1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Ohio, County: Meigs, Township: #170 Salem
sheet #31
Enumerated: 6th day of September, 1850, E. Huston, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #230, Family #230
Ozias Strong, age 63, Male, occupation: Farmer, property worth $1500, born in MS (Massachusetts)
Annis ", age 60, Female, born in NY (New York)
Joseph ", age 22, Male, occupation: farming, born in OO (Ohio)
Elizabeth ", age 21, Female, born in OO (Ohio)
Elizabeth Gregory, age 93, Female, born in CT (Connecticut)

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Notes: This is Elizabeth’s last census; she dies in 1857, at age 99, just two months shy of her 100th birthday. Some time in the next seven years, she moves back to Yankeetown, as she is living with her son Andrews prior to her death, according to the History of Fayette County Ohio. It is this 1914 book that states that Elizabeth was born in NY. I instead believe the census data here—the enumerator would have asked Elizabeth, or Annis, and I believe therefore would have gotten a response directly or indirectly from Elizabeth herself, whereas in 1914 it would probably have been an answer by a greatgrandchild, through recollection of family stories. In addition, it is significant that only Elizabeth answered Connecticut -- Annis answered New York. Elizabeth retained her faculties throughout her long life, and surely would have been certain where she was born. This census information is not released for 72 years, so the 1850 census would only have been available as of 1922, and since it would not have been indexed, a researcher would have had to know to look in Meigs-Salem instead of Madison-Yankeetown.

Annis is Elizabeth’s daughter; only three of Elizabeth’s six children outlived her: Annis, Andrews, and Adley. Elizabeth Strong is Joseph’s wife. Several other Strong children and their families live nearby. The rest of Elizabeth’s children and grandchildren have scattered. Three of Jehiel’s children have moved to IL, as have two of deceased daughter Elizabeth "Betsy" Strong. Other grandchildren have moved to other counties in Ohio. Andrews still lives in Fayette, but Adley moved with his family to Iowa sometime in the past six years. (See grandchildren).

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