1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Ohio, County: Fayette, Township: Madison
sheet #161
Enumerated: 5th day of July, 1860, John M. Bell, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #1126, Family #1126
Sarah Van Dolin [sic], age 93, Female, born in Pennsylvania, can't read and write
Mary Davis, age 64, Female, born in Pennsylvania, can't read and write

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Notes: Not surprisingly, this is Sarah’s last census—she dies in just three months and has been widowed for 46 years. But surprisingly, after losing half of her 10 children in 1822-1824, over 25 years ago (at ages 19-36), no more of her children have died. She is still living with her daughter, Mary Davis, who has been widowed twice. Both Sarah and Mary are listed as not being able to read and write, and as they are among the few ones on the page so marked, this does not seem to be an obvious error, yet it is known that her children do send her letters (perhaps grandson James Stout next door reads them to her). Sarah wrote her will six years ago, at age 87, leaving half of her 50 acres of land and all her belongings to this daughter, and the other half of the land to James Stout, Mary’s son from her first marriage, who lives next door with his family. It is curious that Sarah does not leave any property to any of her other children or grandchildren. Perhaps it is because her estate may be small (maybe only her 50 acres of land?) and none of her other children live in Ohio—Elizabeth Stretch, James and Nancy Ogden all live in McLean, IL and Jesse in Iowa. It is probably also because Elizabeth has lived with this daughter Mary for the past 21+ years.

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