1870 Census -- Ninth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants
State: Indiana, County: Jefferson, Township: Saluda, Post Office: Hanover, IN
sheet #215
Enumerated: 12th day of August, 1870, W. Ingram Woodward, Assistant Marshall

Dwelling #103, Family #101
Crawford, Sarah, age 72, Female, White, Occupation: keeping house, value real estate $1200, value personal property $635, born in Pennsylvania, father foreign-born, mother foreign-born, cannot write
-------- William, age 31, Male, White, Occupation: farm laborer, born in Indiana, eligible to vote
Hay, Sarah, age 17, White, occupation: housekeeper, born in Indiana.

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Notes: This is Sarah McNeeley Crawford’s last census; she has been widowed for nine years and dies just next month on September 22nd. Note that Sarah answered that both of her parents were foreign-born (thought to be Ireland), and that she cannot write (but she can read). She is not marked as ineligible to vote; all women are ineligible to vote. Sarah has 34 grandchildren—14 in IL, 14 in KY, and 6 in IN including Sarah Hay.

William is David and Sarah’s youngest child. He was a member of the 1862 Saluda Township Militia, but I have found no record of any Civil War service (exempted because he’s the only adult male at home?). Granddaughter Sarah Hay has lived with her grandparents for 13 years now, since her mother Elizabeth Crawford Hay died in 1857 (her father John Hay kept her younger brother Eugene (14) in Scott County, IN; the other brother Silas (16) lives with paternal grandparents Thomas and Sarah Hay in Annawan). Sarah Hay will get married in a year—12/20/1871 to Vincent Worland. Sarah McNeeley Crawford’s brother John McNeeley died 4/18/1863, and his wife Margaret will die next year on 3/7/1871. David’s brother John Crawford (age 70) has moved to Scott County, IN with his wife Elizabeth, and did not mark his parents as being foreign-born.

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