1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Indiana, County: Jefferson, Township: Saluda, Post Office: Saluda
sheet #38
Enumerated: 18th day of June, 1860, Steph. D. Mills, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #272, Family #271
David Crawford, age 64, Male, occupation: Farmer, value of real estate: $1200, value of personal property $472, born in Kentucky
Sarah ", age 62, Female, born Pennsylvania
Delilah ", age 23, Female, born Indiana
William ", age 21, Male, born Indiana, in school this year
Sarah Hay, age 7, Female, born in Indiana, in school this year

Notes: This is Davidís last census; he will die next year in October 1861. His will, supposedly written on 10/10/1861 the day he died, stated ďto my wife Sarah, as long as she lives, then to my son, William Crawford; my son Jeremiah, $10; my dau. Mary Snodgrass $10; Margaret Hay $10; Delia Crawford $10; Maria Cavin $10.Ē It is curious that he leaves nothing to his daughter Isabella Baker, so recently widowed with four children under 10, and nothing to his granddaughter Sarah. I am guessing that David may have had a falling out with Isabella, even though she was obviously close to her siblings, but perhaps this was just an omission or a transcription error (the original will should be examined to be sure). Also, Delia, who is 26 not 23, will marry next April, before her fatherís death, and should have been listed as Delia McCaslin in his will.

The 7-year-old Sarah is David and Sarah's granddaughter -- her mother Elizabeth died three years ago in 1857. Elizabeth and John Hay family visited Annawan, Illinois where her siblings (Margaret, Jeremiah and Isabella) were living, as well as their cousin John McNeeley in 1852, and John Hayís parents and siblings in 1856; Elizabeth is buried in Illinois. Elizabeth had three children: older son Silas (6) lives with paternal grandparents Thomas and Sarah Maiden Hay in Annawan; younger son Eugene Newton (4) lives with his father and stepmother in Scott County, IN. Besides Sarah and Eugene, David and Sarahís only other grandchildren in Indiana are three Snodgrasses; 18 grandchildren are living in Annawan, IL. Davidís brother John Crawford, 61, lives near by as well as Sarahís brother John McNeeley 64.

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