1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Ohio, County: Fayette, Township: Madison
sheet #18
Enumerated: 26th day of September, 1850, J. W. Bryan, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #129, Family #129
Sarah Vandolah, age 81, Female, value of real estate: $1000, Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Mary Davis, age 52, Female, Birthplace: Pennsylvania.

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Notes: Sarah VanDolah is probably still living in the same house as she has been for over 40 years. Her daughter Mary, twice widowed, has been living with her probably at least since her second husband died in 1839, with Mary’s children too. Mary’s son James Stout lives next door, with his wife Elvina and 3-year-old daughter Mary. Even though there is no separate value for his land or home, there is a separate dwelling number, so it appears to be a separate home. Curiously, neither Sarah nor Mary were marked as not being able to read and write on this census, but they will both be marked illiterate in 1860.

Daughter Elizabeth Stretch, 60, lives in McLean, IL with her husband Jesse, 77, and five (of their 15) children (Joseph 35, William 33, Tabitha 23, Benjamin 21 and Rebecca 15). Son Jesse, 48, just married eight years ago, lives in Andrew (Jackson County) Iowa with his wife Mary and their four young daughters (Sarah 7, Otilli 6, Annis 4, and Junisha 2). James 42 lives in McLean with wife Nancy and five children (George 17, Madison 11, David 8, Benjamin 6, and Lenora 1). Nancy Ogden, 40, lives close by her brother James in McLean, IL with her husband Samuel and five of their children (Obediah 20, Sarah 16, Albert 12, Angela 7, Alexander 5 and George 3). The Stretch's moved to Illinois first, 20 years ago, then the Ogden's and Jesse VanDolah 19 years ago, and finally James Vandolah about 16 years ago. Three of the four Gregory grandchildren have also lived in McLean for four years. Of all her children and grandchldren, only this daughter Mary Davis lives nearby in Ohio, along with Mary's two children and one Gregory grandchild (Mary Jane Gregory Loofborrough, who will die in 1852, along with her husband and two of her six children -- a cholera epidemic).

In 1851, Jesse VanDolah was in Sacramento, CA to try his hand at mining and then farming. He wrote his wife Nancy (in Iowa) who then forwarded the letter on to his mother Sarah with a note saying “I will not consent to move to the heathen land of California… If Jesse returns, I will make sure he visits you”!

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