1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Illinois, County: McLean, Township: Town 26 N. R. 3 E., Post Office: Lexington
sheet #39
Enumerated: 14th day of July, 1860, Jonas Fell, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #241, Family #240
Joseph Howsmon, age 45, Male, Farmer, Value of real estate: $13,750, value of personal property: $15,750, born in Ohio
Elizabeth ", age 42, Female, born in Ohio
Jehiel ", age 19, Male, born in Ohio
William H. ", age 18, Male, born in Ohio
Elizabeth A. ", age 15, Female, born in Ohio
Isaac C. ", age 13, Male, born in Illinois
Mary E. " age 11, Female, born in Illinois
Harriet A. ", age 9, Female, born in Illinois
John J. ", age 6, Male, born in Illinois
Francis E. ", age 4, Female, born in Illinois
*** W. A. Stark, age 36, Male, Farmer, value of real estate: $3,500, value of personal property: $600, born in Ohio
*** Tidilia ", age 37, Female, born in Ohio
*** 5 children, ages 2-15, born in OH & IL

The Howsmon property values are EXTREMELY high -- William Perry had said his grandfather Joseph was “very successful” as a farmer and stock raiser. Oldest daughter Sarah married last year and moved to California. None of the children are marked as being in school, but Elizabeth, Isaac, (our ancestor) Mary and Harriet should be. Jehiel and William are not listed with any occupations (probably helping their father); both will soon volunteer to fight in the Civil War (Union) in 94 IL Infantry, both serving as chaplains. After the war is over, Joseph moves his family to Eureka, IL so the children can all (boys AND girls) go to college!

Although the Stark family (of 7!) is not listed with a separate dwelling/family number, I am certain this is a mistake; they have a valuation listed, and it is even in darker ink like it was added later. Plus, these were the last two families in the township, on the last page. I am sure it was an oversight.

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