1820 Census -- Fourth Census of the United States

NOTE: No individual enumeration; head only

State: Indiana
County: Jefferson
Township: Saluda
Page: 11, 12

David Crawford's household: 1 male 18-26, 1 female 16-26, with 1 in agriculture
William Crawford's household: 2 males under 10, 1 male 45+, 2 females under 10, 1 female 26-45, with 1 in agriculture
John Crawford's household: 1 male under 1-, 1 male 18-26, 1 female under 10, 1 female 26-45, with 1 in agriculture.
John McNela's household: 1 male under 0, 1 male 18-26, 2 females 10-16, 2 females 16-26, 1 female 45+, with 1 in agriculture.

actual 1820 IN census form - click on image for the full page
This is the first census found for both Sarah McNeeley 21 and David Crawford 24. They were married just one month ago (the official date of the census was August 7, 1820, and all the entries are supposed to reflect that date).

John McNela [McNeeley], Sarahís brother age 23, married Margaret Readenbaugh in Ohio in 1815 [but there is also a record of a John McNealy marrying Margaret Ware in 1819 in Jefferson, IN -- perhaps Margaret had been widowed?], and they have one son; the other three young girls 10-26 are likely to be her sisters, and the 45+ year old female is likely to be either his mother or his mother-in-law. I do not think that John and Sarah McNeeley had sisters as there were no other McNeeley marriages in Saluda but there were five female Redinbaugh/Readenbough marriages in 1824-1835 -ó and only four girls in Frederick Redinbaughís household -ó but that still leaves two girls unmarried; maybe they died young.

There was a Joseph McNeeley who bought property at an estate auction in Saluda in March 1820 who is clearly not listed here, as John is the only adult male McNeeley. I think Joseph was John and Sarahís father, who then died between March and June, although it is possible he was an older brother too; W. P. Hay had thought their fatherís name was Jeremiah, but I think this name was confused with Sarahís oldest sonóI think W. P. thought her fatherís name was Jeremiah before he learned that was her sonís name.

This is the first census for David Crawford too. Davidís father William cannot be located in 1790 in NC or VA (probably not yet married); and there was no census taken in KY in 1800 or in IN in 1810. Williamís fatherís first name is unknown, and the commonality of the surname Crawford makes accurate identification impossible. William Crawford appears to have remarried (Mary Jones in 1814 in Clark, IN) with a second family, although after William's death, these children seem to leave Indiana. John, Davidís brother, married Elizabeth Benard in 1818 also in Clark, Indiana. Both William and John are living near David in Saluda in 1820.

Note: There is no census data for Virginia in 1790 and 1800, for Ohio in 1800 or 1810, for Kentucky in 1800 or 1810, or for Indiana in 1810.

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