1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Illinois, County: McLean, Township: on the North side of the Mackinaw River
sheet #147
Enumerated: 24th day of October, 1850, William M. Cullough, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #1277, Family #1305
Joseph Howsmon, age 34, Male, White, Farmer, home worth $1500, born in Ohio
Elizabeth Howsmon, age 32, Female, White, born in Ohio
Sarah A. Howsmon, age 12, Female, White, born in Ohio, in school this year
Johial G. Howsmon, age 9, Male, White, born in Ohio, in school this year
William H. Howsmon, age 7, Male, White, born in Ohio, in school this year
Elizabeth J. Howsmon, age 5, Female, White, born in Ohio
Isaac C. Howsmon, age 4, Male, White, born in Illinois
Mary E. Howsmon, age 1, Female, White, born in Illinois
Delania Stewart, age 18, Male, White, Laborer, born in Indiana

Notes: Joseph and Elizabeth Gregory Howsmon have been married for 13 years, and moved to Illinois about four years ago (confirmed by Isaac's birth in Illinois) to McLean County near Lexington. Mary Emily was born last year in April. “Johial’s” real name is “Jehiel.” Joseph farms and also raises stock on this farm -- very successfully when you examine his increase in net worth over the next ten years. Most of their family was left behind in Ohio, including grandparents, parents and siblings. Only two of Elizabeth's three siblings also moved to Illinois: Elizabeth's brother John Gregory (age 28) lives near by with his wife and three children, and her sister Annis Gregory Knotts also lives nearby. Sadly, Elizabeth's sister Mary Jane Gregory Loofbourrow stayed in Ohio, and she and her family will be decimated by the 1852 cholera epidemic there. All of Joseph's siblings except his older sister Mary Martha Howsmon Rayburn stayed in Ohio.

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