1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Indiana, County: Jefferson, Township: Saluda
sheet #349
Enumerated: 21st day of August, 1850, H. Stapp Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #568, Family #590
David Crawford, age 53, Male, occupation - Farmer, value real estate - $400, born in KY
Sarah ", age 52, Female, born Penn
Mary ", age 22, Female, born Indiana
Elizabeth ", age 19, Female, born Indiana
Delia ", age 15, Female, born Indiana
Maria ", age 14, Female, born Indiana
William ", age 12, Male, born Indiana

Notes: In the past decade, three of Sarah and David’s eight children have married: Jeremiah, Margaret and Isabel. Jeremiah has already moved, first to KY and now to IL with two of Sarah and David’s grandchildren (Minerva and David). Daughter Margaret Hay will move this year with her three children, as will daughter Isabella Baker and her husband, followed soon by David and Sarah’s nephew John McNeeley—and all will end up in Annawan, IL. This means that three of their eight children will have left Indiana by 1851, taking with them all six of Sarah and David’s grandchildren—the next grandchildren born close by will be Sarah Hay (Elizabeth’s daughter) in 1852 and Mariah Snodgrass (Mary’s daughter) in 1854. Daughter Mary is actually 25 not 22.

David’s brother lives nearby in dwelling #599: John Crawford, 51, born in KY, with his wife Elizabeth, 58, and their youngest daughter, Christina 13. Sarah’s brother John McNeeley, 53, born in PA, lives in dwelling #562, with his wife Margaret and 7 of their 12 children; Sarah and David’s daughter Margaret Hay is actually listed as living with Sarah’s brother John McNeeley, next door to her husband and children (#561) - probably Margaret is ill, perhaps on bedrest during a difficult pregnancy, but I am surprised she doesn’t live here with her mother and four teenage sisters.

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