1800 Census -- Second Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: Indiana/Pennsylvania

The McNeeleys cannot be located in 1800. I had expected to find the McNeeleys in Pennsylvania on the 1800 census, as they were in PA in 1799 when Sarah was born (and in 1797 when John was born). It is assumed the family moved to Ohio in 1799/1800, and there was no census there in 1800.

Furthermore, no Jeremiah McNeeley can be found in PA in 1790. William Perry Hay had thought Sarah's father's name might be Jeremiah, but I think this name was Sarah's older brother instead, and her father may have been Joseph. In 1820, just three months before the census in Saluda, Indiana, a Joseph McNeeley purchased items at an estate sale, and he was missing on the subsequent census. In 1790, there was a Joseph McNeeley with 2 male adults, 1 boy and 3 females in Washington PA, which is in the western part of the state near Ohio, but this is far from definitive; Sarah and John’s parents may not even have married yet or not immigrated yet (Sarah answered on her 1860 census that her parents were foreign-born). There was no census in either IN or Ohio in 1800 or 1810.

1790—Pennsylvania: John and Sarah’s parents may not have immigrated yet, and may not even be married yet. If the McNeeleys are in America, it may even be under John and Sarah’s grandfather’s name. There are: Hector McNeele West Marlborough, Chester, PA; James McNealy - Salisbury, Lancaster, PA; James McNeile - Luzerne, PA; John McNeely - Northumberland, PA; Ann (hous keeper) McNeale - Water Street East Side, Philadelphia, PA; James (Weaver) McONelly - Water Street East Side, Philadelphia, PA; Joseph McNealy - Washington, PA (213) - This last one is a possibility in that it is a good name and a good area (Washington is in the western part of the state, near Ohio), but there are an unaccountable number of McNeeley family members in this home, especially since John and Sarah would not have been born yet.

1800—Pennsylvania: in PA in 1800, there are: George Mcnealy - Edgemont, Delaware; James Mcnuly - Dunkard, Greene; Robert Mcneely - Greene; Widow Mcnuly - Bart, Lancaster; James Mcneley - Lewistown, Mifflin; David Mcneely - Worcester, Montgomery; Andrew Mcnealy - Cross Creek, Washington; William Mcneely - Hopewell, Washington. It looks like Joseph McNealy of Washington died or moved, and Andrew and William were sons, but there is no Joseph or Jeremiah to be seen. I also examined every Jeremiah in Pennsylvania, and there were no possibilities.

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