1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Illinois, County: Bureau, Township: Milo, Post Office: Milo
sheet #360
Enumerated: 19th day of July, 1860, James S. Eckels, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #2502, Family #2529
Robert Hay, age 38, Male, White, Farmer, real estate worth $5,000, personal propety worth $590, born in Indiana
Margaret Hay, age 34, Female, White, born in Indiana
Oliver P. Hay, age 14, Male, White, born in Indiana, in school this year
Mary E. Hay, age 12, Male [sic], White, born in Indiana, in school this year
July Hay, age 10, Female, White, born in Illinois, in school this year
Sarah J. Hay, age 8, Female, White, born in Illinois, in school this year
Thomas Hay, age 6, Male, White, born in Illinois, in school this year
Ann Hay, age 5, Female, White, born in Illinois, in school this year
Frances M. Hay, age 3, Male, White, born in Illinois
Marriah Hay, age 1, Female, White, born in Illinois

Notes: Mary obviously should be a girl. Julyís real name is Julia (perhaps they called her Julie). Sarah Jane will die this fall (October 15, 1860). The family moved here from Indiana almost 10 years ago. This is an 80 acre farm near the town of Bradford. Robert Lyle bought more land, and built a larger home, and was one of the largest land owners in the county. Oliver Perry will be too young to fight in the upcoming Civil War, and Robert too old. But Oliver Perry did remember how when he was 15 he went with his mother to Boyd's Grove on the day after the (first) Battle of Bull Run (7/21/1861), and his mother's fears that the Northern cause was lost (so recalled 68 years later in his daughter Fannie's diary when he visited the battlefield near Washington DC in 1929).

Margaret's cousin John McNeeley and his wife also moved to Illinois about 8-10 years ago -- they live in Annawan (John 34, Catherine 31, and five children -- 6 months to 8 years -- all born in Illinois). Also living in Annawan are Robert's parents and siblings, Margaret's brother Jeremiah and his family (Jeremiah 36, Jane 37, and five children -- Minerva 12 born in KY, David 10, Mary 8, Margaret 5 and Joseph 2 all born in Illinois) and Margaret's widowed sister Isabel Baker 30 and her four children (Joseph 10, Mary 7, Margaret 5, Sarah 3, all born in Illinois -- it is this 7-year-old Mary Baker who will marry her uncle this Robert Hay in 31 years!). Margaret's sister Elizabeth Crawford Hay died in 1857 in Milo, when visiting Margaret, Jeremiah and Isabel -- she left three children, the oldest daughter Sarah lives with Margaret's parents in Indiana, the second child, son Silas, lives with Robert's parents in Annawan, and only the youngest child, another son, lives with his father and stepmother in Indiana.

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