1900 Census -- Twelfth Census of the United States

Schedule 1 -- Populaion
State: Illinois, County: Henry, Township: Annawan
Supervisors District #11, Enumeration Disctict #3, sheet #7
Enumerated: 7th day of June, 1900, Arthur E. Moon, Enumerator

Dwelling #139, Family #144
Hay, Robert L., Head, White, Male, born Sep 1821, age 78, Married, for 9 years, born in Indiana, father born in Scotland, mother born in North Carolina, can read, write and speak English, Owns home, Free of Mortgage, home not a farm.
--- Mary F., Wife, White, Female, born Oct 1853, age 46, Married, for 9 years, mother of none - none alive, born in Illinois, parents born in Indiana, can read, write and speak English.

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Notes: Mary Frances Baker Hay is Robert Lyle Hayís second wife; his first wife, Margaret Crawford, died in 1885 (age 58). Mary Frances is Margaretís niece; her mother is Margaretís older sister Isabel. Mary came to live with Margaret in the last part of her life when Margaret was so sick (must have been after 1880, since she is not there on that census). Six years after Margaretís death, Robert Lyle and Mary Frances were married in 1891; she was 37; he was 69. There is no mention in family history of age difference; Mary is seven years younger than Oliver Perry Hay. In fact, almost half of Robert Lyleís 14 children are younger than Mary. By 1900, only four of the children live close by: Julia, Leroy, Clarence and Robert Cranston. This is Robert Lyleís last census; after Robertís death in 1903, Mary moves to Atkinson, Illinois where she remarries (married John English in 1909; she is 54 and he is 69); her second husband dies in the 1920s and Mary Frances dies in 1939. [No 1890 census]

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