1880 Census -- Tenth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Inhabitants in Manhattan

Lorenz cannot be located on the 1880 census. The entire country is indexed, and he was searched for by last name only (all variations), first name only (all variations), initial plus age, etc. No possibility could be found for Lorenz or for Edward's widow Eliza Stiebeling with their four children either. Lorenz' 1890 Washington DC death certificate states he was a resident of DC for three years (which would be 1887-1890); Manhattan directories have listings for him in 1875/76, 1885, and 1886; although son Edward moved to NJ (1876-1879 at least), there is no record that Lorenz ever lived in NJ. Therefore, it is expected he is alone in NY somewhere (perhaps a boarding home, and was missed in the census enumeration).

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In 1880, Lorenz has three children still in NY -- Maria has married Reinhard Bechthold and has three daughters and her sister Sophia is living with them in Manhattan; Rieke has "married" her uncle George Stiebeling and has had one child in Manhattan (see below); plus his daughter-in-law Eliza with four of his grandchildren -- while three children have moved to Washington, DC: Hermann, Eliza and William. But none of the Washington DC children have had children yet; all eight of Lorenz' grandchildren live in NY/NJ. Sophie is the next to move to DC (by 1885 when she married Philip Stiebeling there), and then after Fredericke dies of TB in 1886 and George "remarries in 1887", Lorenz also moves to DC, circa 1887. Maria and Edward's family stay in the NY area.

Manhattan directories show Lorenz there in 1875-76, and 1885, 1886. These directories include the Bronx borough (as of 1875). (Note there is another Lorenz Stiebeling in NY in 1867-1878; although he is the same name, nationality and age as our Lorenz, he is not a close relation; this Lorenz was born in Baden, worked as a cutter/tailor/beer, lived at 58/68 Willett, wife Catherine (and son John, a clerk/marshall, born in NY circa 1847) and died in Manhattan on 12/31/1878.) You had to pay to be listed, so this is not a complete enumeration like the census -- omission does not reflect the person not being there -- for instance, Sophie lists her occupation on the 1880 census as "sewing" yet she does not have any directory listing in Manhattan. These directories were common in larger cities, so that you could find people as well as businesses.
Manhattan directories:
Stiebling, Edward. baker, h. 135 Canon
Stiebeling, Frederica. fcygds, 429 Sixth
Stiebling, Edward. baker, h. r 186 Second
Stiebeling, Edward. baker, h. r 182 Second
Stiebeling, Fredericka, fcygds, 429 Sixth ***
Stiebeling, Lawrence, collector, h. 429 Sixth (curiously, son Hermann also does collections in 1877 in Washington, DC!)
...............Hoboken, NJ directories:
...............Stiebeling, Edward, baker, 16 Park Ave Hoboken
...............Stiebeling, Edward, baker, 149 Second Hoboken
...............Stiebeling, Louisa, wid Edward, h 149 Second Hoboken
Manhattan directories:
Stiebeling, Lorenz, ins., 104 Forsyth, h. 289 Broome
Stiebeling, Lorenz, ins., h. 289 Broome
...............Washington, DC directories:
...............Stiebeling, Lorenz, 815 N. Cap (same address as Hermann)
...............Stiebeling, Lorenz, hostler 809 Md ave Ne
Manhattan directories:
Stiebeling, Eliza, wid Edw'd, h r 199 Allen
Stiebeling, Elizabeth, wid, h 137 Perry
Stiebeling, Elizabeth, wid Edw'd, h 241 W 15th
Stiebeling, Elizabeth, wid, Edw'd, h 36 Charles
Stiebeling, Eliza, wid Edw'd, h 36 Charles
Stiebeling, Elizabeth, wid Edw'd, h 727 E 141st

The 1880 census for 149 Second in Hoboken was examined, and Elizabeth/Louisa and her four children were no longer there. Furthermore, a separate index was done (in the mid 20th century) for families with children, and Eliza and her four children could not be found on this older index either, in either NY or NJ. Edward died in 1878 in Hoboken, NJ, their last child was born six months after his death in Hoboken, and Eliza remarries in 1883 in Manhattan (her second husband, Daniel Roos, apparently dies by 1892 when she again is listed as a Stiebeling widow). It is of interest that there was a Stiebeling butcher named Ferdinand who was listed in Manhattan in 1867 who moved to Hoboken by 1874, and lived there until his death in 1880; his wife continued to live in Hoboken, until at least 1882 (directory listings), although she also cannot be found on the Hoboken 1880 census. Ferdinand is believed to be a cousin, and it is likely that he was the reason the Edward Stiebeling family moved to Hoboken. Note that Lorenz never showed up on the Hoboken directories. It is unknown where Lorenz was 1877-1884, or where Edward's widow Eliza was 1880-1882.

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*** Note: Fredericke and George C. Stiebeling have a child George Frederick, born 23 May 1878 in Manhattan, and a second son, Hugo Paul, born 7 July 1884. George and Fredericke are living together as husband and wife as of the 1880 census, and apparently so as of 1876, as appears likely from the directory listings for George, before Fredericke becomes pregnant.

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