1850 Census -- Seventh Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Ohio, County: Madison, Township: London
sheet #7
Enumerated: 28th day of August, 1850, A. Simpson, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #45 (hotel), Family #45
Wlliam Housman, age 67, Male, occupation: Innkeeper, value of real estate: $2000, birthplace Virginia
Frances ", age 51, Female, born in Virginia
Martha ", age 27, Female, born in Ohio
Charles ", age 3, Male, born in Ohio
Charles Barten, age 29, Male, occupation: plasterer, born in Connecticut
William Athey, age 42, Male, occupation: [undecipherable], value of real estate: $2110, born in Ohio
George Athey, age 23, Male, occupation: carpenter, born in Ohio

Notes: Some time in the past 10 years, William gave up farming to become an Innkeeper in the town of London. Proprietor of the National House, William lives with his second wife Frances, his daughter Martha, and his illegitimate grandson Charles, Marthaís son. Martha does marry, but it is not until 1868, after Charles has apparently died following his release from military duty in the Civil War. There are three other men living in the household, but since there is a value for the real estate for the Atheyís, I think they should have been a separate household, and only Charles Barten was actually living with the Howsmons. Or perhaps they are all just renting separate rooms in the hotel.

All of Williamís siblings live near by in Madison (Range township): Frances (65), Isaac (61), Jacob (56), Hannah (52), Margaret McClimons (46) and Martha McDonald (44), as well as most of Williamís children: John (43), Isaac (40), Mary (38) and Frances (32). Letticia died in 1841, James died last year and Joseph (34) moved to Illinois in 1846.

The original building was a two-story hewed-log house built in 1811 by Jack Russell. Many years later an addition was added and it became known as the National Hotel. The Columbus & Xenia Railroad passing through London was constructed in 1848-49, and the first passenger train just passed this past February. The hotel will be destroyed by fire on August 4, 1874, after both William and Frances die.

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