenburg; Hugh Crawford and James Crawford in Orange; Joseph Crawford (200) in Pasquotank; Eve Crawford (012) in Randolph; Rebecca Crawford (142) and William Crawford (100) in Richmond; Duncan Crawford (132), Niel Crawford (300) and Peter Crawford (113) in Robeson; Adam Crawford (103) in Rockingham; David Crawford (124) in Rowan; Jno Crawford (136), Saml Crawford (111) and Thom Crawford (313) in Rutherford; Lazarus Crawford (226), Robert Crawford (248) and William Crawford (312) in Wayne.

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Unless we find Indiana marriage records just in Saluda township, the county listing doesnít help too much to find names for William and Johnís many children. The Crawford marriages in Jefferson County 1811-1850 are (our family members bolded):

Betsy Crawford to Beverly Vawter on 3/5/1812
Jane Crawford to David Hall on 1/5/1814
David Crawford to Sally McNeeley on 6/28/1820
Ann Crawford to John Stapp on 12/6/1821
Cynthia Crawford to John Crafton on 4/1/1823
Thomas H. Crawford to Clementine Martin on 5/31/2031 (1831?)
John Crawford to Clarissa Bell on 12/22/1831
Rebecca Crawford to Jacob Smith on 2/23/1832
Elizabeth Crawford to William Crawford on 11/15/1832
Philemon Crawford to Letitia Smith on 12/19/1833
Matilda Crawford to Nelson Rhoads on 2/13/1834
Margaret Jane Crawford to John M D Mitchell on 5/10/1843
James Crawford to Hannah F. Robinson on 9/10/1844
Mary A. Crawford to Henry A. Marble on 10/31/1844
Priscilla Crawford to Elijah Nicholson on 12/19/1844
Rebecca Crawford to James Eldridge on 3/6/1845
Margaret Crawford to Robert Hay on 3/13/1845
Jeremiah Crawford to Betsey Ann Payne on 11/14/1846
Catharine Jane Crawford to Jos M. Haslett on 7/1/1847
Mary Crawford to Henry Sipe on 9/23/1847
Samuel Crawford to Nancy Williams on 8/15/1848
Richard Crawford to Elizabeth Williams on 8/23/1848
Mary Ann Crawford to Isaiah M. Blackford on 1/29/1850
Rachel Crawford to David Currie on 2/21/1850
Isabel Crawford to John Baker on 4/2/1850
Elizabeth Crawford to James Baird on 6/13/1850
Rachel Crawford to Peter Smith on 12/5/1850

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