1870 Census -- Ninth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: New York, County: Westchester, Township: West Farms, Post Office: West Farms
sheet #11
Enumerated: 5th day of August, 1870, Guy D. Stearns, Assistant Marshall

portion of actual 1870 census form - click on picture for complete entry or here for full page

Dwelling #223, Family #223
Stibling [sic], Herman, age 30, Male, White, occupation: Saloon Keeper, value real estate: (blank), value personal property: $900, born in Hesse Darmstadt, parents foreign-born, U. S. Citizen
--------Anna, age 27, Female, White, occupation: keeping house, born in Hesse Darmstadt, parents foreign-born
--------Lawrence, age 51, Male, White, occupation: in skin factory, born in Hesse Darmstadt, parents foreign-born
--------Eliza, age 10, Female, White, born in Hesse Darmstadt, parents foreign-born, in school this year
--------William, age 17, Male, White, occupation: apprentice, born in Hesse Darmstadt, parents foreign-born
... followed by eight roomers

Hermann's 1860 census -- a Texas Ranger -- the only Herman Stiebeling in America, but he is listed as 23, and from Ireland! -- click on image for full page
Notes: Lorenz has finally emigrated to America just last year. What a grand reunion it must have been -- he had not seen his first-born son Hermann for 15 years! Hermann had emigrated to New York with his uncle Rueb and his family in 1854 at age 14! Six years later in 1860, Herman (right) is found in Texas, as a soldier for the Texas rangers. He subsequently volunteers for the Union in the Civil War - an unpopular side in Washington, DC.

1870 census for Edward, Maria and Fredericke --click on each image for full page
Then ten years after Hermann, three more children emigrated five years ago: Edward, William and Maria. Finally, Lorenz emigrated with the last three daughters: Riecke, Sophia and Lizzie in 1869. While it appears that Hermann, Maria and William moved to NY to perhaps meet the ship, Edward has just moved up from Baltimore. Edward (26), a baker, and his wife Eliza and two daughters (Anna 2 and Lizzie 8/12) live three doors away on this census, but they were also enumerated on the Baltimore census in July! Maria, 19, is living in Manhattan, working as a nanny for her uncle, Lorenz' younger brother Dr. George Stiebeling. Lorenz has not seen this brother for over 15 years too! Daughter Riecke, 15, is nearby in the Bronx, working for a private family (it is thought to be Fredericke, although name and birthcountry not exact), but Sophia, 13 cannot be found. West Farms is now a part of the Bronx.

Starting in 1874 several of Lorenz' children move to DC -- Hermann (his wife Anna) and Elizabeth move in 1874, followed by William prior to the 1880 census. Edwin, Maria, Riecke and Sophia remain in NY in the 1870s. By 1875, Riecke is living with her uncle George Stiebeling, by whom she will have two children. Edward dies in Hoboken NJ in 1878, leaving behind a pregnant wife and three young children. However, neither Lorenz nor Edward's widow and children can be found anywhere in the NY/NJ area in 1880, or anywhere else for that matter. Since Lorenz' death certificate in 1890 says he moved to DC in 1887, it is assumed he is in the NY/NJ area until that time.

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