1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Indiana, County: Jefferson, Township: Saluda
sheet #248
Enumerated: 20th day of August, 1850, H. Stapp, Assistant Marshall

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.....Dwelling #561, Family #583
Robert Hay, age 28, Male, Farmer, real estate worth $500, born in Indiana
Oliver ", age 4, Male, born in Indiana
Mary E. ", age 2, Female, born in Indiana
Julia ", age 2, Female, born in Indiana
.....Dwelling #562, Family #584
John McNealy, age 53, Male, born in Pennsylvania
Margaret ", age 52, Female, born in Ohio
John ", age 24, Male, born in Indiana
William ". age 19, Male, born in Indiana
Margaret Hay, age 23, Female, born in Indiana, in school this year
George McNealy, age 17, Male, born in Indiana, in school this year
Elizabeth ", age 16 Female, born in Indiana, in school this year
Samuel ", age 12, Male, born in Indiana, in school this year
Thomas ", age 10, Female, born in Indiana, in school this year
Jacob ", age 9, Male, born in Indiana, in school this year

Notes: It is unknown why Margaret is living next door to her husband and children, with her uncle and his wife. Margaret’s mother’s maiden name is Sarah McNeely (here McNealy). Although there has been no verification of the relationship, John is surely Margaret’s uncle; both John and Margaret’s mother Sarah McNeely were born in PA, in ~1797 and ~1799 respectively. Perhaps Margaret’s Aunt Margaret McNeely was ill, or perhaps Margaret Hay was having pregnancy problems (there was a child Andrew Jackson born in Indiana who died at age 3 weeks—I think 1850 is the most likely time for him in the birth order). [Clearly, Margaret is not in school! Also, her daughter Mary is almost 3 and family records indicate that Julia is only 1—they are not twins!].

Robert Lyle, Margaret and their children move to Illinois later this year; Robert Lyle’s parents join them in Illinois, while most of Margaret’s family remains in Indiana. This McNeeley cousin John, age 24, will marry a Catherine in Indiana and also move to Annawan, Illinois by 1852. And, two of Margaret's siblings, Jeremiah and Isabel, also move to Illinois although neither stays there permanently. Jeremiah Crawford was the first to move to Illinois -- he was married in Kentucky to Jane and their first daughter was born in Kentucky in 1848, and their son David was born in Marshall County, Illinois in 1850.

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