1880 Census -- Tenth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants in Harristown
State: Illinois, County: Macon, Township: Harristown, Town of Harristown
Supervisors District #5, Enumeration District: #153, sheet #18
Enumerated: 10th day of June, 1880, J. O. Eyman, Enumerator

Dwelling #5, Family #5
Howsmond, Joseph, White, Male, age 64, Married, occupation: Farmer, born in Ohio and parents born in Virginia
--------, Elizabeth, White, Female, age 63, wife, Married, occupation: keeping house, born in Ohio father born in V.T. and mother born in V.T.
--------, John J., White, Male, age 26, son, Single, occupation: at home, born in Illinois, parents born in Ohio
Loving, Sylvia, White, Female, age 19, Granddaughter, Single, occupation: at home, born in Illinois, father born in Illinois, mother born in Ohio

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Notes: Misspelled as Howsmond. V.T. is an abbreviation for Vermont, but Elizabeth’s mother was born in PA and her dad in NY -- maybe Elizabeth didn’t know since she was orphaned at age 6 -- however, it is still most curious as Elizabeth's grandmother loved to regale everyone with stories about the Revolution, and no one in her family was from Vermont. I suspect John Joseph had some developmental issues, not because he lives at home single at age 26, but because he is not listed as a farm hand -- ”at home” is not an occupation for adult males (although it is acceptable for adult females). John dies in six years, at age 32, and is buried next to his parents in Harristown Cemetery. His parents both outlive him, dying in 1890 and 1893. Sylvia Loving is daughter Sarah’s daughter; Sarah died in 1864 in CA, leaving two children. Daughter Elizabeth has moved to CA and will also predecease Joseph and Elizabeth, dying in 1888. The Howsmon’s did not move here directly from Eureka -- sometime in the past five years they had moved to La Place for a couple of years, where Joseph had a store. Before he dies, he and Elizabeth move off the farm into Harristown, living with daughter Hattie Camp before their deaths. Sons William and Isaac have moved to Ohio (and then to Missouri), (our ancestor) Mary Emily just moved from IL (1877-1879) to IN (1879-1892), but four children moved with their parents to Harristown: Jehiel, Hattie, and Frances along with John.

This is the last census for Elizabeth and Joseph -- there is no 1890 census as it was lost in the fires in Washington DC.

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