1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Indiana, County: Jefferson, Township: Saluda
sheet #248
Enumerated: 20th day of August, 1850, (indecipherable), Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #590, Family 614
Thomas Hay, age 50, Male, occupation: Farmer, value real estate-$3500, born in Scotland
Sarah ", age 50, Female, born N.C.
Francis ", age 17, Male, born Ind., in School in the year
George W " age 14, Male, ", in School in the year
Thomas J. ", age 12, Male, ", in School in the year
Lawrence ", age 9, Male, ", in School in the year
Margaret ", age 6, Female, ", in School in the year

Notes: In the winter of 1854/55, the year of the big snowstorm there, Thomas will visit the Bradford Illinois area, visiting son Robert (who moves this November 1850) and daughter Minerva Giles (who moved last year in 1849). He will be so impressed on his visit, despite all the snow, that he will decide to move the following year in 1856. Thomas will ride there overland, taking a team of horses from Indiana to Illinois, which he will plan to sell in the new state, but at least some of the family will take the train (i.e., son Francis Marion) (from a biography of Francis Marion)! Both Thomas’ and Sarah’s parents have died—the last one was William Hay just last October. Curiously, sons William and John, ages 24 and 21, will not marry for 2-3 years, yet cannot be found on the 1850 census. My guess is that they too are visiting Illinois or Iowa or Indiana; William supposedly lived in other parts of Indiana prior to his marriage.

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