1860 Census -- Eighth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Ohio, County: Madison, Township: Township: Village of London
sheet #25
Enumerated: 9th day of June, 1860, D. L. Bryan, Assistant Marshall

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Dwelling #172, Family #192
William Howsmon, age 78, Male, White, occupation: landlord, value real estate: $3000, value personal property: $1000, born in Virginia
Frances Howsmon, age 63, Female, White, born in Kentucky
Martha Howsmon, age 32, Female, White, born in Ohio
Charles Howsmon, age 13, Male, White, do (ditto - born in Ohio), in school this year
11 boarders -- 9 are tenants in the hotel, one a Mulatto domestic, and curiously, one is a 15 year old Margaret Howsmon, relation unknown

Notes: This is William’s last census; he dies in 1863. Daughter Martha is 38, not 32, and Charles is her (illegitimate) son. I am stunned to find several instances of illegitimate Howsmon offspring (this Charles born ~1847, and two sons born to William’s granddaughter, Mary Frances Howsmon [daughter of John Britton Howsmon and Mary Foster], Forrest and Wilfred Howsmon born ~1880-1881). This surprises me so much because this Howsmon branch of our family was so strictly religious! Grandson Charles is mentioned in the 1959 Houseman Family book as having “left home to join the regular army and never was heard from again.” I found a record for Charles Howsmon, inducted into Company K of the 26th Regiment in 1861, and mustered out in 1865, along with James Howsmon, so he was only the tender age of 14 or 15 at induction, and he is not found in subsequent censuses. Martha marries in 1868, likely after the death of her son.

Frances continues to live in London, Ohio “keeping the hotel” for ten more years, until her death on February 21, 1873, the year before the hotel is destroyed by fire. All of William’s siblings stayed in Madison county, and all his children except for Joseph. Adopted daughter Loraine, who lived with William and Frances only as a child, is married now to A. B. Walker who joins the Ohio Guard after her death in 1864.


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