Ancestry and descendants of Sentleger Beck (~1776-1843)

I am trying to determine the ancestors and (primarily) children of Sentleger Beck, born ~1776, who married Elizabeth Maiden/Madden in 1801. There apparently were two Sentleger Becks living in Rowan county, North Carolina in the 1810s, of approximately the same age and both with families. One was undoubtedly the son of Aquilla Beck of Rowan, born ~1753, moving from Kent,MD in the ~1780s to live in Rowan,NC until his death in the 1830s. The other is assumed to be the son of Aquilla's (assumed) brother Sentleger, who moved to Rowan,NC by the 1770s, may have lived in Loudon,Virginia on his way, and apparently died in Rowan in the 1790s. The Becks are thought to be of Scottish ancestry, Quakers, and lived in Kent,MD for about a century before moving south to VA and NC in the 1770s/1780s. By coincidence, the Beck ties to the Queeney/Quinney/Quine family (immigrant Sutton Queeney) may prove to be a link to my Passwater line (see below).

The Sentleger Beck in whom I am interested is found on the 1820, 1830, and 1840 census in Rowan/Davie county (Rowan-Yadkin in 1820 and 1830 which became Davie county prior to 1840). He and Elizabeth Madden apparently had six children -- 4 boys and 2 girls on the 1820 census. The second Sentleger is not found on the 1820 census, but did write his will in 1820 in Rowan county, and was married to Mary and had 10 children -- 7 sons and 3 daughters. Although this latter Sentleger had two homes (according to the will below), he is not enumerated in the 1810 or 1820 census, or listed on the 1815 Rowan tax list for completely mystifying reasons. In any case, it is clear there were two Sentlegers in Rowan in 1820, obviously related due to the unusual name, probably first-cousins. However, without any census found for this second Sentleger, it is possible he is older, and these are children from a second marriage (but then it is curious that older children are not mentioned -- just these 10 "boys" and "girls").

5/15/1820 will of Sentleger Beck in Rowan (click on picture for larger view)
1820 will of Sentleger Beck -- married to Mary with 10 young children:
"In the Name of God Amen I Sentleger Beck of Rowan County and State of North Carolina being in a Low State of health But of Sound mind thanks be to God for it do hereby Make this my Last Will and Testament. Witnessed that first of all I do Leave to Mary my Loving wife Both places for the Time of five years for the use of her and the Children that Shall Stay With her With all the Rest of the goods and Chattles Belonging to me Provided that She Shall Remain a widow. 2nd At the Expiration of five years this place on which I now live To Be Equally divided Between my three oldest Boys Namely Nathan James and Sentleger, and, thirdly after her Decease the other place to be Equally divided Between the rest of the four boys Namely Edward Israel Amos and Enock. Fourthly I give to my three girls Namely Jane Argminta and Margaret five shillings a piece. As witness my hand and seal this fifteenth day of May in the Year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and Twenty."
(signed) Sentleger Beck (seal)
Witnessed by Joseph Jones and Herminta Jones
cover, second copy

Notes and observations on this will:
• The son Israel's name is uncertain (on both copies); I think it is Israel, but other genealogists have suggested it could be a more unusual Tsisel; the index on the microfilmed copy of the book of wills listed this child as "Freisly"! Argminta may be Araminta, but it is definitely not Aquilla which is a male name. The name Herminta is not positive from either copy of the will; while it does look like Herminta, it is possible it is Henrietta.
• It is noteworthy that he calls his children "boys" and "girls" in 1820; this absolutely precludes their births before 1800, and means that they are most likely all born in 1804-1820. Some genealogists have suggested that the child Sentleger was born ~1776; this must be false, as no one would call a 45 year old son with six children a "boy" and talk about their 45-year-old married-with-children sons living with their mother.
• The three older boys must be about 12-16 years old in 1820 as they are to be given equal thirds to the property in five years; obviously, if they were adults they would not need to wait five years, and if they were younger children they would not inherit the property so soon (plus, it is hard enough to fit 10 children in the space of less than 17 years).
• Although the will was written in 1820, it is in the May 1822 Sessions book, so it is filed under 1822. There is no indication of the date of proof; perhaps more court records would determine a date of death.
• Should the will have been proved in 1822 (i.e., if Sentleger died in 1822), it is possible that another child was born in 1821-1822.
• The use of shillings in 1820 is curious. In Rowan (as Davie was part of Rowan then), although it appears that the use of British monetary units ended by 1810 (America had started its money in the 1790s), obviously the British money was still in use in the 1810s and 1820s; this continued use of British money was confirmed with the Rowan county historian. (I had thought all British money was discontinued after the War of 1812 -- the "second Revolutionary War").
• It has been proposed that Herminta Jones, witness to the will, could be a sister to Sentleger; however, it is likely she was just a neighbor, and more documentation (such as a marriage record, or a moniker such as sister in a subsequent will-related court document, or even finding children named Sentleger Jones) is needed to infer familial relationship. Research is impeded by the commonness of the name Jones. There is a posting online that there was a Joseph Jones (9/1/1772 MD-1850s Davie,NC) who married Henrietta Cash on 2/27/1794 in Frederick,MD -- this would appear to be a match in which case the witness was Henrietta Cash Jones, no known relation.

Hypothesis: Perhaps one of the properties was not in Rowan, and maybe not even in NC. This Sentleger Beck cannot be found on any census, and should have been enumerated in 1810 and in 1820. In 1810 he may have lived in Rowan but there appears to be lost Rowan records; or perhaps he lived on the second property and it was not in Rowan but a place not enumerated (e.g., Indiana, with no 1810 census), or maybe he had not bought land yet, and is living with relatives. He and his family's absence on the 1820 census is most perplexing: he seems to be obliquely referenced in the 1815 tax list, and his will was written in Rowan in May,1820, but he is not on the census, perhaps due to timing -- the census was to reflect population as of August 7, 1820, and the states had 13 months to complete the census; perhaps Sentleger had died by the enumeration date (June 1, 1821), or even by August 1820, and his family no longer lived in Rowan. No enumeration could be found anywhere for an appropriate Mary Beck, or any Beck with 10+ children; given that the will was in the 1822 sessions book, it seems unlikely that Mary would have remarried by the time of the census, even if it were taken in September 1821 where she lived. It seems the family must be living under a different surname (i.e., with another family), perhaps at the second property not in Rowan in 1820, and the only subsequent record to be found in Rowan could be the sale of the one (assumed) Rowan property in 1825-1829. Even more curiously, I cannot find any census data in 1830-1860 that I can definitively identify as belonging to any of these Sentleger Beck #2 family members; perhaps they lived in KY near his sister, or somewhere near Mary's family. This second-property-not-in-NC hypothesis seems to be plausible and worth further investigation as there is an Ohio record that mentions that a St. Leger Beck received a land grant in Paulding,OH due to his service in the 1st Regiment of the KY Militia in the War of 1812 -- so the land-grant Sentleger Beck must have been born prior to 1796, lived in KY in 1812, and may have moved to OH; however, the militia lists I have found have not listed him (finding a roster might narrow down where in KY he lived for further research)(there is a Sentleger Beck in Champaign,OH in 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860, but he was born in MD ~1790 and married Rebecka Richardson on 8/17/1815 in Champaign,OH); there is no indication he spent time in KY and is a match to the land grant record. It is most odd to find no matching Sentleger census data anywhere, especially in Rowan in 1820, although Mary is likely to have remarried and the family be listed under another name in 1830.

I believe it is most likely the two Sentleger Becks, both probably born in the 1770s, were first cousins with both their parents originally from Kent county, Maryland. I am guessing that the Sentleger who is the son of Aquilla is the one who lives close to him, based on their enumeration on the same pages on the 1820 and 1830 census -- this Sentleger is the one married to Elizabeth Madden in 1801 and they have 6 children in 1820 -- whom I call Sentleger #1. This Sentleger would have been born in MD. The other Sentleger (Sentleger #2), author of the 1820 will, is likely the son of Aquilla's older brother, Sentleger Beck (Sr), and would have been born in NC. (Thus, 1880+ census records for their children, which specify father's place of birth, would confirm the descendants.)(Sentleger Sr appears older than Aquilla as Sentleger had children who married in the 1790s, as well as the fact he moved earlier from MD.) It is always confusing to have multiple people with the same name and of approximately the same age living in the same community. Especially when they both have such unusual names. It has caused even more confusion in genealogical research because the census data (and tax records) seemingly only include one -- Sentleger #1 who married Elizabeth, with 6 children; conversely, there is only one will -- for Sentleger #2. Most genealogists have assumed therefore that there was only one; I am certain there were two (as is also hinted at by the use of Sr. on the 1815 tax list.)

The Wilderness Trail
with Kent, Staunton and Rowan highlighted
(click on picture for a larger view)
1782 - John Beck in Surry county,NC tax list (NC Taxpayers 1679-1790, Vol 2 by Clarence Ratcliff). This is thought to be a "German" Beck, ostensibly unrelated to the Scottish Becks.

1783 - Kent,MD tax list - Aquilla Beck

1784 - Rowan tax list - no Beck entries, but the list may be incomplete, or Sentleger Beck may not be eligible for taxes (e.g., not own property).

1700s - Valentine Beck on the 1701-1786 tax list for Surry County (NC Taxpayers 1701-1786 by Clarence Ratcliff)(Again thought to be a "German" Beck.)

1787 - May 1, 1787, Captain Aeneas Campbell's List of Souls in the district of the Second Batallion commanded by Col. Daveson of Roan (sic), State of NC:
Sentleger Bick: 1-3-4-0-0 (1 male 21-60; 3 males under 21 and/or over 60; 4 females; no slaves)
No Aquilla Beck or Samuel Beck. (Family History Center microfilm #19886).

In 1790, the Beck census record in Rowan is curious; it is enumerated for a Sam'l Elija Beck with one adult, three boys and three females. Samuel Elijah is not known to show up again. For the first census, and for several years thereafter, the census was first written down on a temporary enumeration sheet and then retranscribed onto the final sheet -- which is why many communities were then alphabetized, as the families did not live in alphabetical order!   As there was no Samuel/Elijah/etc listing in 1787, and no Sentleger in 1790, and this matches fairly well to the 1787 entry for Sentleger, I feel it is likely that this record was not for a Samuel but for a St. Leger (e.g., the sloppy handwritten notes maybe looked like Sl Lega or Smlelga and were reinterpreted into something that "made sense" like Samuel Elijah). I looked at court records and land records and found no entry for Samuel/Elijah Beck. Sentleger has been in NC since the 1770s, based on the late 1770s birthplace of his daughter Jane Beck Brooks, and apparently dies in the 1790s (although he did not write a will, and was not in court records through 1795).
-- Aquilla Beach is enumerated in Rowan in 1790 with one adult, 2 boys, and 4 females. I believe this is Aquilla Beck (maybe it is Beack not Beach), as it is in the right location (Bedwell on same page), there is no Beach in Rowan in 1800, and there is no Aquilla Beck found anywhere else in America in 1790. Note that Jonathan Maddin, Elizabeth's father, is enumerated on the same page. Also, Aquilla is not on the same page as Sam'l Elijah/Sentleger Beck. Although there are only two sons listed, and I believe Aquilla would have had three sons at this time, Sentleger whom I believe to be the oldest would be ~17, an adult (since it is sons under 16), and may well be off exploring or working on a neighbor's farm. Aquilla has only been in Rowan since the 1780s, based on the 1779 MD birthplace of his son Samuel Beck.

1798 - Aquilla is listed as owning land in Rowan,NC, although no purchase record/deed for this purchase has been located (a deed references that a property adjoins that of Aquilla Beck).

In Rowan in 1800, "Agnello" (Aquilla) is listed as 45+ with a total of 9 persons in the household -- male 16-25, 2 males under 10, 1 female 45+, 2 females 10-15, 2 females under 10. Both Aquilla and his wife are 45+ so born prior to 1755. Nearby are Sinthger and James who I believe to be the two oldest sons:
-- "Sinthger" (Sentleger) is 25-44 in 1800 (alone; no one else in his home) this could be the Sentleger who married Elizabeth Madden in 1801 ----- Marriage record -- Groom: Sentleger Beck Bride: Elizabeth Madden Bond Date: 23 Dec 1801 Bond #: 000130899 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 005005 County: Rowan Record #: 03 009 Bondsman: Richard W Madde Witness: Jno Brim. Sentleger is found on two other marriage records: (1) Sentleger Beck was the bondsman for the marriage of David Sigler and Margaret Beck in Surry,NC on 2/8/1797 and (2) Sentleger Beck was the bondsman for the marriage of Thomas Parker and Ann Olvan in Rowan,NC on 6/19/1801. It is thought that Sentleger Sr is deceased by 1800 (no census), and his widow and daughters (and son Sentleger) lived in Surry; it could be that the Surry bondsman record is for Sentleger Sr's son and the Rowan record if for Aquila's son, but this is only speculation. I assume that if both Sentleger Becks lived in the same locale, a designation (e.g., Sr/Jr) would be used.
-- James is 16-24 in 1800; wife is 16-24; no children, and on the same page as "Agnello" (Aquilla).
-- Other Becks in Rowan, thought not to be relatives: Frederick, George, Henry, Jacob Jr, John, Michael, Peter, Philip Jr and Philip Sr.

1801 - Sentleger Beck purchased 101 acres in Rowan

1803 - Samuel Beck purchased 100 acres in Rowan

1810 - missing census. There seem to be missing 1810 census records in Rowan, and it affects our Beck family. There are only four Beck families listed on three pages (p.1, p.2, p.3) -- and this does not include Aquilla, Sentleger or James. There are also relatives known to be in Rowan who are also missing, like the Parker family. It is thought that somehow some families were skipped or their records lost, but it is possible that our three Beck families and the four Parker families had all moved from NC prior to the 1810 census and moved back right after.
In Rowan in 1810, the only possible record from our Beck family appears to be Samuel Beck, but I am not sure about even this:
-- Samuel (26-44) in 1810, (4 males 0-10; female 16-25)(obviously Samuel's wife must be ~25 to be able to have 4 children--Samuel born 1776-1784 (know he is 26-34 from 1800 census); wife born ~1785). ----- Marriage record -- Samuel Beck Bride: Mary Wells Bond Date: 10 Oct 1801 Bond #: 000143148 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 008470 County: Surry Record #: 01 013 Bondsman: James Wells (Although this is a Surry record, I believe Samuel is from Rowan and the bride was from neighboring Surry). However, this census record does not seem correct, as it is next to a Philip who is thought to be a "German" Beck instead of our "English" Becks.
And four families thought to be "German" Becks:
-- John Beck is 45+, with a wife 45+, and 2 males 16-25, 1 male 10-15, 3 females 16-25, 2 females 10-15, and 1 under 10 -- thought to be a German Beck; too old to be a son of Aquilla.
-- Michal Beck is 45+ with 1 male 16-25, 1 male 10-15, 3 males under 10, 2 females 16-25, 1 female 10-15, and 1 female under 10. (1810)
-- Philip Beck is 45+ with a wife 45+, and 2 males 16-25, and 2 females 10-15.
-- John Bick is 16-25, with a wife 26-44, and 2 daughters under 10. (1810)
note that none of these seem to include the family of Edith Parker (age 22) and Unknown Beck and their one son; there is no Beck family that looks correct, so they must be living with relatives -- it does not appear to be with her father, as I can find no census for a Thomas Parker, which is curious as he is known to have died in Rowan in 1812..

In 1814, Aquilla Beck deeded property to Samuel Beck, Rowan Deed Book 23, p.817

1815 Rowan County, Tax List of Capt. Pierce's Company for the Year 1815 (Beck entries):
James Beck
St. Leger Beck Sr 200 acres
Samuel Beck 1 WP 125 acres
Acquilla Beck 175 acres
John Beck (dec'd) by Jas. Guard 1 BP 45 acres (thought to be a German Beck?)
From the 1815 Rowan Co., NC Tax List, Capt. Pierce's Company, Jonathon Madden owned 219 acres. Listed next to him was Nathan MADDEN, no land, but one white pole. In the same district is Acquilla BECK, with 175 acres and James BECK, no land, St. Leger BECK Sr., with 200 acres, Samuel BECK, one white pole with 125 acres; and John BECK deceased 1 white pole and 45 acres. Note that the use of Sr on St. Leger Beck's record confirms that there are two Sentleger Becks in Rowan county in 1815 (and implies that they were both adults as of this date). The use of Sr simply differentiates the two, and is a title usually applied to the older man, but does not imply that they were father and son. The source from which I got this online did not list a second record for a second (Jr?) St. Leger.... This Sr/Jr differentiation must be for Sentleger #1 and Sentleger #2 -- Sentleger (Sr)(Aquilla's brother) is deceased, any grandchildren of Aquilla and Sentleger (Sr) would be too young for differentiation on a tax list (must be over 16 with property), so the differentiation must be for Sentleger #1 and Sentleger #2. It therefore implies that Sentleger #1 is older than Sentleger #2, but this is not definitive, since it could differentiate length of time in Rowan rather than age (e.g., Sentleger Sr lived in Rowan longer than Jr).

In Rowan in 1820 Aquilla and his wife are both over 45, with 1 boy under 10 and 1 female 16-25 (probably a daughter/daughter-in-law and grandson, since they are in their 70s)
-- Sentleger and his wife are 26-45 (born 1775-1794) in 1820, with 1 boy 16-25, 1 boy 10-16, 2 boys under 10 and 2 girls under 10
-- James is 26-45 in 1820, his wife is deceased (she was 16-24 in 1800 so would have been 26-45 if alive), and he has 1 daughter 16-25, 1 son 16-25 and 2 sons 10-16.
Note: all three are on the same page, suggesting that James and Sentleger are sons of Aquilla. This must be the Sentleger married to Elizabeth Madden, as the Sentleger married to Mary who died in 1822 had 10 children (7 sons and 3 daughters) in 1820. These are the only Beck records in Rowan, however, under Peck there are David, David, Federick, George, Jacob, John and widow Sofiah. There were 10 Parker families: David, Elward, Fannel, Henry, Isaac, John, Miles, Peter, Richard and Thomas.

In 1830, Aquilla Beck deeded land to Edtha Beck, Rowan Deed Book 31, p.158
Note: it is not clear why Aquilla would deed land to what appears to be his widowed daughter-in-law, when he has had another daughter/daughter-in-law living with him for the past 10+ years; although Edith cannot be found on the 1810-1830 census, it seems certain the young woman living with Aquilla is not Edith, as Edith is known to have 2+ sons. The Deed Book went past the 1840s and there was no land records found for either Sentleger Beck; deed records for Davie should be examined.
1830 - Sentleger Beck Sen sells 116 acres (in another source of Rowan deeds)

In Rowan in 1830 - Aquilla is 80-90, his wife is 70-80, and they have what appears to be the same daughter/daughter-in-law (30-40) and grandson (15-20) living with them. This translates to an even earlier birth for Aquilla (1740s?), thought to be incorrect; Aquilla and his wife are thought to have been born in the early 1750s
-- Sentleger is 50-60 in 1830 (born 1770s) and his wife is 40-50 (born 1780s), and they have 2 sons 20-30, 1 son 10-15, 1 daughter 10-16 and 1 daughter 5-10 at home.
-- James is nearby in 1830, age 50-60, remarried to Mary Griffin (widow Cashdollar) age 43 (listed as 30-40), and six children: 2 men 20-29 (from first marriage), 1 boy under 5, 1 girl 10-15 (stepdaughter) and 2 girls under 5; it is unknown where his oldest married son is living, and where his 9-year-old stepson is.
-- Madden Beck (age 20-29), son of Sentleger and Elizabeth Beck, is also nearby in 1830. He married his uncle's widow Rebecca Hatley Maiden (also 20-29), who had three young daughters (now 10-15). They have since had three children together -- a boy 5-10, a girl under 5 and a boy under 5. There is also a female aged 60-69 in the home, thought to be Rebecca's widowed mother Sarah (Unknown maiden name) Hatley Casey. (Sarah Casey's will)
unrelated Becks:
-- Mary Beck, age 60-70 also lives nearby in 1830, with 2 sons 20-29 and 1 daughter 15-19. While this could possibly be the widow of the other Sentleger Beck, she seems older than I expected and has fewer kids at home than I expected -- it would mean that the other seven children are married, deceased, or living separately. I expect she is not the widow of Sentleger, and could be a widow of a "German" Beck; there is a known widow Mary Beck who was the mother of Jacob Beck (b.1800-1805). Through DNA testing, this Jacob is supposedly related to Aquilla Beck born ~1753 in Kent,MD. So it could be that all these Becks in Rowan are related, just some more closely than others -- the DNA match was between a Jacob Beck descendant and a descendant of Aquilla's son Samuel Beck (b.~1776) -- per "kathy e." -- see below, I requested more information from Kathy.
-- Richmond Beck, age 20-29, wife 20-29, 1 girl 0-5, and 6 slaves in 1830. -- Groom: Richmond Beck Bride: Sally Hendricks Bond Date: 16 Sep 1827 Bond #: 000130898 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 003583 County: Rowan Record #: 03 009 Bondsman: John W Turantin Witness: Thomas McNeely -- this is not our "English" Becks -- Richmond's father was Adam and his father Johann Phillip Beck, born in Germany.
-- there is also a Henry Beck (20-30) not thought to be a relative.
Note that Aquilla and Sentleger above are both on the same page, again suggesting the father-son relationship. There is no listing for Aquilla in 1840, or for his widow, and she is not found in Sentleger's home in 1840, so it is assumed they both died in the 1830s. There is a 70-79 woman living with Enoch Beck in 1840 (he is in his 30s); she is too young to be Aquilla's wife.

In 1840 there are 11 Beck families in Davie county, NC: St. Leger (age 60s), James (60s), Adam (50s), Editha (40s), Freeland (30s), David (30s), Enoch (30s), Rich (30s), Adam (20s), Nath (20s), John (20s) -- Editha Beck, born in the 1890s, is intriguing. Generally an unmarried woman did not live alone (only widows could do that); spinsters usually lived with brothers or with some family. This suggests that Editha is a widowed sister-in-law to Sentleger, James and Samuel. And, the fact that both James and Sentleger named a daughter Editha, indicates she was held in high esteem in the family. And, there is that odd 1830 land sale where Aquilla deeded property to this Editha Beck. All this makes me confident that Editha was a widowed daughter-in-law to Aquilla. I had first thought she was the female living with Aquilla in 1820 and 1830, probably taking care of Aquilla and his wife in their later years (for which service she and her son were deeded the property), but she is known to have at least two sons: Alfred and John, and thought to have son Nathan too. Thus, it is unknown where Edith Parker Beck lived with her 3 sons in 1810-1830, why she was deeded the property by Aquilla, and the identity of the woman with a son living with Aquilla in 1820-1830 and why this other woman was not deeded the property on which she probably lived.
Davie was formed in 1836 out of part of Rowan; although the "German" Becks lived the part of Rowan that became Davidson county, Adam Beck was an exception; he lived in Davie in the late 1830s/early 1840s shen he moved to Lincoln,TN. So three of these entries do not belong to "our" Becks: Adam (b.1785 Rowan,NC) and two of his sons Rich (Richmond)(b.1808 Rowan,NC) and Adam (b.1818 Rowan,NC). Adam also had two other sons Wilson (b.1816) and unknown (b.1821).

In 1850 only four of our Beck families remained in Davie: David and Mary with 7 children, Freeland and Sarah with 10 children, Andrew and Julia with 4 children, and James' widow Mary with one child (Edith). And there is an unknown Elizabeth, born ~1783 in Currituck county,NC, living with her daughter? Mary Richardson, born ~1824 in Wilkes county,NC -- although the dates fit for it to be Sentleger #1's widow with a married daughter, I do not think this is so; the Maddens were thought to be in Rowan not Currituck in 1783 and the Becks in Rowan not Wilkes in 1824 [Currituck is in the extreme NE on the Atlantic Ocean and Wilkes was formed in 1777 from parts of Surry and Washington (Washington now in TN) -- in 1790 there were no Beck or Madden/Maiden families in Currituck] -- it is curious that Elizabeth Madden Beck's son David married a Mary Richardson ~1835, who was born in Virginia in 1814, so the nature of this familial relationship is unclear. [In 1880, David Richardson said his parents were born in NC and his wife Mary said her parents were both born in VA.)] And this could be a "German" Beck family, as there is a Seuse Beck who married John Richardson in 1803 in Rowan, with Jacob Beck a bondsman, who is thought to be a "German" Beck, not a Scottish Beck; the David Richardson on the 1850 census could be the son of the John who married in 1803. (And there were still three German Beck families: Richmond with wife and 5 kids, Wilson with wife and 3 kids, Adam with wife and 2 kids.)
-- Nathan has moved to Gibson,TN. On the 1840 census he has 1 son 5-9, 1 son 0-5 and 1 daughter 5-9, and his wife is also in her 20s. In 1850, Nathan is 38, his wife is 35, Mahala is 16 and Williford is 14, all born in NC. Their other son is not found in Gibson TN, but there are records for two other male Becks born in KY -- in 1850, S.A. is 21 and married to Martha, J.A. is 15. Nathan moves to OK by 1860.
-- Edith and son John have moved to Van Buren,IN. In 1840 John and his wife were in their 20s with 1 daughter under 5. In 1850, John is 34, Mary E is 24 (a second wife), Amanda M is 14, Henry is 3, and Editha is 54! Henry was born in IN and the rest all born in NC. They all live out their lives in IN. This record reorganized my construction of Aquilla's child #4, the unknown son married to Edith. I had thought Aquilla deeded her the property because she was widowed and living with him, with her son, but clearly she had more than one child, so it is not certain where she lived in 1810-1820, or why Aquilla deeded the property to her and not the daughter/daughter-in-law living with him in 1820-1830.
-- Enoch moved to Jackson,TN in 1850, stays in TN in 1860 and moves to MO by 1880.

Note that Aquila's grandson Alfred Beck (1809-1889) said in his obituary that "his father came from Maryland; on the “eastern-shore” was of Scotch descent, and Quaker by training and education". (see full obituary and source in footnotes at the end)

Aquilla Beck's Family Tree
(click on picture for larger view)
Thus, my (unconfirmed) construction of the Beck family in Rowan/Davie, based on the above information, is:
Aquilla Beck (~1753 Kent,MD-1830s Rowan/Davie,NC) married Sarah Wilson (~1750s-1830s) -- 9 children (census: 1790?, 1800, 1810?, 1820, 1830)(Aquilla is listed as 80-89 in 1830 and his wife 70-79)
1. Unknown Beck (1770s MD-?Rowan,NC) married to Editha "Edy" Parker (~1770s DE-?NC) -- 1+ children (census: 1810?, 1820?, 1830?) (1812 bequest from Thomas Parker to Edy Beck)(Editha must be revered by family members as her brothers-in-law name daughters Edith, apparently after her.)
-----1a. Alfred L. Beck (10/9/1809 Rowan,NC-4/21/1889 Jefferson,IN)(obit) married Martha Ann Lister (~1824 IN-) on 12/14/1849 -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)(Note Alfred answered his father b.MD and his mother b.NC in 1880)
-----1a. Unknown if additional children
2. Sentleger (St. Leger) Beck (#1) (~1773 Kent,MD-1843 Davie,NC) married Elizabeth Madden (~1784 Rowan,NC-) on 12/23/1801 -- 6+ children (census: 1800?, 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840)(from the 1820 census data, they are known to have 2 boys born 1800s, 2 boys born 1810s, 2 girls born 1810s, and perhaps 1 more daughter born 1820s according to the 1830 census.) Note that most genealogists list only one child, Madden, as the child of Sentleger and Elizabeth; if more children are listed, they are from the 1822 will that clearly does not belong to this Sentleger. I, Donna L. Hay, am certain that there were only the Aquila children and grandchildren living in Davie in the 1830s/1840s/1850s. As the children of James are known from his will, and the children of Samuel from Indiana biographies, the remaining early children (born 1800s/1810s) must belong to this Sentleger. Obviously, without a will for this Sentleger, this still is speculation; perhaps court records regarding the sale of his property ~1845 would specify the children's names.
-----2a. Madden Beck (~1804 Rowan,NC-1860s? Madison,MO?) married (1) Rebecca Hatley (~1801 NC-1850s? IN?)(widow of Nathan Madden)(divorced ~1849) and (2) Mary J. Maiden (~1815 IN-1860s? MO?) (widow of Abner Brooks) ~1849 -- 13+ children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 p2, 1870?)
----------2b. (three Madden stepdaughters born 1810s NC -- one was (maybe) Sarah Madden Beck (~1818 NC~1859 Scott,IN) married Emsley Hooker (~1807 NC-1862 Scott,IN) on 11/28/1841 in Clark,IN -- 7+ children (census: 1850, 1860 -- or this could be Madden Beck's younger sister -- see below)
----------2b. Christian Beck (1820s NC-) married Unknown -- 2+ children (census: 1840 (same page as Madden), 1850?, 1860+?)
----------2b. Elizabeth Beck (1820s NC-) -- unknown (there is known to be an Elizabeth from grandmother Sarah Casey's 1838 will -- see below. Her birthdate is not certain; this Elizabeth might be the one who married John P. Tracy in Clark,IN on 8/11/1841, but is not the one who married in 1837 as that was before the will. Eliza and John Tracy cannot be found on the 1850 census.)
----------2b. son Beck (1820s NC-) -- unknown (not the 3rd Beck in Clark,IN in 1840 with Madden and Christian, as this Sentleger Beck is in his 30s, and is Madden's cousin, James' son)
----------2b. (Aurena) Mathilda Beck (1/10/1831 NC-5/18/1919 Jefferson,IN) married Abijah Davis (9/9/1829 Jefferson,IN-12/29/1908 Jefferson,IN) on 7/31/1851 in Jefferson,IN -- 8 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)(death certificate states her parents were Madden Beck and Rebecca Hatley)
----------2b. Winfield "Win" Pury Scott Beck (~1833 NC-1/1863 AL)(died 1/1863 as POW in Montgomery,AL) married Elizabeth Ann Brown (6/12/1843 Jefferson,IN-) in 9/1856 in Jefferson,IN -- 2 children, Mary Alice and Oren Winfield -- census: 1860)
----------2b. Emily A. Beck (~1835 NC-1860s IN) married Abner Madden (~1826 IN-) on 11/12/1850 in Jefferson,IN -- 5/6 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------2b. Rebecca Jane Beck (3/7/1838 NC-2/26/1912 Jackson,IN) married Samuel Martin Tate in 1852 -- 10 children (census: 1850?, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)(death certificate states her father was Madden Beck. Her birthyear has been variously stated as 1841, but family lived in IN in 1840 not NC, so a birthplace of NC means she was born in the 1830s, and a marriage date of 1852 makes her much too young for a birthyear of 1841.)
----------2b. Lydia Beck (~1839 NC-) (maybe married John A. Smith on 2/15/1855 in Scott,IN) (census: 1850 p2)(although she is not living with her mother Rebecca, there is only one Beck family in Saluda twp in 1850, and she was born in NC, so she seems certain to be a daughter to Rebecca and Madden, helping out in another family [Hammon}.)
----------2b. Catherine Beck (~1842-) -- unknown
----------2b. Mary C. Beck (~1848 IN-) -- unknown
----------2b. Martha A. Beck (~1850 KY-) -- unknown (not on 1870+ census)
----------2b. David C. Beck (3/1854 MO-1917) married Ida C. Overacker (8/4/1864 IA-1904) on 4/20/1879 -- 11+ children (census: 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Theodocious M. C. Beck (female)(~1858 MO-) -- unknown (not on 1870+ census)
Virtually all genealogists agree that Madden was the son of Sentleger and Elizabeth Madden. As the 1820 census for Nathan Madden is unclear (it looks like there is a male aged 20-30 filled in, but it also looks like it says "widow"; perhaps Nathan died between Jan 1 1820 and the date of the census enumeration), it is theoretically possible that the first boy Beck could be the son of Nathan Madden instead of Madden Beck -- either court records need to be found or he must be found with a birthdate (1820/1821 would make him a Madden; 1823+ would make him a Beck.
-----2a. David H. Beck (5/4/1808 Rowan,NC-2/17/1885 Davie,NC) married Mary "Polly" Richardson (5/4/1814 VA-5/23/1898 Davie,NC) -- 9 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Sentleger Beck (7/6/1836 Davie,NC-11/30/1910 Davie,NC) married (1) Sarah A. Smith (~1838 NC-1880s Davie,NC) on 12/15/1858 in Davie and (2) Marie/Mariah "Bettie" Elizabeth Parish (9/1861 NC-) on 3/18/1885 (at John E. Beck's home) -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. William Pinkney Beck (1838 NC-) married Rachal Whitacker on 10/12/1858 in Davie -- 2+ children (census: 1870, 1880?, 1900?)
----------2b. James P. W. Beck (5/1840 MC-1916?) married (1) S. E. J. Godby on 6/19/1858 in Davie (seems to fit name-wise, but James is living with parents in 1860) and (2) Cenith A. Unknown (4/1850 NC-1900s Davie,NC) ~1865 -- no children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Emily A. Beck (1842 NC-) married Perry Dyson on 10/12/1865 in Davie -- 2+ children (census: 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Mildred "Milly" Malona Beck (8/1844 NC-1910s Davie,NC) married George R. Godby (9/1814 VA-1910s Davie,NC) on 2/10/1864 in Davie -- 2 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. David Lindsay Beck (1846 NC-1929 NC) married Amanda M. Smith (3/1849 NC-1920s NC) on 2/16/1867 in Davie -- 9 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
---------------2c. Sentleger Beck (2/5/1880-3/7/1941) married Annie B. Dyson on 6/22/1904 in Davie,NC
----------2b. Mary Ellen Beck (~1848-) -- unknown
----------2b. Samuel Nelson Beck (7/26/1851 Davie,NC-3/9/1934 Davie,NC) married (1) Ida B. Bode (2/1857 NC-1900s Davie,NC) and (2) Elvira C. Unknown (~1868 NC-) ~1909 -- 8 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
Many genealogists have this David as the son of Sentleger #2, assumed to be the "Nathan" in the will; I have seen no census data or other records to show that Nathan had a middle name of David, or David had a middle name of Nathan, and indeed this David's 1880 census lists his middle initial as H not N, and states his father was born in MD not NC. This and his residence in Davie convinces me he belongs here.
-----2a. Enoch Beck (2/24/1809 NC-7/17/1886 Pulaski,MO) married Mary Ward (11/19/1810-1/17/1891) on 3/11/1832 -- 11 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870?, 1880/1880)
----------2b. Marion Turner Beck (2/7/1833 Iredell,NC-1910s, Cherokee,KS) married Sarah Catherine Beach (7/1833 KY-) -- 10 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1915)
----------2b. Lorenzo Jackson Beck (twin)(10/6/1834 Davie,NC-8/10/1915 Franklin,MO) married Sarah Jane Fitzgerald (10/1832 MO-1910s Franklin,MO) on 8/30/1866 in Franklin,MO -- 7 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Silas Washington Beck (twin)(10/6/1834 Davie,NC-1880s/1890s? Cooper,MO?) -- never married (census: 1880)
----------2b. Isaac Isam/Ishom Van Buren Beck (11/5/1836 Davie,NC-3/14/1910 Marlow,OK) married Susannah Fitzgerald (3/1848 MO-) in 1866 -- 8 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910?)
----------2b. Rebecca Amanda Beck (10/2/1838 Davie,NC-1910s? Pulaski,MO) married (1) Enoch Haddix (~1808 NC-1870s Sangamon,IL) on 4/3/1864 in Gasconade,MO and (2) John Holtzman (9/1838 Germany-1900s Pulaski,MO) -- 2 children (and 2 stepchildren) (census: 1870, 1880/1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Wilford Jefferson Beck (11/7/1840 Davie,NC-1910s? Pulaski,MO) -- never married (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Margaret Jane Beck (5/26/1843 Davie,NC-3/4/1911 Dewey,OK) married James Martin Skaggs (3/1846 MO-1910s? Dewey,OK) on 3/3/1867 in Gasconade,MO -- 7 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Perry Franklin Beck (3/31/1845 Davie,NC-6/12/1932 Macoupin,IL) married Harriet "Hattie" C. Campbell (1/1852 IL-1920s Macoupin,IL) ~1883 -- 4 children (census: 1880?, 1900. 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Brantly Polk Beck (5/17/1847 Davie,NC-1910s Stephens,OK) married Sarah Unknown (7/1864 TN-) ~1898 -- no children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Clement Fisher Beck (2/10/1849 Davie,NC-1930s? Merced,CA) married Maggie Unknown (5/1862 IA-1930s? Fresno,CA) ~1875 -- 11 children (census: 1880, 1900, ?/Maggie, 1920/Maggie, 1930/Maggie)
----------2b. Madison Cass Beck (7/14/1852 Montgomery,TN-2/2/1939 Canyon,ID) married (1) Mary Unknown (~1857 MI-1880 Douglas,MO) ~1872 in TN and (2) Josephine Wood (11/7/1862 Willow Springs,MO-1930s? Canyon,ID?) on 12/26/1880 in Douglas,MO -- 8 children (census: 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
Many genealogists have this Enoch as the son of Sentleger #2, as his will mentions a son Enoch. However, the 1822 will above not only lists Enock as one of the younger sons (so likely born in 1810s), but also mentions Enock as last, so he is probably the youngest son born ~1819 -- therefore the "1822 will Enock" is not a match to this Enoch born a decade earlier. Very curiously Enoch and Amanda are both enumerated twice in 1880 -- once in Enoch's home and once in sister Margaret's home -- and on one Enoch says his father was born in NC and on the other he says his father was born in MD. Very odd.
-----2a. (maybe) William Beck? -- Karen ( said that Enoch who died in Pulaski,MO had a brother William; this is a concern as I do not see where William can fit into this tree with the census data known -- more research is needed; however, note that a brother William precludes him from being the son of Sentleger #2. William is likely to have spent time in MO as he was the only brother mentioned by Karen -- more research is needed in specifically MO too. Perhaps the 1810 census data will help clarify if there is another child.

-----2a. Edy Beck (~1810 Rowan,NC-1870s Davie,NC) married John Reavis (1802 Surry,NC-) 8/1824 in Rowan,NC -- 12+ children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)(for more Reavis info: lists she is born in Davie on 1850 census; Davie formed out of this part of Rowan in 1836). She lives next door to Andrew and Julia Beck in 1860.
-----2a. daughter Beck (b.1815-1820 Rowan,NC-) -- unknown (note that it is possible that this is the Sarah Madden Beck (~1818 NC~1859 Scott,IN) who married Emsley Hooker (~1807 NC-1862 Scott,IN) on 11/28/1841 in Clark,IN -- 7 children: Lucinda, Eliza Jane, Abner, Nancy, Sarah A., Mary E., Rebecca S. -- census: 1850, 1860)(see IN marriage record below), and not the stepdaughter of Madden Beck -- see above)
-----2a. Andrew N. Beck (2/1817 Rowan,IN-1900s NC) married Julia J. Thomas (~1817 NC-<1900 Davie,NC)(Aug, 1841 - Andrew Beck and Wife Julia J. sold interest in estate of John Thomas in Davie,NC -- see below) -- (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 p2)
----------2b. William H. Beck (12/20/1842 Davie,NC-<1900 NC) married Margaret M. Russell (8/1/1841 NC->1900) -- 8 children (census: 1880 p2, 1900)
----------2b. Eady Elizabeth Beck (~1844 David,NC-) -- unknown
----------2b. Sally T. Beck (~1847 Davie,NC-) -- unknown
----------2b. Thomas J. Beck (~1849 Davie,NC-) and Mary Unknown (census: 1870, 1880?, 1900?)
----------2b. Nancy M. Beck (~1851 NC-) -- unknown
----------2b. Maria Malinda C. Beck (~1853 NC-) -- unknown
----------2b. Thursa/Thavera N. Beck (~1857 NC-) -- unknown
----------2b. John Beck (~1862 NC-) -- unknown (John Beck not definitive enough)
It seems certain Andrew belongs as a son of Elizabeth Madden as Andrew is a name in the Madden tree; her grandfather and brother are named Andrew. Also, on the 1880 census, he lives virtually next door to David Beck above, assumed to be his brother. But, Andrew stated that both parents were born in MD in 1880, while it is thought only his father was; for David it isn't certain whether the state was VA or MD. In 1900 Andrew lists both parents born in NC.)
-----2a. daughter Beck (b.1825-1830 Rowan,IN-) -- unknown
3. James Beck (~1777 MD-1846 Davie,NC)(see will below) married (1) Mary Davis (~1780-1810s Rowan,NC)(some genealogists have Edith Parker as a wife too, but she was married to his unknown brother (#4 below) -- James' will affirms Mary Davis as his first wife and mother of three surviving children) and (2) Mary "Polly" Griffin (widow Speer, widow Cashdollar) (2/1787 NC-1865 White,TN) on 12/1/1823 -- 8 children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860)
-----3a. daughter Beck (~1800s Rowan,NC-<1846) -- no children (there is a female 16-25 on the 1820 census, but she is not listed in James' will, so she must have died prior to 1846 and if married, had no children; she is not on the 1830 census with her father, nor can a marriage record be found.)
-----3a. Freeland Beck (~1804 Rowan,NC-1855 Washington,IN)(see will below) married Sarah Unknown -- 10 children (census: 1830?, 1840, 1850)
-----3a. St. Leger Beck (~1807 Rowan,NC-1860s? Floyd,IN?) married Elizabeth Forkhim (~1807 NC-1850s? IN?)(the Forcum family is from Kent,DE) on 12/13/1832 in Clark,IN -- 2+ children (James and Ede) (census: 1840, 1850, 1860?)
-----3a. Alfred Beck (~1810?-) -- unknown (note cousin Alfred b.1809 in Davie -- #4a below!) -- assume died young/never married? (but there is the 2-year old child Louiza Beck on the 1850 census with Mary and Edith)
-----3a. (stepdaughter) Catherine Cashdollar (1817-1821 NC) -- died young
-----3a. (stepdaughter) Mary Adeline Cashdollar (1/8/1819 Surry,NC-3/26/1898 Idella,MO) married Andrew Jackson Ward -- 9 children
-----3a. (stepson) Samuel Alexander Cashdollar (1/12/1821-8/4/1879 White,TN) married (1) Sara Elizabeth Glenn (~1831 TN-~1862 White,TN) and (2) Margaret Glenn on 2/20/1862 and (3) Margaret Jane Knowles (10/30/1835 White,TN-9/19/1886) on 8/20/1864 -- 10 children
-----3a. Rachel Evaline Beck (~1824 Rowan,NC->1880 Ashe,NC?) married Thomas Brooks Jr (1804 Ashe,NC-1880s? Ashe,NC) ~1844 -- 6 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----3a. James M. N. Beck (11/20/1826-1910 MO) married Lamira Wilson (8/20/1832 NC-) -- 7 children (census: 1850?, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
-----3a. Editha "Eedy" Beck (3/16/1829 Rowan,NC-6/10/1894 Davie,NC) who married Samuel Tutterow (~1822 NC-8/10/1878 Davie,NC) on 11/2/1851 -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)(1880 census says father born in MD)
-----3a. Nancy Beck (1831 Rowan,NC-) -- unknown -- perhaps died young/never married? -- not on 1850 census at age 19 and no marriage record, but in father's 1846 will...
4. Samuel Beck (2/20/1779 MD-4/3/1867 Atchison,MO) married Mary Wells (10/19/1781 DE-11/20/1855 Wayne,IN) on 10/15/1801 in Surry,NC -- 9 children (census: 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840?, 1850, 1860 p2)(source)
-----4a. Wilson Nimrod Beck (1803 Rowan,NC-1861 Atchison,MO) married Pearcy Unknown (~1811 NC-) -- 3 children (census: 1850, 1860)
-----4a. Wright A. Beck (1804 Rowan,NC-1840s? Barrien,MI) married unknown -- 4+ children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850?)
-----4a. Gasua/Gazawa Beck (1806 Rowan,NC-) -- unknown, died young? (no 1830+ census found)
-----4a. Aquilla Beck (2/4/1808 Rowan,NC-9/11/1884 Atchinson,MO) married (1) Ruth Alexander (widow Davis?)(~1807 TN-8/12/1870 Atchison,MO) on 10/15/1830 in Wayne,IN and (2) Susan S. Crosley (widow Brigget)(~1829 IN-) on 4/1/1871 in Atchison,MO -- 3 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)(source)(1880 census says father born in MD and his mother in DE; lived in Michigan in 1840-1850; he is not found in 1830 (just the Aquilla Beck patriarch above and an Aquilla Beck in Bourbon,KY below)(children: Gazaway (8/2/1831 Wayne,IN-2/13/1915 Atchison,MO) married Cynthia Unknown; Russ; Ulysses "Lee")
-----4a. Harriet Beck (1812-1842 Wayne,IN) married Jeremiah Koons (~1799 IN-) -- 2 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870)
-----4a. Melinda Beck (1813-) -- unknown
-----4a. John Wells Beck (1815 Rowan,NC-11/14/1898 Atchison,MO) married Elizabeth Roush (1822 IN-1896) on 12/21/1845 in Union,IN -- 9+ children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----4a. Sarah Ellen Beck (1817 Wayne,IN-1850s Wayne,IN) married Squire Toney (~1814 VA-) -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2)
-----4a. Samuel Beck (1821 Wayne,IN-) -- unknown (can't find on 1850 census; maybe stayed in IN when most of the others moved to MI?)
Note that all genealogists concur that Samuel Beck (1779-1867) was the son of Aquilla.
1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 p2, 1880) (Editha must be revered by family members as her brothers-in-law name daughters Edith, apparently after her or her sister-in-law Edith above, and she is apparently deeded the property of her father-in-law in 1830. See notes above on 1840 census.)
-----5a. Nathan Beck (~1812 NC-1860s? AR?) married Rebecca Unknown (~1812 NC-) -- 3 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860)
----------5b. son Beck (~1832 NC-?) -- died young?
----------5b. Mahala Beck (~1834 NC-) -- unknown
----------5b. Williford Beck (~1836 NC-?) married Martha Unknown -- 3+ children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
Nathan is not known for sure to be the son of Edith; he could be the son of unknown son #10 below, or #1 unknown above (since close in age to Alfred); I included him here based on his 1840 Davie,NC census, where he is living next to the John Beck who follows.
-----5a. John Beck (2/25/1815 NC-1900s Madison,IN) married (1) Unknown and (2) Mary E. Shelton (8/20/1825 Davie,NC-3/20/1818 Madison,IN) on 8/20/1825 -- (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870 p2, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------5b. Amanda Beck (~1836 NC-) -- unknown
----------5b. Henry V. Beck (9/29/1847 IN-4/2/1925 Madison,IN) married Nancy C. Hoppes (7/30/1846 IN-1915 Madison,IN) on 9/24/1865 in Madison,IN -- 10 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
----------5b. Martha Beck (~1852 IN-) -- unknown (maybe the Martha Wood living next door to Henry in 1900?)
It would be good to search for a biography or an obituary for this John Beck who had Edith living with him in IN in 1850-1880, to confirm siblings. Since I think this might be the Edith Beck to whom Aquilla leaves his property, and she may be the one living with him, there is but one child on the 1820 census, indicating that only John is her son. Conversely, perhaps Aquilla named a daughter Edith, and left her the property, and this family just cannot be found. All the Ediths make research difficult.
6. daughter Beck b.1785-1790 -- unknown (maybe Betsy Beck who married Abraham Owen in 1811? maybe living in Davidson,NC in 1830 with 10 children? 1850?)
7. daughter Beck b.1786-1790 -- unknown (maybe Nancy Beck (~1780s-1840s Davie,NC) who married George Black (~1780s-1850s? Surry,NC?) on 12/26/1808 in Surry,NC -- 5 children (census: 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850?, but he is thought to be of German heritage.)
8. daughter Beck b.1790s -- unknown (not Catharine Beck who married John Pickler in 1811?; she is a "German" Beck -- see below)
9. daughter Beck b.1790s -- unknown (maybe the Elizabeth Beck who married Jonathan Madden on 10/31/1817?) (This could be the female born 1795-1799 with a son born 1815-1820 living with Aquilla and Sarah in 1820 and 1830 -- or this could be the widow and son of the son Beck below.)
10. son Beck ~1799 -- unknown (maybe died young since can find no unattributed records?)
Note: Since the children of Sentleger #2 are known from the 1820 will, and the children of Samuel above are known (and moved to IN by 1816), and the possible son/nephew Andrew moved to Randolph county (below), and the children of James (above) are known from his 1846 will, the Beck records left over in Rowan/Davie are likely to belong to Sentleger #1; at least all Beck children born in 1800-1815 are likely to be descendants of Sentleger #1.

There is a Beck family in Surry at the same time.
1. Margaret Beck, married David Sigler on 2/8/1797 in Surry (she is said to be daughter of Sentleger Beck) -- moved to Caldwell,KY -- Groom: David Sigler Bride: Margarett Beck Bond Date: 4 Feb 1797 Bond #: 000147362 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 000547 County: Surry Record #: 01 208 Bondsman: Sentleger Beck [Note: this Sentleger could be the brother instead of the father. Sigler genealogists state: David Sigler (Jacob Sigler3, Jacob Sigler2, Sigler1) was born 14 DEC 1775 in ,Loudoun,VA, and died 16 SEP 1840 in Caldwell,KY. He was buried AFT 16 SEP 1840 in ,Caldwell,KY. He married Margaret Beck 8 FEB 1797 in Surry,NC, daughter of Sentleger Beck. She was born 12 JUN 1777 in NC, and died 13 MAY 1859 in Caldwell,KY. She was buried AFT 13 MAY 1859 in Caldwell,KY. -- it is unknown if the statement her father was Sentleger was based on something more than Sentleger being a bondsman on the marriage record.] Margaret states on her 1850 census that she was born in Loudon,VA.
2. Jane Beck -- Groom: Thomas Brooks Bride: Jane Beck Bond Date: 13 Sep 1797 Bond #: 000143398 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 000546 County: Surry Record #: 01 025 Bondsman: James Beck -- note the following record is for her son and links Jane Beck with Sentleger (supposedly she named her son after her father, according to the papers of Nancy Brooks Eller (1824-?), so apparently a family story handed down; clearly she would know the derivation of her brother's unusual name) -- Groom: St Ledger Brooks Bride: Elizabeth Neeves Bond Date: 2 Mar 1854 Bond #: 000000733 Marriage Date: 2 Mar 1854 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 005808 County: Ashe Record #: 01 008 Witness: J M Gentry, Deputy Clerk Performed By: S Rowen, Justice of the Peace. Janes children state on their 1880+ census that she was born in NC.
3. Groom: George Black Bride: Nancy Beck Bond Date: 26 Dec 1808 Bond #: 000143212 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 000547 County: Surry Record #: 01 016 Bondsman: Zackaria Barlow
Note that there is a Sentleger tie for the first two Beck women -- Margaret and Jane. Aquilla's son Sentleger is thought to be born ~1776 so would be 21/22 in 1797 -- is he likely to be the Bondsman for a cousin? Or does this indicate an older Sentleger Beck family in Surry, perhaps a brother for Aquilla? Jane's daughter's papers state that her brother Sentleger Brooks was named after a maternal grandfather -- thus, I am constructing a second Beck family in Surry in the 1790s.

There are also two male Beck marriage records of this period:
1. Groom: Samuel Beck Bride: Mary Wells Bond Date: 10 Oct 1801 Bond #: 000143148 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 008470 County: Surry Record #: 01 013 Bondsman: James Wells (Note: I think this is a "Rowan" Beck who married a Surry woman).
2. 1800 census: Andrew Beck (26-44) wife (16-25) with a boy and a girl under 10; only this one year. (While it looks like may be in Randolph county in 1810, he is not found in 1820). There are no other Beck census records in Surry in 1790-1860.
3. And there was a Valentine Beck mentioned in 1786 in the settlement of estate by Martin Rominger. No other record for Valentine Beck has been located; not sure if this is a severe mangling of Sentleger, or if there was a German Beck family to which this reference refers.
4. There are not many surviving records for Surry for this period. There were no Becks found in the court minutes or the taxpayer lists in 1816 or 1835 or the random lists found for the 1780s, but especially these latter lists appear incomplete.

Sentleger Beck (Sr) is known to be living in Rowan in 1787 (Sentleger Bick: 1-3-4-0-0 (1 male 21-60; 3 males under 21 and/or over 60; 4 females; no slaves), and the 1790 census for Sam'l Elijah Beck is assumed to be his as well. No census data is found for him in 1800; it is assumed he died in the 1790s. It is known he moved to NC prior to his (assumed brother) Aquila. Based on daughter Margaret's 1850 census data, it is assumed that Sentleger lived in Loudon,VA prior to his move to Rowan,NC. It is not known when Sentleger's wife died, or where their unmarried children were living in 1800.

Sentleger Beck's Family Tree
(click on picture for larger view)
My (unconfirmed) construction for the related Beck family in Surry county:
Sentleger Beck (~1750s Kent,MD?-1790s? Surry,NC) married Unknown -- 6+ children
1. (maybe) Andrew Beck (~1770s Kent,MD?-) married Unknown? moved to Randolph county? -- 4+ children (census: 1800, 1810, 1820?)
2. Margaret Beck (6/12/1777 Loudon,VA-5/13/1859 Caldwell,KY) married (1) David Sigler (12/14/1775 Loudon,VA-9/16/1840 Caldwell,KY) on 2/4/1797 in Surry,NC and (2) John Holeman (~1770 Rowan,NC-1850s Caldwell,KY)(a Sigler sister-in-law had been married to this John Holeman) -- 4 children (census: 1800?, 1810?, 1820?, 1830, 1840, 1850)(Note the Loudon,VA birthplace on the 1850 census, and that she states she is 77 not 73.)
-----2a. Sigler
-----2a. Sigler
-----2a. Levi Bassett Sigler (1809 Rowan,NC-6/1881 Webster,KY) married Adah Unknown (4/4/1807 Livingston,KY-) on 2/4/1829 in Caldwell,KY -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?)(disputed?)
-----2a. Sigler
3. Jane Beck (~1770s NC-1820s Ashe,NC) married Thomas Brooks (6/11/1773 DE-~1861 Ashe,NC) on 9/13/1797 in Surry,NC -- 5+ children (census: 1800, 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850 1860)(Both are 16-25 in 1800, and 26-44 in 1820, so not definitive on her age -- assume she was born 1775-1779)
-----3a. David Brooks (5/29/1798 Ashe,NC-4/29/1874 Ashe,NC) married Mary Hardin (widow Treadway) (12/25/1890-?) -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
-----3a. St. Leger Brooks (7/8/1800 Ashe,NC-7/8/1896 Ashe,NC) married Elizabeth Neaves (1839 Ashe,NC-) -- 1 child? (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----3a. Thomas Brooks Jr (1804 Ashe,NC-1880s? Ashe,NC) married Rachel Evaline Beck (~1825 NC-)(see above) -- 6 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
-----3a. Moses Brooks (8/23/1806 Ashe,NC-1906? Knox,TN?) married Margaret B. King (3/21/1813 Ashe,NC-TN?) on 3/29/1831 in Ashe,NC -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870? 1880 p2, 1900?)
-----3a. Margaret Brooks (1808 Ashe,NC-1870s Knox,TN) married Jehu King (~1809 NC-1880s/1890s Knox,TN) -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1870, 1870, 1880)
Sentleger Brooks and Thomas Brooks both list their mother's birthplace as NC on their 1880 census; Moses says both parents born in DE.
4. Sentleger Beck (#2) (~1780s? NC?-1822 Rowan,NC)(will above) married Mary Unknown [there are several postings online of a Sentleger Beck married to Mary Richardson; all have her born in VA either ~1774 or ~1796 to John Richardson and Mary Terrell/Wood/Unknown -- Mary Terrill supposedly married 11/7/1782 in Campbell,VA; Mary Esterrrrrrrrrrrried in VA.] -- 10 children (census: 1810?, 1820?, 1830?)(tax records: 1815?)
-----4a. Nathan Beck (~1804? Rowan,NC-) Note that many genealogists ascribe the family of David Beck (above) to this Nathan, assuming his name is Nathan David; I think this is likely to be incorrect -- see above. I think David is younger than Nathan too.
-----4a. James Beck (~1806? Rowan,NC-)
-----4a. Sentledger Beck (~1808? Rowan,NC-)
-----4a. Jane Beck (~1809? Rowan,NC-)
-----4a. Araminta Beck (~1811? Rowan,NC-)
-----4a. Margaret Beck (~1812? Rowan,NC->1880 NC) (maybe married Hiram Donoho/Donohue (~1811 NC-1850s NC) on 3/13/1832 (11 children: Henry Franklin, Elizabeth, Maria, William, David, Mary Jane, Margaret, Newberry, Milas, Nathan S, Hiram -- census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)(note that she answers that both parents born in NC on the 1880 census, so she probably does not belong in the Aquilla tree; she could be a "German" Beck.)
-----4a. Edward Beck (~1814? Rowan, NC-)
-----4a. Israel Beck (~1816? Rowan, NC-)
-----4a. Amos Beck (~1818? Rowan,NC-)
-----4a. Enoch Beck (~1820 Rowan,NC-) Note that I do not think this is the Enoch Beck born ~1809 in NC who marries Mary Ward and moves to Pulaski,MO; I think the MO Enoch Beck is the son of Sentleger Beck #1 -- see above.
With the lack of census and tax data for this family in Rowan in 1810-1820, I am guessing they may have lived in KY, near Sentleger's sister. This is perhaps more likely as there was an OH land grant for KY service in the War of 1812 for a Sentleger Beck, so more research should be done in KY. Note that IF the two properties mentioned in the will were in different states, and one property went to Nathan, James and Sentleger while the other went to Edward, Israel, Amos and Enoch, the children could have ended up in different states due to this alone. But, it appears that the Margaret Beck Donohoo does belong here, and continues to live in Rowan, unless this is a "German" Margaret Beck, but the Nathan name suggests she is an English/Scottish Beck. GA should also be examined as some Becks with ties to Loudon,VA moved to SC and then GA -- however, since Loudon is on the trail South, ties to Loudon are not definitive.
Some genealogists also list the 1845 marriage record (see records below) of Israel Beck to Margaret Kincaid as belonging here, but it is in Burke county,NC and there are Israels known to be in other Beck families, so this is uncertain.
1850 census for these Beck names: Nathan Beck 38 in TN; James Beck 48 in NC, 47 in MS, 46 in TX; St. Leger 43 in IN and 13 in Davie,NC; Edward - none; Israel P. 36 in Burke,NC (Israel P. Beck married Margaret C. Kincaid in Burke on 4/15/1845), Israel Putnam Beck 36 in Calloway,KY and his 1860 in TX.; Amos - none; Enoch - only the one above. More research with census data in 1840-1860 should be done.

5. (maybe) daughter Beck (~1780s-) -- unknown (while some genealogists have posted that a possible sister was Herminta, this traces back to one person who suggested this based on the witness in Sentleger's 1820 will. There is a posting online that there was a Joseph Jones (9/1/1772 MD-1850s Davie,NC) who married Henrietta Cash on 2/27/1794 in Frederick,ND -- this would appear to be a match and confirm that the witness was Henrietta Cash Jones, no known relation.)
Note that the daughters Margaret and Jane cannot be daughters of Aquilla Beck in Rowan; Aquilla's daughters were born after 1785 (according to the 1800 census) and would be too young for these marriages. Plus, these marriages were in Surry and not Rowan. Finally, these two daughters were born in VA and NC while Aquilla was still living in MD. In 1820 Nancy Beck Black was living in Rowan near cousins William and Nathan Beck, and in 1830-1840 she is enumerated next to Aquilla/Sentleger Beck -- perhaps she is Aquilla's daughter, despite her marriage in Surry.... Or perhaps she lived with him after her father Sentleger died prior to her marriage (one of the girls on Aquilla's 1800 census), so stayed close to him post-marriage. If her children's census can be located in 1880, a birthplace would likely confirm whose daughter she is, since Sentleger had already moved to NC while Aquilla had not.

Research should be done in Loudon,VA in the 1770s.

I assume that Sentleger and Aquilla are brothers, and that they likely descend from the [immigrant[ Edward Beck of Kent, MD, who had a son Aquilla Beck born in 1707. It is thought that it is this early Aquilla who had the "waterway rights" to the Delaware Water Gap in the early-mid 1700s (he rented access to Ferryboat Captains to access the Eastern Shore)(although one mention of this, without source documents, says the rights started in 1703, so would have to be an earlier Aquilla -- see below).

1724 Will of Edward Beck: 1-277 Kent Co, Md

I Edward Beck of Kent County in the province of Maryland, planter being in the health of body and taking to mind the uncertainty of the transitory life and that I must shortly give up my decorient? to the great judge of heaven when it shall please God to call me and being desirous to settle things in order there unto and do make constitute and appoint this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following- revoking all wills by me formerly made either by words or writing and do declare this to be my last.
First and principally I give up my spirit to Almighty God that gave it and my body to the earth to be buried at the discretion of my executrix. What worldly estate the Lord in mercy hath lent me I give and dispose of the same as followeth: My just debts being first paid as soon as possible after my decease.
Secondly, I give and bequeath to my eldest son Caleb Beck a tract of land he now liveth upon call Long Cornsorn?? to him and the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for default of such issue I give the said tract of land and plantation to my son Joshua Beck and to his heirs forever and if he happened to die without issue I give and bequeath the said land and plantation to my third son Aquila Beck and to his heirs forever.
Thirdly I give and bequeath to my second son Joshua Beck with in Kent County aforesaid to him and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for default of such issue I give and bequeath the said 100 acres to my third son Aquila Beck and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for default of such issue I give the above said land to the male heirs of James Corse.
Fourthly, I give and bequeath to my third son Aquila Beck my now dwelling plantation after the death of his mother she to have it during her natural life. My will and meaning is that my said son when becomes of age shall settle on the North side of the said land but not to come over the branch to molest his mother.
Fifthly, I give my daughter Rebecca Beck 100 acres of land called Reserve lying and being in Kent County aforesaid on a branch of a creek called Fendells Creek adjoining to Joseph Reed's call the Subbents? according to pattent and if it so happened that my daughter should die underage I give the said land to the male heirs of Francis Lamb and to their heirs forever.
Sixthly, my will and mind is that neither my sons nor my daughters shall neither sell nor mortgage nor lease my part or parcel of the aforesaid land but to fall from him to heirs forever. It being the true intent and meaning of this will and further I give my daughter Ann Corse one book set fourth by the William Swster?. I give to my daughter Rosamah Lamb one cow. I give to my daughter Lidia Reed alias Rawlz one ewe and lamb. I give to my son Joshua one cow. The rest of my personal estate I leave to my wife during her natural life and after her decease to be equally divided between my son and daughter Aquila and Rebecca Beck and further I leave my loving wife Ann Beck full and soul executrix of this my last will and testament as witness my hand and seal this 12th day of the 7th month in the year of our Lord Christ 1724.
Edward Beck Senr (seal).
Sealed and delivered in the presence of us: Matthew Beck, John (mark) Davis, Joseph Warner Kent County May 7th 1725 then came Matthew Beck and John Davis two of the evidences to the above will and made oath in the Holy Evangelis that they saw Edward Beck the above testator sign seal publish and declare the above writing to be his last will and testament and to the best of his knowledge at the time of his so doing he was in his sound and perfect senses. May 17 1725 Joseph Warner the above evidences made his solemn affirmation informed to the above will before me- C. Hynson Distrt Court Kent County.

Children of Edward Beck (~1660s England-11/1724 Kent,MD) and Ann Queeney/Quinney (~1670 Westmoreland,VA-1740s Kent,MD [died at age 77]) (children listed in the Cecil Meeting of Friends [Quaker]):
1. Anne Beck (7/2/1693 MD-1765 Kent,MD) married James Corse (~1690-2/17/1747 Kent,MD) on 3/23/1710 (reported in the Cecil Montly Quaker Meeting) -- 10 children (Rachel, James, Michael, Hannah, Elizabeth, Caleb, David, Ann, Phoebe, Mary)
2. Rosamond Beck (9/5/1695 MD-1754 Kent,MD) married Francis Lamb (1689 Kent,MD-6/20/1774 Kent,MD) in 4/1714 -- 10 children (Mary, Anne, Rebecca, Joshua, Francis, Rachel, Bersheba, Pierce, George, John)
3. Ledia Beck (4/21/1699 MD-) married John Ralls Sr (1695 Somerset,England-1782 Stafford,VA) on 8/28/1723 -- 1 child (John)
4. Caleb Beck (10/9/1700/01 MD-8/1756) married Sarah Miller -- no children (confirmed in will-estate to wife, and mentions cousin Caleb Beck -- perhaps his newphew Caleb, son of Joshua?)
5. Joshua Beck (5/1704 MD-1762 Kent,MD) married Martha Green (1705 Kent,MD-) on 6/12/1722 (Caleb Beck and Joshua Beck witnessed the will of Nathaniel Kennard in 1742)
----------5a. Caleb Beck (~1729 Kent,MD-1800 Duplin,NC) married Hannah Kennard (1741 Harford,MD-1805? SC?) in 1761 in MD -- 8 children (Ann, Hannah, Joshua, Bathsheba, Sophia, James, Nathaniel, Mary) Note this related Beck family in NC in the early 1800s; his children moved to SC and GA.
----------5a. Edward Beck (~1736 Kent,MD-) married Araminta Wilson on 1/7/1770 in Nicholites,MD -- unknown children Note this related Beck family with the unusual link to the Araminta name. It is unknown if or where this family emigrated; it is possible he went to NC with his brother Caleb, especially if MD records are not located. Perhaps Sentleger #2 is descended from this branch, as he named a daughter Argminta/Araminta.
----------5a. unknown Beck (~1735-)
----------5a. Hannah Beck (5/21/1737 Kent,MD-)
----------5a. Mary Beck? -- Will of Alexander Beck of 1779 names a Martha Beck, Joshua Beck and Joshua's daughter Mary.
6. Aquilla Beck, Sr., (6/16/1707 Chestertown,Kent,MD-4/1751 Kent,MD) married Jane Meeks on 7/31/1730 in Kent,MD -- 4 children (This is thought to be the Aquilla who had the waterway rights on the Delaware -- see below)
----------6a. Jane Beck (10/28/1727 in Kent,MD-) -- 3 children (Elizabeth Beck, Araminta Beck and Samuel Beck)
----------6a. Samuel Beck (3/14/1730-) -- unknown -- this is a possibility of the ancestor for Aquilla Beck b.~1753 who moves to Rowan,NC, based on names of his children (see below comment)
----------6a. Aquilla Beck (12/28/1734-) -- unknown
----------6a. Edward Beck (~1736-) -- unknown
7. Rebecca Beck (2/10/1710/11 MD-) -- unknown

There is only one known brother to Edward, and that is John (see below); there is no known earlier Aquilla to the one born in 1707. In 2005 Kathryn Ellis (see email below) posted online "In my research I have found an Aquilla Beck born in the 1600s who owned the waterway rights to the Delaware Water Gap, 1703 to mid 1700s. I believe he is related to the Edward Beck of Bucks,PA to Kent MD, who had a son Aquilla Beck born in 1707." In 2006 Kathy E (same person?) posted "Aquilla Beck born 1707, owned the waterway rights along the Delaware, he rented to Ferryboat Captains." I assume this is a second posting by the same person, and there was no earlier Aquilla, especially since I have found no reference to an earlier Aquilla, or an unknown Beck family -- obviously a brother Aquilla would yield more potential places that Aquilla b.~1753 could fit. Assuming that there is not another Aquilla family, it would appear that "our" Aquilla fits into Edward's tree, as John's tree does not contain any Aquilla or Sentleger names; note that finding the presence of a Sentleger name in an ancillary female tree would likely confirm exactly where our Aquilla and Sentleger fit. It is also not certain that the "Delaware Water Gap" is the correct name; this gap is on the border of NJ and PA, where the Delaware River cuts through a large ridge of the Appalachian Mountains (I would think that the ferrying was more likely further south, near Kent,MD).

Source: Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore, Vol. 1, The Beck Family, Page 26-27. ( 2. EDWARD BECK, son of (N), and bro. of John, m. Anne (N). Facts about Anne Beck's life are recalled in a deposition made by Joshua Beck, age c50 in Oct 1758, when he dep. regarding the bounds of a tract called Cornwallis's Choice; he recalled about 14 years earlier when he was in company with old John Beck who was then age 50; the deponent heard his mother Ann Beck say that the hollow place between Worton Point and Codds Point was called Bacon Bay and that the creek called Barneys Creek and Back Creek by some persons was formerly Cornwallis Creek when she first came up the Bay to live as a girl. She was near seventy seven years of age before she died. Edward Beck, Sr. d. 11 mo., 1724. His will was dated 12 da., 7 mo., 1724, and proved 7 May 1725. He left: to son Caleb, tract called Long Compion; to second son Joshua, 100 a. called Barton on e. side of tract called Beckworth; to third son Aquilla, dwell. plant.; to dau. Rebecca, 100 a. of Reserve on branch of Fendals Creek. To daus. Ann Corse, Rosmond Lamb and Ledia Read (alias Rauls) and sons, Caleb and Joshua, personalty. To wife Ann, extx., residue of personalty. Mentioned: James Corse, Joseph Reeds, and Francis Lamb. Edward and Anne were the parents of the following children, whose births were recorded at Cecil Monthly Meeting: ANNE, b. 2 da., 5 mo., 1693; m. (N) Corse; ROSAMOND, b. 5 da., 7 mo., 1695; m. (Francis) Lamb; LIDIA, b. 21 da., 2 mo., 1699; m. prob. 1st (N) Rauls, and prob. 2nd, (N) Read; CALEB, 9 da., 10 mo., 1700; JOSHUA, b. 3 mo., 1704; AQUILLA, b. 16 da., 4 mo., 1707; REBECKA, b. 10 da., 12 mo., 1710.

Note that Edward had a brother John Beck (~1650 England-11/1733 Kent,MD) who married Mary Hoover? (~1660s-) with 6 children:
1. Edward Beck (9/19/1684 MD-8/1740 Kent,MD) married Mary Neeve -- 4 children (Edward, Mary, Alexander, John)
2. John Beck (11/13/1686 MD-12/1738 Kent,MD) married Sophia King -- 4 children (Sarah, Samuel, James, John King)
3. Mathew Beck (2/13/1688 MD->1733) married Mary Ashley on 9/14/1713 -- 1 child (James) -- this is probably the Mathew who witnessed his uncle Edward Beck's will in 1724 at age 36
4. Mary Beck (2/2/1691 MD-<1730) married (1) David Crowley on 9/22/1711 in Kent,MD and (2) Joseph Galloway -- 2 children (Rebecca, Mary)(stayed in MD)
5. William Beck 11/7/1694 MD-8/3/1765 Kent,MD) married Isabell Pearce -- 3 children (Mary, Isabell, Hannah)
6. Rebecka Beck (2/23/1698 MD-) -- unknown

There is another Edward Beck born in the 1680s, Quaker, living in Bucks,PA and his descendants move to NC. This Edward Beck married Sarah Buckman (the Buckmans had emigrated in 1682 with William Penn on the ship Welcome, and were Quakers thought to be from England). Decendants of this Edward, specifically son Geoffrey (1722 Bucks,PA-1799 Randolph,NC), moved to Augusta,VA in 1748-1753 (the "Becks left Pa. to get away from military influence"), and then to North Carolina: first Orange,NC, then Guilford,NC and finally Randolph,NC. While Edward had 10 children, there are no Aquillas or Sentlegers (children: Francis, Sarah, William Griffin, Edward, Mary, Jeffrey, Jane, Rachel, Susannah, Elinor). Most genealogists have this Edward's father as Roger Beck. While there are many who ascribe the 9/19/1684 Kent,MD birthdate to this Edward, others have him born 1680/81 in Billingshurst, Sussex, England. His parents are listed variously as Roger Beck and Unknown, Roger Beck and Ann Doughty, Henry Beck and Ann Doughty, or John Beck and Mary Hoover; I believe it most likely that Roger is correct. And while this may be a distant relative to the Edward Beck line above, "our" line is said to be Scottish, not English; more research is necessary (and the Scottish Quaker line may have moved to England to avoid religious persecution prior to emigrating to America). Moreover, the emigration of these Quaker Becks from PA to NC at the same time as ours is noteworthy, and illustrates the difficulty of the NC research.

It is assumed that the Sentleger and Aquilla who show up in Rowan descend from Edward, not John, due to the known presence of the unusual name of Aquilla in Edward's line and not in John's; this assumption may not be valid. Since the Aquilla who moves to Rowan is born ~1753 in Kent,MD (and it is thought his brother Sentleger may be older), his most likely father is Aquilla's son Samuel rather than Aquilla's sons Aquilla or Edward, or Joshua's son Edward, simply due to age. This also seems likely from the naming of Aquilla's sons -- Sentleger, James and Samuel (no Joshua known, no Caleb known). Probably the likeliest source of information is through the spouse's family, looking for the source of the name Sentleger.

John and Edward both emigrated to America in 1680; the parents did not.
• Source: John Beck, born 1630 married Mary ---------- Two of his sons were John and Edward. John and Edward Beck emigrated to Kent County Maryland in 1860 [typo: it is 1680]. They were Quakers.
• Source: Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore, Vol. 1, The Beck Family, Page 26. ( 1. (N) BECK was the father of at least two children. Their identities are established by a deposition of Caleb Beck, son of Edward. On 19 June 1755, Caleb Beck, age c54, dep. regarding the bounds of the tract called Williamston; he heard his uncle John Beck say... The two sons were: EDWARD; and JOHN.
• : immigration records Name: Edward Beck Year: 1680 Place: Maryland Source Publication Code: 8510 Primary Immigrant: Beck, Edward Annotation: Index from manuscript by Arthur Trader, Chief Clerk in the Maryland Land Commission, 1917. And see nos. 4507-4511, Land Notes. Source Bibliography: SKORDAS, GUST, editor. The Early Settlers of Maryland: an Index to Names of Immigrants, Compiled from Records of Land Patents, 1633-1680, in the Hall of Records, Annapolis, Maryland. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1968. 525p. Repr. 1986. Page: 33

Notes on Aquilla Beck (1707-1751) -- Source: Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore, Vol. 1, The Beck Family, Page 28. ( 6. AQUILA BECK, son of Edward and Anne, was b. 16 da., 4 mo., 1707. He m. Jane (N), and d. by 17 April 1751, when his estate was appraised by John Younger and Richard Kennard (value not shown). John Connor and Sarah Graves signed as creditors. Caleb Beck and Joshua Beck signed as next of kin. Jane Beck, admx., filed the inventory on 2 July 1751. Another inventory was filed on 16 July 1723, showing a value of L3.1.1. Distribution of the estate was made on 16 July 1753 by Jane Beck, admx. On Oct 1753, William Beck, age 57, Quaker, made an affirmation, and mentioned the plantation of Jane Beck, the widow of Aquilla Beck. Aquila and Jane Beck were the parents of at least three children, whose births are recorded at St. Paul's Parish: (N), dau., b. 28 Oct 1727; (N), son, b. 14 March 1730; (N), child, b. 28 Dec 1734.
-- Aquilla's daughter Jane is named as having illegitimate children: Elizabeth in 1756, Araminta in 1758, and Samuel in 1764. The birth records of St. Pauls show that Aquilla Beck had a unnamed daughter who was born Oct. 28, 1727. It is suspected that this is Jane who later had illegitimate children but Samuel's will names brother John. There is also a Samuel and Lambert named.
-- There is an Araminta Beck born ~1816 who marries Nathan Satterfield in Kent,MD on 12/13/1831.

Kent,MD property information. Immigrated to Cecil County in 1760, establishing properties at (or named) "Long Compton", "Barton" and" Reserve", the latter on a branch of Fendals Creek.
-- On Oct. 3, 1743 Rosamond Lamb age 48 affirmed the bounds of a tract called Beckworth, she recalled that 28 years earlier her mother Ann Beck showed her the bound tree of her father Edward Beck's land JS #25 p 193. On Aug 11 1750 Caleb Beck, age 50 regarding the bounds of a tract called Ashley's Green, he recalled in 1713 being a cow keeping in company with his sister Rosa. lamb and near the place where we now are the deponent's father was going to run a line of a tract called Hill Top. JS #26 p 370. On Aug 11, 1750 Rosa Lamb age 55 recalled the 1713 conversation with her brother Caleb Beck JS #26 p. 370.
-- From the above deposition of Joshua Beck, the "old John Beck" was born ~1694, and is not his uncle but instead his cousin, the John born 1686; perhaps the age of "old John" in the deposition was not exact (perhaps he meant "in his 50s") and note that in fact, Joshua was off on his own age (he said he was ~50 in 1759 when he was 54).

Sutton Quinney (~1635 England-6/10/1669 Westmoreland,VA)(son of William Quinney and Elizabeth Sutton) emigrated to Westmoreland,VA in 1661, married Ann Gilbert -- three children (who moved to Kent,MD in 1686):
1. Rosemond Queeney (~1666 Westmoreland,VA->1707 Kent,MD) married Phillip Burgin (1649 England-) -- 7 children (John, Sutton, Ann, Phillip, Rosamond, Benjamin)
2. Sutton Queeney Jr (~1668 Westmoreland,VA-5/17/1698 Cecil,MD)(will mentioned wife Joce, daughters Joce and Mary, brother Nicholas Smith, sister Rose Burgin -- Edward Beck was a witness) married Joyce Finch -- 3 children
-----2a. Joyce Queeney (10/25/1691 Kent,MD-) married James Smith -- 6 children (John, Mary, James, Sutton, Joyce, William)
-----2a. Mary Queeney (2/25/1693/94 Kent,MD-) married (1) Unknown Wilson and (2) Daniel Hull -- 3 children (Jacob, Rachel, Sarah)
-----2a. Sutton Queeney III (9/25/1698 Kent,MD->1745)(born after his father's death; baptism record confirms) married Elizabeth Hynson in 1719 -- 1 child?
----------2b. Sutton Quenney IV (~1730 Kent,MD->1769 Craven,NC?) married Ann Rigdon (7/4/1731 Harford,MD-) -- 4+ children
---------------2c. Joseph Quinney (~1760-?) -- unknown
---------------2c. John Quinney (1760s MD>-~1834 GA) married Mary Churchwell on 1/18/1804 in Duplin,NC
---------------2c. Unknown Quinney (male) -- unknown
---------------2c. Ridgon Quinney (~1769 NC-) married Jane Unknown -- 5 children
3. Ann Queeney (~1670 Westmoreland,VA-1740s Kent,MD) married Edward Beck -- see above
-- I am looking for a potential female Queeney, born ~1750s who might have married Samuel Passwaters and lived in Surry,NC in the 1780s; it is possible that this might match up with a child of Sutton Queeney IV (or perhaps an unknown brother of his), who does have ties to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and to North Carolina. Sutton Queeney and his wife were born ~1730 which certainly leaves room for a daughter born in the late 1750s. This Sutton Queeney family moved to Craven,NC by 1769; some of his children move to SC and GA. Apparently the family name is also found as Quynn, Quinn, Quine, Quin, as well as Quinney and Queeney; suggesting that the Mary Passwater Maiden reference to the Queen family could in fact be the Queeney family. (see more in subsequent paragraph)
-- Sutton Queeny (Sr) was transported to Virginia as an indentured servant for 4 years to John Haskins on May 7, 1661 -- Bristol, England Registers
-- Sutton Queeney Jr moved with his mother and sisters to Kent,MD in 1686: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s about Sutton Queeny Name: Sutton Queeny Year: 1686 Place: Maryland Source Publication Code: 1243 Primary Immigrant: Queeny, Sutton Annotation: Date and place of mention in land survey. County and name of land purchased are provided. Original records are contained in Land Office Registers, indexed starting on page vii of the introduction. Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON. Settlers Of Maryland 1679 - 1783. Consolidated Edition. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2002. Page: 543
-- It should be noted that some genealogists have Edward Beck married to an Ann Pullin (daughter of Richard Pullin of Cecil County, will registered on 4/2/1688) instead of Ann Queeney. This is incorrect, and appears to be confused with Ann Queeney/Quinney's father Sutton Quinney who married Ann Gilbert, and it was this Ann Gilbert Quinney who after Sutton's death married a Pullin.
-- Sutton Queeney's wife Ann Gilbert was married four times: (1) Robert Smyth (four children: Robert, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Jane) and (2) John Ayres and (3) Sutton Queeney (Rosemond, Sutton, Ann above) and (4) Richard Pullen (child: Mary).
-- Name: SUTTON QUINNEY State: NC County: Craven County Township: No Township Listed Year: 1769 Database: NC Early Census Index.

I have searched for quite some time for the "Queens of Rhode Island" (Delaware? Maryland Eastern Shore?) to whom the Passwaters are supposedly related, a relationship told by Mary Passwater Maiden's daughter Sarah Maiden Hay (1800-1885) to her children who told her great-grandson William Perry Hay in the early 1900s. I have not been able to locate any information on this Queen family; obviously, searching is impeded by getting many non-surname Queen hits. I am (totally) speculating whether it was Queeney instead of Queen, and relates to Edward Beck's wife's family.
   • The Queeneys lived in Kent,MD in 1686-1760s; the Passwaters lived next door in Kent,DE in 1710s/1720s-1800s. (The Passwater immigrant, Thomas Passwater, lived in Somerset,MD in 1691-1703; his descendants moved to Kent,DE by 1726; Kent,MD abuts Kent,DE and Cecil,MD; Somerset,MD is 100 miles to the south on the Eastern Shore.)
   • Ann Queeney's son Aquilla Beck had waterway rights he rented out to ferryboat captains in the early 1700s; some Passwaters were thought to be ships captains (which is why Samuel Passwater's (assumed) parents, William Passwater and Hannah Pezaza were in Charleston,SC in the 1740s).
   • the largest gap in the Passwater tree is Samuel Passwater's wife (Mary Passwater Maiden's mother), probably born ~1750s and married in the 1770s; not even her first name is known.
   • some Queeneys moved to NC in the 1760s; the Passwater branch of interest moved to NC by the 1770s (Sarah Maiden Hay, Mary Passwater Maiden's daughter, said her mother was born in NC on her 1880 census -- it would have been ~1780). The ancestry of Samuel Passwater is not known, but he has been assumed to be a son of the William Passwater of Charleston,SC in the 1740s. Therefore, even though the ancestry of both the Queens and the Passwaters was in ~DE, it is assumed both families were in NC in the 1770s when Samuel and his wife met. Therefore, assuming that Samuel Passwater's wife was from the "Queen family of Rhode Island", the likeliest possibility is she was the daughter of Sutton Queeney IV or an unknown sibling of his (see above Sutton tree), who was born in MD ~1730 and moved to NC by the 1760s.
   • it has not been known how Andrew Maiden of Rowan met Mary Passwater of Surry in the late 1790s. This would have been the same time that Andrew's sister Elizabeth met Sentleger Beck. The Queen ancestry of the Passwaters, potentially related to the Becks of Surry, would be one explanation.
   • the Queeney/Quinney family is also known as Quynn, Quinn, Quine and Quin, lending even more credence to the hypothesis of the Queen family story being for the Queeney family. Or perhaps William Perry Hay thought it more likely to be Queen than Queeney, assuming Queenie was more a nickname for Queen. Apparently the name can also be found as Keen/Keeny.
The family story handed down was that the Passwaters were from Rhode Island, when it has been since confirmed it was Delaware and not Rhode Island -- perhaps the confusion was in regard to ferrying across the Delaware River/Chesapeake Bay and it became remembered as an island, hence Rhode Island. So, the Queen family mentioned in the family story should also be from Delaware or nearby; the eastern shore of Maryland, next to Delaware, fits, and especially Kent,MD which abuts Kent,DE. It is interesting that the only record found to date for Mary Passwater Maiden's parents is a 1790 census record in Surry,NC for Samuel Passwater (b.~1750s?) -- 1 adult male, 3 boys and 4 females. This census has long been a conundrum, as there are only two children known -- Mary born ~1780 and Zael (Asahel) born ~1778; no stories were handed down (and no records found) for any other siblings -- so there are 2 boys and 2 girls who are totally unaccounted for; I speculate whether the extra people are more distant relatives, perhaps even Queeney relatives! When more records are digitized for the entire state of NC, perhaps more clues will be found. This is why it has been fruitful to search such ancillary lines -- there are always tidbits of extra information to be found, and perhaps clues to the ancestors whom I am researching. We forget today how small the country was 300 years ago, and all that entails! (In 1700 the US population was just a quarter-million, with only 32,000 in MD+DE and 10,000 in NC!)

More research should be done for the Passwater and Queeney families in VA (particularly around Goochland County, where William Passwater's 1755 Virginia Militia record was found) and in NC in the entire state, since the Queeneys are known to be in the SE part (Craven county) in 1769 (perhaps on the coast due to a water migration?), and Samuel Passwater in the NW part (Surry county) in 1790.

Possibility of origin of the name Sentleger/St. Leger (also Ledger). I am thinking that the first Sentleger in our line is Sentleger Beck Sr, born ~1750s in MD?, moved to VA in 1770s, moved to NC in late 1770s, died in Rowan,NC in 1790s -- he named a son Sentleger as did his (assumed) brother Aquilla. Thus, since Sentleger does not show up in the Beck line until this time, if it is a family name, it is likely to be a name in Sentleger Beck Sr's maternal line. So I am looking for a female born ~1730 from a family with the name Sentleger. Note: I have found no indication of anyone with the surname St. Leger/Sentleger in MD in the 1700s, so I believe that (1) a Beck married ~1750s into a family where the name was used, or (2) the name is not familial but out of respect for a neighbor, or (3) it was just a name that was liked as it was of some historical importance in England and Ireland. In any case, the name was first used in the Beck line in the 1750s, and therefore if maternally related, would be to a woman born ~1730.

1. (Col.) St. Leger Codd

Sentleger Codd born 1635 in Kent,England?, son of William Codd, Esq and Mary Saint Leger, died 2/1705 in Cecil,MD (will in Lancaster,VA). Will: April 8,1708 -- sons James, Berkeley, St. Legar, and daughter Beatrice and Mary Paddison (William and Mary Quarterly XVII, pg. 55).
-- Will: Codd, St. Leger, Cecil Co.., 9th Sept., 1706; 9th Feb., 1707. To son James and heirs., all lands in parishes of Wateringbury, Lenham and Witchlin, Kent County, England. To son Berkley and hrs., plantation and land in Corrotoman, Lankcaster County, Va., bought of Sam'll Spensix; in event of sale of sd. land to Mr. Tayloe, the money therefore to be paid to sd. Berkley and hrs. To son St. Leger and hrs., land in Cecil Co. bought of John Salisbury. To dau. Beatrix and dau. Mary Peddison, personalty. Test: Henry Anderson, Thomas Simson, Rebecca Simson, Lothlan Orchett. 12. 195. === St. Leger Codd 29.225 A KE £556.6.10 £22.15.0 Apr 18 1709 Payments to: Mr. Richard Bennett, Col. Nathaniell Hynson, Capt. Edward Scott, Francis Spearman, John Falconer, Thomas Smyth, William Harris, Dr. March, Mr. Stephen Bordley. Executors: Berkley Codd, St. Leger Codd.
Sentleger Codd married (1) Ann Mottrom (~1639 England-1680 Northumberland,VA) in 1670 in VA (she had been married twice before to (a) Richard Wright and (b) Capt David Fox), and (2) Anne Bennett in 1672 in VA and (3) Anne Hynson in 1688 in Kent,MD. Children:
1. (stepchild) Unknown Wright
2. (stepson) Mottrom Wright
3. (stepson) Francis Wright
4. (stepson) William Fox
5. (stepdaughter) Elizabeth Fox
6. Mary Sarah Codd (~1672 VA-<1842 Dorchester,MD) married Thomas Pattison (~1660-1742)
-----6a. James Pattison (1698 Dorchester,MD)
-----6a. St. Leger Pattison (1700 Dorchester,MD-6/1745 Dorchester,MD) Obviously, this would also be a prime possibility for having a daughter who could have married into the Beck line.
-----6a. Beatrice Pattison (1703 Dorchester,MD->1751 MD) married Richard Cantwell
-----6a. Anne Pattison (1706 Dorchester,MD) married Isaac Meckims
-----6a. Edith Pattison (1708 Dorchester,MD) married Unknown Owens? or Owens could have been a first marriage of Anne or Beatrice. This would also be a prime possibility for having a daughter who could have married into the Beck line.
-----6a. Thomas Pattison (1710 Dorchester,MD)
7. Sentleger Codd (12/16/1676 Northumberland,VA-6/25/1730 Kent,MD) married Mary Hanson (widow Francis?) (1680-)(Mary Codd mentioned as daughter in 1703 will of Hance Hanson of Cecil,MD) on 10/18/1700 in Kent,MD
-----7a. Martha Codd (1708 MD-1720s? MD) -- unknown She is not mentioned in her father's will so is assumed to have died young, with no issue.
-----7a. Sentleger Codd (1712 MD-) This would also be a possibility for having a daughter who could have married into the Beck line, but due to his age, this is a less likely possibility.
-----7a. Mary Ann Codd (1716 MD-) married James Stout in 1731
-----7a. Beatrice Codd married Gideon Pearce in 1734
8. James Codd (1690s MD) -- unknown
9. Berkeley Codd (~1690s MD) -- unknown
10. Beatrix Codd (~1690s MD) (perhaps married Unknown Paddison, but I think this is more likely confused with half-sister Mary Sarah Codd marrying Thomas Pattison; her father's will was written in 1707, and she could easily have been married after that time.)
The records from the early 1700s are not extensive, and while there is a possibility that a Beck married a Sentleger Codd descendant, especially since the name Edith shows up in this line too, there is no confirmation.
-- St, Leger Codd, Esq. 16.528 KE £675.10.4 Jun 25 1730 Jun 23 1732 Servants mentioned: John Annen (shoemaker), Mary Ryley. Appraisers: Joseph Warner, John Tilden. Creditors: John Tilden, Frederick Hanson, Gideon Pearce. Next of kin: Mary Codd, Beatrice Codd. Administrators: James Stout and his wife Ann Stout.
-- St. Leger Codd, Esq. 16.535 KE £60.9.5 Jul 12 1730 Jun 23 1732 Appraisers: Philip Kennard, Jr., John Tilden. Creditors: Frederick Hanson, Gideon Pearce. Next of kin: Mary Codd, Frederick Hanson. Administrators: James Stout and his wife Ann Stout
-- St. Leger Codd, Esq. 12.80 A KE £675.10.4 £86.2.7 Aug 18 1733 A second inventory is cited in the amount of £60.9.5. Payments to: Erick Erickson, George Buck, Esq. paid to Joshua Pardon, Mary Conn, George Griffith, Samuel Stoneman, Thomas Spencer, Rev. Mr. Alexander Williamson, Daniel Greenwood, George Cole, Gideon Pearson, Nathaniel Kennard, James Isham per Erick Erickson, Thomas Hepbourn, Thomas Catlin, Robert Mullen, John Derrick, John Hayes, John Atwix, Francis Bodien, Walter Meekest Thomas Shareman, William Bradsha, Robert Meeks, John Tilden, Charles Calvert, Esq. paid to Joseph Young, John Stokes, Charles Calvert, Esq. paid to John Gresham, John Gresham. Payments to (due from Mary Codd (widow of deceased, dead)): William Savory, Jr., Rev. Mr. Alexander Williamson, Charles Hynson, Thomas Spencer, Jacob Glenn, Elisabeth Beck, Daniel Greenwood, Fred. Hanson, Thomas Masell, Walter Meeks, John Tatum, John Gresham, Edward Henry Calvert, Esq. paid to John Gresham. Administrator (de bonis non): James Stout and his wife Anne Stout.
-- St. Leger Codd, Esq. 22.128 KE £12.17.9 Aug 27 1733 Dec 6 1735 Appraisers: Phillip Kennard, John Tilden. Creditors: Gideon Pearce, Frederick Hanson. Next of kin: Benjamin Hopkins, Gideon Pearce. Administrators: James Stout and his wife Ann Stout.
-- St. Leger Codd, Esq. 15.245 A KE £29.15.6 Dec 6 1735 A second inventory is cited in the amount of £42,17.9. Received from: John Baldwin. Payments to: William Clayton, Fra. Browne, Hanse Hanson (due from Mrs. Mary Codd (widow, dead)) paid to Charles Hynson, Col. Edward Scott, Dr. March, John Young, William Liell paid to Capt. Thomas Spencer, Rebecca Johnson, Charles Calvert, Esq. paid to John Gresham, John Gresham for use of Mrs. Rebecca Calvert (administratrix of Charles Calvert, Esq.). List of debts: Jos. Wright, Richard Davis, George Hastings, Zachariah McDaniel. Administratrix (de bonis non): Anne Stout, wife of James Stout.
-- St. Leger Codd 15.180 A KE £13.3.0 Aug 28 1736 Payments to: Edward Scott, Dr. James Cruickshank, John Young, John Body, Hann Harrison, Danniell Dulany, Esq., Mr. John Gressham, Charles Hynson. Administrators (de bonis non): James Stout and his wife Ann Stout.
-- Thomas Pattison Sr -- Pattison, Thomas, Sr., planter Dorchester County, 4th Feb., 1742-3; 10th March, 1742-3. To son St. Ledger, 5s. To son Thomas, "Armstrong's Folly" on James Island, he to allow test. son-in-law Isaac Meckims, to live upon this land for 6 yrs., and carpenter and coopers' tools. To son-in-law Isaac Meckims, 50 A. "St. Ledger's Hazard" on Taylor's Island. To daus. Beatrice Cantwell, Ann Meckims, and Edith and grandchild. Barty Owens, and Mary, dau. of Ann afsd., personalty. Exs.: Thomas, Isaac Meckims. Test : John Mabbot, John Sulman, Hannah Jones. 23. 109.

2. St. Leger Everitt

Born ~1730, died 1/14/1798 in Kent,MD. married Elizabeth Unknown. Three children: Philip Everitt married Sarah Kennard; Phoebe Everitt married John Gale; Ann Washington Everitt married Henry Trulock. All stayed in Kent,MD, but there is the link to the Kennard family. His parents were Joseph Everitt (~1680 Kent,MD-4/1737 Kent,MD) married Catharine Unknown -- unknown why they named a child Sentleger.
-- St. Leger Everitt in his will of 1795 left instuctions evidently to free some of his slaves or indentured servants. "I give Lett her freedom the first day of January 1797 and Pompey the first day of January 1800 and Samuel the first day of January 1802 and Araminta the first day of January 1805 and Daniel the first day of 1810 ..." -- curious the name Araminta shows up too....
-- his father Joseph Everitt had a brother Hales Everitt (~1740-1796) who married Priscilla Beck on 6/23/1771 in Kent,MD -- Priscilla was the daughter of Edward Beck (1710-) and Martha Davis -- this Beck branch descends from the John Beck (1650 England-1733 Kent) who married Mary Hoover, whose son John Edward married Mary Neeve, whose son was the Edward Beck who married Martha Davis.
-- The immigrant was Nathaniel Everett/Everitt who was born ~1630 in England and died ~1683 in Kent,MD, emigrating by 1662. children: 1. Philip (?-1698 Kent,MD) married Barbara Unknown-- unknown; 2. Mary -- unknown; 3. son Joseph (~ -1738 Kent,MD) married Catherine Unknown (but postulated as being St. Leger, perhaps due to naming son Sentleger (above); 4. Frances married George Bowers, and 5. Jaffrey -- unknown. But the dates seem a little odd; if Nathaniel is born ~1630, it is hard for him to have a grandson born ~1730. Therefore, it is hard to be certain of which generation to even search for another Everitt who married another Beck. It is also considered that Catherine's surname being Sentleger is a guess, as there is no record found in Kent,MD at this time for anyone with a surname Sentleger/St. Leger. Although the name Araminta is found in this line, making it seem a prime contender, the name was used for a slave/indentured servant, so it is not clear how relevant this is -- perhaps more, perhaps less likely to be a match.

Note: since Kent,MD is small, I would expect to see that all know each other, and there will a lot of intermarriage between all these families, complicating the search for the right Sentleger ancestor. It should also be noted that a given name could be chosen as a sign of respect for an esteemed neighbor rather than relative, so there is not necessarily a genetic link for the names Sentleger or Araminta.

Miscellaneous -- NC records

Note: Rowan County was formed in 1753 from Anson County, and was named for Matthew Rowan (d. 1760), acting governor at the time the county was formed. The county seat is Salisbury. Initially Rowan included the entire northwestern sector of North Carolina, with no clear western boundary, but its size was reduced as a number of counties were split off. The first big excision was to create Surry County in 1771. Burke and Wilkes Counties were formed from the western parts of Rowan and Surry in 1777 and 1778, respectively, leaving a smaller Rowan County that comprised present-day Rowan, Iredell (formed 1788), Davidson (1822), and Davie (1836). Surry, Burke and Wilkes subsequently fragmented further as well. Depending on where your ancestors lived, you may want to look at records for some of these later counties also. Records of very early land grants in the Rowan County area will be found with Anson County

Rowan,NC: 1812 January 11, Last Will and Testament of Thomas Parker. Legatees: Daughters Nancy Patrick, Edith Beck, Susannah Tharp [married Zadock Tharp 18 August 1800 James Parker, bondsman], Drusiller Brown; sons Solomon, William, Reubin [married 1795 Ruth Rutledge; Jeremiah Patrick, bondsman], James, Thomas, and Isaac [married 1809 Mary Howard]; executors: son Solomon and Johnsey Gaither; witnesses: Brice Gaither, Beal Gaither; probated 1812.
Note: Thomas Parker was born ~1745; his son Solomon was born ~1769 and his daughter Susannah was born ~1776 in MD. There are not many places to find a wife named Edy in the Beck trees above. The married Becks in 1812 are: Aquilla (~60) thought to be married to Sarah Wilson, and too old (his wife is listed as in her 70s in 1830, so born in the 1750s) -- Aquilla's sons: Sentleger (~39) known to be married to Elizabeth Madden; James (~35) known to be married to Mary Davis; Samuel (~33) known to be married to Mary Wells; unknown son (~23-33); unknown son (~20s) -- Aquilla's brother Sentleger (thought deceased, and again too old) -- Sentleger's sons: Sentleger (married to Mary in 1820); (maybe) Andrew married to Julia. BUT, Edith Parker Beck is probably an important person in our tree, and specifically the Aquilla tree, as the name Edy/Edith is used by subsequent generations -- Edy Beck born ~1810 who marries John Reavis and Editha/Eedy Beck born ~1828 who marries Samuel Tutorow and Ede E. Beck born ~1841 in IN to Sentleger Beck. It seems clear that Edith Parker is a daughter-in-law to Aquilla in 1812-1830. It is certain from his will that it is not James; it is certain from the census data it is not Samuel or Sentleger (Edith would not be listed alone in 1840 when if married to Sentleger, Samuel or James). So Edith Parker must have married a younger son to Aquilla, who died young. Research into biographies of her children may yield his name, and the existence of any more children.

-- ug, 1841 - Andrew Beck and Wife Julia J. to Thomas Cheshire for $50, our interest in estate of John Thomas, deceased. Witness: Chas. May and Wm. Marlowe. --

St. Leger Brooks (1800-1896 Ashe,NC) married Elizabeth Neeves (1839-) on 3/2/1854 in Ashe,NC. There is a Sentleger Neves born ~1857 in Ashe,NC in 1870, son of Henry and Jane Neves (age 34, b.~1836). Henry Neeves married Jane Waddell on 10/13/1855 -- it would appear that Henry named his first son after his brother-in-law, Sentleger Brooks.

Other Ashe marriages: David Brooks to Frances Neaves on 11/28/1867, James Brooks to Louisa Blveins on 2/22/1869, Leander Brooks to Elizabeth Eller on 6/7/1866, Meredith Brooks to Mehaly Pane on 7/15/1840, Nathan Brooks to E. P. Brooks on 9/7/1851, Shubal Brooks to Matilda Ann Frazier on 5/6/1855, Sidney Brooks to Bertie Weaver on 4/30/1897, Thomas Brooks to Rachel E. Beck on 2/12/1842.

1850 census -- Araminta born in NC: Araminta Adair Cathies Creek, Rutherford, North Carolina abt 1820; Araminta Aken Precinct 3, Cass, Texas abt 1803; Araminta Denson Rankin, Mississippi abt 1803; Araminta Ehringnouse Pasquotank, North Carolina abt 1820; Araminta Golden Mount Airy, Surry, North Carolina abt 1812 ; Araminta Heath District 24, Delaware, Indiana abt 1816; Armenta Jones[Araminta Jones] Elizabethton, Carter, Tennessee abt 1806 ; Araminta Morris Murfreesboro, Rutherford, Tennessee abt 1820; Araminta Rogers District 10, Carroll, Tennessee abt 1804; Araminta Sanders District 21, Macon, Alabama abt 1815; Aramanta Clegg Lower Regiment, Chatham, North Carolina abt 1818; Aramenta Fort District 7, Lawrence, Alabama abt 1807; Areminta Presnell Subdivision 7, Claiborne, Tennessee abt 1806; Arminta Davis District 7, Shelby, Tennessee abt 1803; Armenta Evins District 12, Walker, Alabama abt 1816; Arminta House District 162, Greene, Georgia abt 1821; Arminta Reece Clay, Hamilton, Indiana abt 1810; Arminta Reed District 5, Giles, Tennessee abt 1810; Aminta Wrettain Brewer, Pike, Arkansas abt 1809. The Araminta Beck born ~1814 who married Nathan Satterfield was born in Kent,MD and lived in Kent,MD.

Children of David Sigler and Margaret Beck are: 2 i. Sigler was born ABT 1798 in ,,NC. + 3 ii. Levi Bassett Sigler was born ABT 1802 in ,,NC, and died 20 JUN 1881 in Caldwell,KY. 4 iii. Sigler was born ABT 1804 in ,,NC. 5 iv. Sigler was born ABT 1812.

Marriages -- misc Beck marriages in Rowan, Davie and Surry counties (note: some will be "German" Becks):

NC Wills 1760-1800

More land records in NC:

Note: there was no entry for any 1832 pension application for a Beck in Rowan/Iredell, NC. Perhaps Aquilla Beck was not a Patriot, or perhaps he had die prior to 1832.

ROWAN CO. WILLS, 1743-1971 111 Fibredex Boxes
C.R. 085.801.1 – 085.801.111
Beck, Jacob, Sr. 1775
Beck, George 1817
Beck, Philip 1817
Beck, Sentleger 1822
...note no more Beck will for almost a century...
Beck, Annie M. 1915
Beck, D. W. 1929
Beck, Lee Roy 1960
Beck, Cora 1963
Beck, Charlie A. 1968
Beck, Maude Lake 1968
Beck, Rosa 1969
Beck, Luther Bruce 1970

1810 census data from Rowan, NC

1810 - missing census. There seem to be missing 1810 census records in Rowan, and it affects our Beck family. There are only four Beck families listed on three pages (p.1, p.2, p.3) -- and this does not include Aquilla, Sentleger or James.

In conclusion, the missing Becks (and Parkers) are due to (1) some families were skipped in the enumeration process, or (2) records were lost prior to microfilming, or (3) pages were skipped in the microfilm process (either a couple of pages in a township microfilmed, or perhaps even an entire small township), or (4) our Beck (and Parker) families moved out of NC prior to the 1810 census, and moved back in 1810-1812 after the census (and specifically to a place not enumerated, such as IN). It seems more likely that they were inadvertently skipped/lost somehow, especially since there are several Beck children are known to be born ~1810 in NC, some specifically known to be in Rowan:
• Sentleger Beck supposedly had son Enoch on 2/24/1809 in NC, and Edy ~1810 in Rowan
• James's son Alfred is guessed to have been born ~1810 but cannot be found on subsequent census records to be certain
• Edith Parker's son Alfred was born ~1810.

Given that the families were alphabetized in 1800, it is hard through census data to identify neighbors to examine their presence in 1810 and 1820. And doing everyone in the county would be too mammoth a task. The History Room Librarian at the Rowan Public Library (Gretchen Witt) said in 2011 "as I understand it, the census had 3 "originals" - one taken by the enumerator for the county & two copies - one sent to the state & one to the federal government. Researchers have found serious discrepancies between them." She also mentioned that she did not see any holdings for the 1810 census at the Raleigh state archives. She is not aware of any families contacting the library with questions about missing families on this census.

Given that at least two family groups including six families are missing on the 1810 census, and known to show up again in 1820, it seems unlikely that all moved just in time to miss the census, and moved back almost immediately (as suggested by tax records, land records and court records). It seems reasonable to conclude, given the missing Becks and Parkers in 1810, that somehow there were residents of Rowan who are not enumerated on the 1810 microfilmed census. Unfortunately, the missing 1810 census information is critical in helping to determine the family structure and residence of the two Sentleger Becks; it is assumed that the (only) census record available for Sentleger Beck #2 would have been this census and it is lost.

Miscellaneous records from other states

From another genealogist (see emails below): "Madden / Maddan / Maden / Madan / Matten / Mattan / Matan / Maten are old established Kent County , MD families . ( from the area and dates of the records , they are the same families ) There is mentions of the families moving to NC , also some of the earliest records early 1700 have these families with multiple plantations , VA /MD / NC and PA"

Maryland State Archives MARYLAND INDEXES (Assessment of 1783, Index) 1783 Caroline County MSA S 1437 Aquilla Beck. Fishers Meadows, pt, 167 acres. CA Upper Choptank District Hundred, p. 4. MSA S 1161-3-4 Location: 1/4/5/46 {Note: could be the Aquilla who moves to Rowan,NC or perhaps his father...}

St. Paul's Parish, Kent county, MD - selected records:
_____Beck dau of Aquilla and Jane Beck b Oct 28 1727
_____Beck son of Aquilla and Jane Beck b Mar 14 1730
_____Beck ___ of Aquilla and Jane Beck b Dec 28 1734
Edward Beck son of _______
Joshua Beck and Martha Green m Jun 12, 1722
_____Beck son of Joshua
_____Beck dau of Joshua
Hannah Beck dau of Joshua and Martha Beck b May 21 17__
Saml Beck and Sarah Davis m Dec 23 1759
Enrolled as member of Protestand Episcopal Church: Samuel Beck Mar 4 1801 (so not the Sam'l Elija Beck on the 1790 Rowan,NC census above.

Samuel Beck, son of Aquila, was born 1776 in MD - per jeff Beck. had kids in NC then moved to Wayne,IN. Aquila married Jame Meeks (July 31, 1751) died in 1751 in Kent County, MD.
-- 1820 Wayne,IN Samuel Beck -- males: 26-44, 1 10-16, 3 under 10, Females: 2 10-15, 1 under 10.
no 1810 in IN
-- 1810 Rowan,NC Samuel Beck -- males: 1 26-44, 4 under 10; Females: 1 16-25. This is different from the 1820 Wayne,IN Samuel Beck.

Name: Beck, St. Leger -- Regiment: 1st Regiment Kentucky Militia -- Granted to: St Leger Beck -- County: Paulding, Ohio -- If he fought in the war of 1812, he must have been born in 1796 or earlier. Could this be the Rowan will of 1822 St. Leger Beck? in KY?? I am thinking that KY is a possibility since his sister moved to KY.

St. Leger Beck born ~1820 TN married Emily Jane Bowman (born ~1823 VA) with 4 children (Mary ~1846, William ~1847, George ~1848 and Jane ~1849) on the 1850 census in Muscatine, Ia -- married 5/13/1845 in Des Moines.

There was a Stout St. Ledger Barkalow born 2/15/1822 in Enterprise Furnace, Greenup, KY (died 2/3/1898 in Scoto,OH), the son of Benjamin Barklow and Margaret Foster. His grandmother was Ruth Stout of New Jersey, who heard the guns at Trenton. His maternal grandfather was Job Foster, a revolutionary soldier. It is not clear if he got the St. Ledger part of his name from his paternal or maternal side, or if it was just a name of interest.

There was an Israel Foster Beck, born 6/13/1826 in Clermont,OH, son of (7/2/1787 Mason,KY-1852 Ripley,IN) who was the son of Jeremiah Beck (b.1740 England) and Dinah Merrifield -- this underscores the difficulty of Beck research -- there are Scottish, English and German Becks and they all move to KY and IN and OH, and the given names are often the same.

# Name: Jeremiah BECK # Sex: M # Reference Number: 12901 Marriage 1 Mary KNIGHT Children 1. lizabeth BECK b: ABT 1812 in Wayne Co., IN 2. Simeon BECK b: 18 SEP 1798 in Nicholasville, KY 3. John BECK b: BEF 1820 in KY 4. Ann BECK b: ABT 1802 in KY 5. James Henry BECK b: ABT 1804 in Wayne Co., IN 6. William K BECK b: ABT 1805 in Wayne Co., IN 7. Levi Wilson BECK b: ABT 1806 in Wayne Co., IN 8. Sarah A BECK b: BEF 1820 in Kentucky 9. Rachel BECK b: BEF 1820 in Kentucky 10. Jeremiah BECK b: BEF 1820 in Kentucky 11. Joseph L BECK b: BEF 1820 in Kentucky 12. Asbury BECK b: ABT 1818 in Kentucky 13. Elias BECK b: ABT 1820 in Kentucky 14. Milton BECK b: 30 APR 1823 in Iowa 15. Morris BECK b: 11 AUG 1825 in Union Co., IN 16. Wright BECK b: ABT 1808 in Wayne Co., IN 17. Aquilla BECK b: ABT 1810 in Wayne Co., IN

The 1833 Wayne,Indiana Patriot pension application for Jacob Meek states in part the Aquilla Beck can testify as to his character for truth and veracity (a person in his present neighborhood who had belief in service as a Patriot. But, there is no mention of an Aquilla Beck in the History of Wayne,IN.

Clark County Clerk's Office St. Leger Beck and Elizabeth Forklieu married 12/13/1832 in Jeffersonville, Clark County, Indiana

Sarah Madden Beck and Emsley Hooker married on Nov. 28, 1841 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN -- Note, it is not clear if she was born Sarah Madden and adopted by Beck (i.e., the daughter of Nathan Madden and Rebecca Hatley, and raised by Madden Beck), or if she was born Sarah Madden and was a widow of a Beck, or if her name was Sarah Madden Beck (and therefore likely the daughter of Sentleger Beck and Elizabeth Madden, Madden's Beck's sister).

1850 and 1860 census: St. Leger Beck in Floyd,IN (age 43 in 1850 and 54 in 1860; born ~1806 in NC). In 1840 there is Henry Beck in Floyd, Madden Beck in Clark, and St. Leger Beck in Clark.

1850 Muscatine,IA census. 29 year old St. Leger Beck born ~1821 in TN

1850 Champaign,OH census. 60 year old St. Leger Beck born in MD

1888 letters from Sentleger Beck for a claim about the loss at the hands of Indians in 1865 in Weld county, CO. They are from Special Agent Leonard H. Poole of the U. S. Indian Service and are on Indian Service letterhead, with case #2881 written at the top. The first letter is dated 6/22/1888 and is to Sentleger's wife in Miles City, MT, asking how to contact him. On 7/30/1888 Poole writes to Sentleger in South Butte,MT.
Archive of Letters Related to Depredation by Wyoming Indians Start Price: 350.00Estimate: 500.00 - 700.00 four letters, printed government regulation sheet and envelope in which these were stored. The letters are in regard to a claim by St. Leger Beck (possibly as attorney for an unnamed claimant) for loss at the hands of Indians in 1865 in Weld Co., CO. All 4 letters are from Special Agent Leonard H. Poole of the U.S. Indian Service and are on Indian Service letterhead, with case no. 2881 written at top. First letter dated 22 June 1888 is to Beck's wife in Miles City, MT requesting information about how to contact Beck. Agent Poole indicates he has been trying to contact Beck "for some time" but has received no reply. On 30 July 1888 Poole writes to Beck at South Butte, MT. Your claim in account of alleged Indian depredations in Held Co., Colo., in 1865 has been referred to me for investigation....I am now prepared to take up the investigation of this case, either here or at Cheyenne, Wyo. Please inform me of the present P.O address of your witnesses... His postscript indicates: It is to your interest to give this matter your promt [sic] attention. After 23 years??? Beck needs to give it his prompt attention when it took the Indian Service 23 years to get around to investigating the claim?? Poole's letter of 20 Sept. 1888 indicates that Beck should get affidavits from his witnesses, since he (Poole) will probably not get a chance to interview them. And 17 Dec. 1888 Poole writes that he needs more evidence: kind, amount, value of property destroyed; by what Indians; under what circumstances; identity of claimant. He will examine any witnesses Beck produces, but he needs proof that the claimant owned the property and this depredation occurred. Also enclosed is the printed government regulations concerning claims of depredations dated 13 July 1872. There were some interesting steps that had to be taken before the claim was recognized. The claimant was responsible, in addition to collecting evidence, for identifying the nation or tribe that committed the depredation (for horses stolen at night??). After collecting proof of the depredation, testimony of witnesses, etc. by the Indian agent, the Indian agent, or sub-agent, will, without unnecessary delay, present the case to the proper nation or tribe assembled in council, according to the custom of such nation or tribe, and, after fully explaining it to them, he will then and there demand satisfaction for the claimant. If within a reasonable time the nation or tribe shall not have complied with such demand, the fact of the depredation by some of their people being admitted in such council, or if they deny the charge as made and peremptorily refuse to render any satisfaction, the agent, or sub-agent, will in such case submit a report of the proceedings had, together with all the papers, to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Such report shall state whether the Indians in council recognized, remembered, and admitted the depredation charged; and, if so, how far and with what particularity the allegations of the claimant respecting such depredations were borne out by the recollections and acknowledgments of the Indians in reference thereto. Only then will the Commissioner of Indian Affairs take up the case and render an opinion and forward the case to the Secretary of the Interior for action. How many of these do we suppose were actually resolved satisfactorily? The Thomas Minckler Collection of Western Americana Condition: Folds, toning, minor separations, as expected.

Louis Dickinson was born in Logan county. Ohio, and in his youth taught school. He became a farmer, which business he followed the remainder of his life, in connection with stock-raising. He was an earnest and active member of the Methodist church; politically he was a Republican and filled various local offices. His wife was born in Hardin county, and was a daughter of St. Leger Beck, a farmer. Louis Dickinson and his wife had, besides Henry E., children as follows: Joshua Newton, a farmer of Elk City. Oklahoma; St. Leger, a farmer of Cleveland, Oklahoma; Adelia. wife of J. M. Keller, a farmer of Houston, Texas; Margaret, wife of William Dixon, of Ray, Colorado. Mrs. Dickinson died in March, 1864, at the age of twenty-seven years.
The 1860 census for Louis Dickinson show that Lewis is 32, his wife Mary is 33 (born OH), and they have 4 children at home in Bokes Creek, Logan county, OH: Joshua 7, Delila 6, Lydia 4, Henry 2. Also in the home are Mary's father Geo St. Leger Beck 67 (born MD) and Rebecca Beck 16 (born OH). (1870 p2)

KY Marriages
James m. Polly Anderson 4 Feb 1807, Bourbon KY
Margaret E. Beck m. Joshua G. Church 29 Apr 1810, Caldwell KY
Samuel Beck m. Elizabeth Morrison 31 Oct 1811, Fleming KY
Aquilla Beck m. Sally Hinkle 13 Jul 1815, Bourbon KY
Adah Beck m. Lin Sigler 24 Feb 1829, Caldwell KY
Margaret Beck, father: John Beck, m. Josiah Fishback, 8 Feb 1830, Bourbon KY
Wesley Beck, m. Elizabeth Bowen, 10 Apr 1842, Nicholas KY
Nimrod Beck, m. Sarah E. Stephens 25 Apr 1845, Jefferson Co. KY
Aquilla Beck m. Ann Jewell, 6 Jan 1850, Nicholas KY -- he was born ~1795 in MD (census: 1830, 1840?, 1850, 1860), so is probably the same Aquilla as above who married Sally Hinke in 1815.
David E. Beck m. Margaret C. Blanton 4 Oct 1850, Owen KY
M. T. Beck, b 1833, Iredell NC, m. Sarah C. B. Beach, 26 Jun 1855, Calloway KY
John C. Beck b. 1865 Evansville IN m. Margaret Kenney, 4 Oct 1901, Louisville, Jefferson KY
Elihu W. Beck b. 1848 Warren Co KY, m. Mary I. Roberts 25 May 1870, Warren Co. KY
Stephen D. Beck m. Emma Monot 19 Aug 1902, Jefferson, KY
Stephen D. Beck m. Virdie E. Findley, 18 Jan 1914, Louisville, Jefferson Co KY M00616-5 Kentucky, Easy- 827951, 1443
The Bourbon KY (Aquilla) and Caldwell KY entries are likely for relatives; Sentleger Beck #2's sister, Margaret Beck Sigler Holeman (6/12/1777 Loudon,VA-5/13/1859 Caldwell,KY), is known to have lived and died in Caldwell; it is not unexpected that her deceased brother's children may have lived there also. The Aquilla Beck who married Sally Hinkle in 1815 was born prior to 1795, and is likely related to the Sentleger Beck who served in the War of 1812 in the first regiment of the KY militia (and granted land in Paulding,OH).
But, this does not help to pin down the children of Sentleger Beck #2 (~1770s-1822 NC) -- I would expect to find Nathan James Sentleger, and Edward Israel Amos Enock, and Jane Argminta Margaret birth records 1816-1820 or marriages 1836-1845 (and Mary Beck's remarriage ~1820s), and there is not an indication of a lot of such records that would let me conclude that Sentleger #2, or his family, moved to KY. Clearly there was another Scottish Beck family from Kent,MD who moved to Bourbon,KY, with children Aquilla and Sentleger. Note that some of these records are clearly for unrelated Beck families, perhaps from Germany.

(some) Ohio records

marriages (
Beck, St. Leger - Spouse: Richardson, Rebecka - Marriage date: Aug 17, 1815 County of record: Champaign Co. (he was born ~1790 in MD - census: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1860)(curiously, David Beck (1808-1885) married Mary P. Richardson (1814 VA-1898 NC) in Davie,NC in the 1830s....)
• Beck, Mathew W. - Spouse: Rogers, Mariah - Marriage date: Aug 19, 1843 County of record: Champaign Co.
• Beck, Milton - Spouse: Blocksom, Mary Ellen - Marriage date: Jun 13, 1850 County of record: Champaign Co.
• Beck, Catherine 60, 29 Oct 1913 m. Samuel Beck, Sandusky OH (see source below under obituaries)
• Beck Amos, Spouse Effie Shiferd m. 1897 – Fremont Courier (German)(see source below under obituaries)

births (
• IGI: Gender: Male Birth: 15 JUL 1870, Champaign, Ohio - James Beck & Elizabeth Smith - unnamed BECK
• IGI: Gender: Male Birth: 23 SEP 1871, Champaign, Ohio - James Beck & Elizabeth Smith - unnamed
• IGI: Gender: Male Birth: 19 AUG 1874, Champaign, Ohio - James Beck & Elizabeth Smith - JAMES A. BECK
Although all these records are later than the period of most interest, they probably do all descend from the Sentleger Beck, born ~1790 in MD who moved to Champaign,OH in the 1810s, and married Rebecka Richardson there in 1815 (see above marriage record)

deaths in Champaign county,OH (
• BECK, James - Death date: 4/14/1913, Champaign Cty Vol#1045, Cert#20261
• BECK, Thomas M. - Death date: 4/8/1914, Champaign Cty Vol#1336, Cert#20042
• BECK, Otis W. - Death date: 11/9/1919, Champaign Cty Vol#3100, Cert#61483
• BECK, Stillborn - Death date: 12/5/1919, Champaign Cty
• BECK, Mariah - Death date: 12/27/1922, Champaign Cty Vol#4015, Cert#62264
• BECK, Rose - Death date: 9/17/1935, Champaign Cty Vol#7921, Cert#54667
Although all these records are later than the period of most interest, they probably do all descend from the Sentleger Beck, born 1790s in MD who moved to Champaign,OH in the 1810s.

obituaries ( ):
• Beck, Samuel 18 days, 23 Aug 1853, Parents Joseph & Susanna Beck
• Beck, Adda M. (Adda Buffington M.) 83, d. 14 Apr 1888; spouse Albert Beck; Findlay OH, Joseph and Ida Buffington,
• Beck, Samuel, 2 Jan 1896, Sandusky OH
• Beck Amos, Spouse Effie Shiferd m. 1897 – Fremont Courier (German)
• Beck, Alexander D., 2 Mar 1912
• Beck, Catherine 60, d. 29 Oct 1913, Spouse Samuel Beck, Sandusky OH
• Beck, Amos 74, b. 7 Feb 1858; d.3 Jul 1932 m. Della Favien; Parents John Martin & Maria Kraft Beck
• Beck, Della (Favien)68, d. 20 Mar 1935, m. Amos M. Beck 21 May 1885, Green Springs OH
• Beck, Amos Lewis d. 1945 Lima OH
• Beck, Nellie Irene, spouse Alfred Beck, 30 Jun 1952, Parents, Harry and Myrtle (Boyer) Robinson, Bucyrus OH
• Beck , Opal Marie 93, 15 Apr 1997, spouse, Albert Beck, Parents Morris & Opal Marie, Martins Ferry OH
• Beck, Amos d. 1998, Lima OH
Most, if not all, of these records are probably not the Scottish Beck relatives. Note that the most promising given name (Amos) is in a German newspaper, and is therefore not a relative.

Wills for Washington county, IN
• PHILIP BECK Date: 29 Oct 1830, probated 25 Nov 1831 Wife: Elizabeth Beck Daughter: Sarah Beck (under 18) Executor: John Wright Witnesses: Benjamin Owens, Michael Strepey (pg 64, Probate Court Minute Book B)
• FREELAND BECK of Washington Co., Indiana Date: 3 Sept 1855, probated 28 Feb 1856 Wife: Sarah Sons: William, Daniel, John Daughters: Nancy Ann Terrel, Margaret Malissa Johnson, Elizabeth Beck, Catharine Johnson, Samantha Beck, Martha Beck, Clara Beck Executor: none named Witnesses: William Lane, William Leming (pgs 477-478, Will Record A)
• Christian Beck in Fayette Co.IN in 1876. -- German Beck from PA -- see full entry here.

Marriages in Indiana to 1850
MADDEN NANCY (1806 NC) -- SNOW AMBROSE -- Jefferson 7-26-1821 (he died ~1830 and she remarried William Core Brooks on 6/23/1833 in Bartholomew,IN
MADDEN WILLIAM -- BENCH LOUISA -- Jefferson 11-20-1824
no Madden/Maiden/Maden marriages in Clark where Madden and Rebecca Hatley lived in 1840. Looking for the marriage of Nathan Maddin's three daughters born 1815-1819 in NC. Although it is possible they were "adopted" by Madden Beck and used the surname Beck, this is thought unlikely, and the expectation is that any marriage records will be found under Madden, in 1835-1845.
MADDEN MARY -- STONE JACOB -- Jefferson 10-12-1826
MADDEN ABNER -- GILES SUSANNA -- Jefferson 2-22-1833
MADDEN MARGARET -- SHEPERD THOMAS -- Jefferson 5-27-1841 (census: 1850?, 1860?) curiously cannot find either of them anywhere. It is possible she was widowed in the 1840s and remarried -- Margaret Shepherd married John Louks Jr in 1845 in Clinton,IN but she was born in KY, and there was no indicaton of any Sheperd children, so not likely to be a match; no other Margaret Sheperd marriages found.
BECK SARAH MADDIN -- HOOKER EMSLEY -- CLARK 11-28-1841 Not clear why she is listed as Sarah Maddin Beck -- is she the daughter of Sentleger Beck and Elizabeth Madden and this is her full name? is she the daughter of Nathan Madden and "adopted" by Madden Beck and she lists both surnames? or was her maiden name Madden and she married a Beck and she is widowed? Clearly with the names Madden and Beck she belongs in our tree, it is just not certain where. A death certificate from ~1859 probably is not available; county biography may help. Sarah Madden Beck (~1818 NC~1859 Scott,IN) married Emsley Hooker (~1807 NC-1862 Scott,IN) on 11/28/1841 in Clark,IN -- 7+ children (census: 1850, 1860). Their children are Lucinda, Eliza Jane, Abner, Nancy, Sarah, Mary and Rebecca. While naming a child Rebecca suggests she might be Rebecca's daughter, she named her only son Abner and not Nathan, so the children's names are not entirely helpful. (Emsley had been married before to Eliza Hughbanks and had four older sons.)
MADDEN LOUISA -- HAMMON JOHN -- Jefferson 2-27-1845 (1850, 1850 -- both censuses list Louisa's birthstate as OH, not NC; Nathan Madden and Rebecca Hatley Madden are not known to have lived in OH, so Louisa is not thought to be one of the three Madden stepdaughters of Madden Beck; she could be a sister or other relative of Abner Madden.)
BECK ALFRED L (1801 NC) -- LISTER MARTHA A -- CLARK 12-12-1848 1850
MADDEN BRIDGET -- JOYCE JOHN -- Jefferson 4-25-1850 (census: 1850? 1860? -- there is no definite census found for either; this is especially curious as they should be in Indiana in 1850. The closest match I could find was a census for a Bridget Madder/Madden, wife of John Madder/Madden in Dearborn,IN in 1850 with 2 children; it is possible she was then widowed and immediately married John Joyce, but this is considered unlikely. The name Bridget is 90% Irish in IN in 1850, and therefore it is considered unlikely to be a match as a child of Nathan Madden and Rebecca Hatley.)
BECK EMILY A (1836 NC) -- MADDON ABNER -- JEFFERSON 11-12-1850 1860 -- daughter of Madden Beck and Rebecca Hatley
MADDEN ABNER (1826 IN) -- BECK EMILY A. -- Jefferson 11-12-1850 1860
no marriage record for Mary Maiden Brooks and Madden Beck; perhaps in KY. Or perhaps he was never formally divorced and they were never formally married.

Alfred Beck obituary - 1889
The Evening News – Monday, 22 April 1889, Jeffersonville, Indiana
Sudden Death
      Alfred Beck aged about seventy-five years died suddenly yesterday at his home at Sellersburg. The old gentleman had risen from the dinner table and was trying to reach his bed, when he fell to the floor, and expired. He was the father of Prof. Beck of the State University at Bloomington, and of Mr. Beck, a prominent teacher of Silver Creek Township. The funeral takes place tomorrow, Elder Crim of Shelbyville conducting the services.
      The Evening News, Monday, 29 April 1889, Jeffersonville, Indiana
Alfred L. Beck Was for nearly fifty-three years a resident of the little village of Hamburg, Clark Co., Indiana. So long a time in one place tests the life and character of any man. It will never be that every man will be considered great; but every man who will, may win and wear a good name. This man in his long life, a plain straight-forward farmer, had both stood the test of time and had won a name honored and respected by all who knew it.
He was born in North Carolina, Roan county now Davie, within eight miles of Mocksville, October 20, 1809. His father came from Maryland; on the “eastern-shore” was of Scotch descent, and Quaker by training and education. His mother, whose maiden name was Eda Parker, was probably also from Maryland, and was of Welch descent. (I see you have this info too)
He early manifested a disposition to acquire an education and was successively under the instruction of one Jones, then Wm. Marlow, John Blackwood, and Jesse Oakes. In his twenty-first year, he attended school under Peter S. Ney, a Frenchman and thought to have been a marshal in the army of Napoleon Bonaparte.
He started to Indiana October 26, 1830, and arrived in Clark County December 11. His first work was to pull corn for Thomas Jacobs in January. He bought shoes with the money. He then taught school in the Utica neighborhood two years and three months in the same house and boarded with Thos. Jacobs. He afterwards taught three months above Charlestown; and in 1884 went to Salem, Washington county, where he attended school under John I. Morrison then one of the leading teachers of the state. Returning to Clark county, he again taught nine months – three by John W. Slater, three by Thomas McCormick, and three by William Bettorf. His work as a teacher was appreciated by those who came under his instruction and not a few have been willing and glad to testify of his worth as a man and scholar.
He came to Hamburg in October 1836, and here he spent the remainder of his life. He first went into business of buying out some man named McGee, and afterwards selling out to Thomas Croce in order to keep store for William Wells. After trying various enterprises he built the house in which one John Corry now lives. In 1848 or 45 and engaged in? (blackened) was postmaster and also held other positions of trust. (Newspaper blackened)
On December 14, 1848, he was married to Martha Ann Lister, who has already preceded him to the spirit land and with whom he lived in wedlock nearly forty years. From this union came nine children, of whom six sons and a daughter survive. There are also eight grandchildren.
In politics, the subject of this sketch was first and last a Democrat of the old school who had his convictions in reward to government and the duty of a citizen and who followed them. Decided in character, tenacious in purpose, honorable in action, he worked out the problems of life with a straight forwardness, which stopped at nothing short of success. Naturally timid and unwilling to leave the pursuits of private life, he nevertheless filled acceptably various public trusts laid upon him by his fellow citizens. Domestic in inclination, he spent a great portion of his life at home. A constant reader, he was an intelligent and discriminating observer of men and things and was always ready and able to converse fairly and justly upon the topics of his time. Work was the law of his life and he taught it to his children as he followed it himself. He did his duty as he saw it. He never failed to provide well for those dependent upon him and performed the obligations of husband, and father faithfully and honorably. A member of no church, he recognized and believed in God, accepted the scriptures and followed their moral teachings, trusting to the mercy of the Infinite One. He practiced integrity, honesty and justice towards others as he expected these virtues be practiced towards himself, and no man can truthfully say he was intentionally defrauded or taken advantage of by A. L. Beck.
His last sickness and death were brought on by a slight exposure on the 5th of April. It was not however thought serious and he even considered himself getting better on the night before his death. He died suddenly on Easter morning, about 7 o’clock, April 21 1889, aged 79 years, 6 months and 1 day. We trust in the hope of the resurrection of which the day is the anniversary, leaving to his children a heritage of honesty, integrity, and virtue, which they may always imitate and from which it is hoped no one of them may ever depart.
     --- The Evening News – Saturday 27 April 1889 – Jeffersonville, Indiana Sellersburg
The funeral services of the late Alfred Beck were conducted by Rev. A. L. Crim of Shelbyville at 10 o’clock Tuesday morning. His remains were laid to rest in Plum Rum graveyard.
     --- The National Democrat – 20 September 1889 – Jeffersonville, Indiana
The estate of Alfred Beck, deceased of Silver Creek township, valued at $17,000 has been divided equally between the six heirs, J.K, W.L., Sarah, Charles, George W., and S. I. L. (?) Beck.
     --- A huge thanks to genealogist Bonnie Grimmius for this great find!!

Sarah (Sally)) Henkle born 1800-1810 (1810 federal census, bourbon county, ky) in penddleton county,va (now wv), married July 16, 1815 (marriage bond dated july 13, 1815, signed by brother Enoch Henkle, to Aquilla Beck (bourbon county marriage register book 2, p.53

Note that the Peck family is connected to the Beck family, but that this seems to be mostly in PA in the 1700s. The Pecks in NC, and specifically Rowan, appear to be related to the "German" Becks and not the "English" Becks.

Jacob Sigler -- Heirs Claim of Legacy Caldwell Co., Ky. Deed Book C pgs. 341-342 Sept. 1819
(spelling as is from the document)
Know all men by these presents that whereas Jacob Sigler late of Roan County North Carolina deceased by his last will and testament give and bequeath unto us John Holeman & Margaret Holeman his wife late Margaret Sigler, Jacob Sigler, and Elizabeth Nalls late Elizabeth Sigler of the county of Caldwell and State of Kentucky a legacy to be paid unto us of which will & testament Sam'l Wails of Iredale County North Carolina is sole executor as in and by the said will may appear. Now know ye that we the said John Holeman & Margaret Holeman late Margaret Sigler, Jacob Sigler, and Elizabeth Nalls late Elizabeth Sigler have made ordained constituted and appointed David Sigler of the county of Caldwell and State of Kentucky our true and lawful attorney for us and in our names and for our own proper use and benefit to ask demand and receive of and from the said Samuel Wailes the legacy given and bequeathed unto us the said John Holeman & Margaret his wife late Margaret Sigler Jacob Sigler & Elizabeth Nalls late Elizabeth Sigler by the said will of the said Jacob Sigler and as aforesaid and upon recceipt there of by or payment thereof to our said attorney a general release or discharge for the same to make execute and deliver hereby ratifying confirming and allowing whatsoever our said attorney shall lawfully do in the premises.
In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and seals the 1st day of Sepember 1819.
signed: John Holeman (seal), Margaret Holeman (seal), Jacob Sigler (seal), Elizabeth Sigler (her mark) Nalls.
-----Witnesses as to Nalls: Buckley Cartwright, and Aron Purdy.
-----State of Kentucky Caldwell County Sct(??) as clerk of the county court of said county I certify the foregoing power or letter of attorney from John Holeman & Margaret his wife late Margaret Sigler, Jacob Sigler, & Elizabeth Nalls late Elizabeth Sigler to David Sigler was on this day acknowledged by the said John Holeman & Margaret Holeman, & Jacob Sigler to be their act and deed and was also on this day proven to be the act & deed of the within named Elizabeth Nalls late Elizabeth Sigler & requested to be recorded. In testimony that I have recorded the same and this certificate I hereunto set my hand & affix the seal of said county this 2nd day of September 1819 & in the 28 year of the Commonwealth.
signed : Jn. H. Phelps
Note: I am not certain that this is Margaret Beck who married David Sigler, but there is no Margaret Sigler on the 1850 census. The writing of this document is not clear what it is.

Caldwell County, Ky. Order Book F pages 215-216 Monday, 16 Nov 1840.
On motion of Margaret Sigler and James A. Cartwright, it is ordered that letters of administration be granted unto them due form of law an the goods and chattles rights and credits of David Sigler deceased whereupon said Margaret Sigler and James A. Cartwright in open court took the oath required by law and together with William Mercer, George C. Cass? and John T. Boyd their securities entered into and acknowledged bond? in the premises payable to the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the penalty of twelve hundred dollars conditioned according to law. And on their further motion it is ordered that William Killgrow, Whitmil Jenkins, Bryant? Nichols and Wright Nichols or any three of them be and they are hereby appointed commisioners to appraise the estate of said decedant and report XX And Amos Sigler who also claimed the right to administer on the estate of said decedant tendered to the court a bill of exceptions herein which was signed sealed and ordered to be made part of the record herein towit? "Sigler av? Sigler- On a motion to obtain letters of administration on the estate of David Sigler deceased. Be it remembered that on this day Margaret Sigler the widow of said David Sigler desc.came into court and claimed the right of administering on said estate and offered to officiate with her James A. Cartwright as a co-administrator with her on said estate who professed his willingness to enter in bond with the widow as a coadministrator. But it appeared in evidence that the brothers and sisters of said David Sigler were in court as well as a nephew Amos Sigler who opposed the right of said Cartwright to administer, and said Amos offers to administer with the consent of the other brothers nd sisters of said David Sigler. And it further appearing in evidence that David Sigler the deceased died without issue, And that his brothers and sisters and their descendants of whom said Amos was one were the heirs at law of said David's estate but the court refused to permit the said Amos Sigler to administer on said estate but granted the letters of administration to said Margaret and said James A. Cartwright. To which opinion of the court the said Amos Sigler by his counsel excepts, and prays this his exception be signed and sealed and recorded.
-----Signed by Isaac Harper, John O'Hara, F.W. Urey, Robert Love, John W. Marshall, and J.C Langston.
And thereupon on motion of said Amos Sigler an appeal is granted him in this case to the Court of Appeals upon his execution in the Clerk's office of this court within twenty days from the time with John Crider, John Holeman, and George Nall or either one of them his security in penalty of one hundred dollars payable to said adms. and conditioned according to law.

Caldwell County, Ky. Deed Book K page 199 August 13, 1841
Deed Book K. page 199. Caldwell County, Kentucky
Whereas on the 21st day of November 1831 a certain tract of land containing one hundred acres situate in the county Caldwell on Skinframe Creek and entered for taxation in said name of John Goddard who struck off to the state of Kentucky for the nonpayment of the taxes then due thereon. And whereas the heirs and legal representatives of David Sigler dec'd (who was the assignee of said Goddard) thro the adm of said estate hath paid the sum of two dollars 75 cents the full amount of tax entered cost and charges due thereon up to this date. Therefore witnesseth that in consideration of the premises and by virtue of an act entitled an act providing that the estates of persons dying without heirs or distributees shall vest in the commonwealth and other purposes approved January 17th 1840.
I Charles B. Dallam as agent duly employed and appointed under said act have sold relinquished and conveyed and by these presents doth resell, relinquish, and convey to the said heirs and legal representatives of David Sigler dec'd their heirs and assigns all the right interest and claim of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in and to the said tract 100 acres of land struck off to the state as aforesaid. And furthermore, in the name of said Commonwealth hereby release the said tract of land from all penal forfeitures and charges that have heretofore accrued to the said Commonwealth for and an account of the nonpayment of the taxes due thereon~~~~ Given under my hand and seal as the agent of the said Commonwealth this the 13th day of August 1841. Signed-- Chas. B. Dallam, agent of forfeited land. State of Kentucky County of Caldwell~~~
I Charles B. Dallam clerk of the County Court for said County do certify that this deed from Charles B. Dallam agent of forfeited lands unto the heirs and legal representative of David Sigler deceased was this day produced to me in my office and acknowledged by said Charles B. Dallam agent as aforesaid to be his act and deed hand and seal for the purpose therein contained. Whereupon I have truly recorded the same and this certificate in my said office~~~~ Given under my hand this 13th day of August 1841. Signed~~ Charles B. Dallam clk.

Family legend says that three Sigler brothers came to the colonies and split up when they arrived. One of those brothers may have been Jacob (1736-1817). We have found him first in Loudoun County, Virginia. We then find that he moved with his wife (Margaret), five sons (Philip, John, Laurence, David, and Jacob) , and three daughters (Margaret, Mary, and Catherine) to Rowan County, North Carolina. Another son (George) and daughter (Elizabeth Betsey) were born in North Carolina. Jacob died in North Carolina and is buried in the Renegar Cemetery in Iredell County. ... David Sigler married Margaret Beck and they had a least one child. Their son was Levi Bassett. They moved to Caldwell County, Kentucky after 1802 and are buried there. Levi is buried in Webster County, Kentucky.

Misc Ohio, KY and TN records

In the history of Hardin County, publshed 1910 author: Minnie Ichler Kohlkr, Samuel Kumley (1855 Kenton,OH-) had a daughter Elizabeth who was the widow of P. Beck, late of Hardin county. Henry Elroy Dickinson was born July 16, 1857 in Logan county,OH, the son of Louis Dickinson and Mary Ann Beck -- his (Dickinson) grandparents were Quakers and grandfather Thomas Dickinson was a soldier in the War of 1812 and came from VA to OH. Louis Dickinson was born in Logan,county,OH; his wife was born in Hardin county, and was the daughter of St. Leger Beck, a farmer. Louis Dickinson had children: Henry E., Joshua Newton (Elk City,OK), St. Leger (Cleveland,OK), Adelia (married J. M. Keller - Houston,TX), Margaret (married William Dixon - Ray,CO).

Google search but page no longer there: [PDF] THE DESCENDANTS OF THE NEAL FAMILIES OF CHAMPAIGN COUNTY, OHIO AND ... File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View Neal to Henry R. Neal, $500.00. 09 Feb 1819 Henry R. Neal of Bourbon County, KY. E. 35 to St. Ledger Beck, $1144.00. 29 July 1825 St. Ledger Beck to Jno. ... - Similar

A pioneer resident of Nebraska, Robert Henry Willis was born at Cheyenne, Wyoming, March 22, 1869, the son of John Gregory and Cecelia Jane (Beck) Willis. His father, who was a merchant, was born at Charlton, New York, October 14, 1840, came to Omaha in 1865, immediately after the war. He was a freighter from there to Cheyenne and Denver until 1868, and in May, 1868, married in Cheyenne. During this year he was a merchant in Cheyenne, when his store burned down. He then moved to Omaha, where he entered the wholesale business, and was active in this until he retired in 1884. He died at Omaha, March 26, 1925. He served as a member of the city council at Cheyenne in 1868, and during the Civil War was second lieutenant in the 17th Illinois Cavalry, Company K. His father, Robert Frazier Willis, was born in Cork, Ireland, of Scotch-English ancestry. Cecelia Jane (Beck) Willis, whose ancestry was English, was born at Muscatine, Iowa, May 1, 1850, the daughter of St. Ledger and Emily Jane (Vermilion) Beck, and died at Omaha, July 25, 1920. Emily Jane Vermilion Beck's ancestors were of English stock and came to America in 1812. She was born in Fairfax County, Virginia. St. Ledger Beck was born in Tennessee, and was a descendant of a Dr. Collyer, who practiced medicine in Dublin, Ireland.

Online postings on the Beck Archives:

Note that many genealogists have combined the information on Sentleger Beck #1 and #2, making the wife Mary Elizabeth Madden, the death 1820 and the children the 10 listed in the 1820 will, making Nathan's name David Nathan (and ascribing all the David Beck information to him). As stated above, I believe this is incorrect, and that there are two different Sentleger Becks, with my best guesses on the configuration of the family trees above.

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I've noticed a lot about St Leger Beck recently, so I thought that I would share some what I have on his family. Please note that much of this is not my own research, but what has been sent to me over the years by others.
First, the name St Leger and Sentleger seems to refer to the same people. Jackie mentioned her posting about a Sentleger Beck, Sen being mentioned in a deed. I, as I am sure others, have seen someone mentioned as "Sen" and "Jun" when they are not related at all, but merely have the same first name and they call the older of the 2, Senior. This can be seen in the early Rowan County censuses with the various Jacob Becks.
Many people try to connect St Leger Beck and Devault Beck. Yes, they both lived in Rowan County, but look at the names of their children. Devault's family names include Jacobs, Johannes or Johns, Philips, etc. The names of St Leger's family are much more English ie., James, Edward, Nathan, Enoch. There seems to be little or no interaction between the two families. St Leger's stayed on the western side of the Yadkin River in what would become Davie County, while Devault's stayed on the east side in Davidson County
An Aquilla Beck can be found in the inhabitants of Kent County, Maryland 1637 - 1787. Also found there is a St. Leger Codd. An Aquilla Beck can also be found with a St Leger Beck (son of St Leger) in the 1820 Rowan County census.
I, as Jackie, feel that it was St Leger's son Sentleger who married Elizabeth Madden in 1801 in Rowan County, NC. I have seen a Mary Wells mentioned as the wife of St Leger Sr.
I recently spent some time in the Davie County Register of Deeds office transcribing every Beck birth, death and marriage record. I hope to have this available on my website soon.
Descendants of St Leger Beck
Generation No. 1
1. ST LEGER2 BECK (UNCONNECTED1) was born Feb-1731/32, and died c 1822. He married MARY WELLS.
Children of ST BECK and MARY WELLS are:
2.i.JAMES3 BECK, b. c 1775, Davie County, NC; d. c Feb-1846.
3.ii.SENTLEGER BECK, b. c 1776; d. c 1843, Rowan County, NC.
iii.MARGARET BECK, b. 12-Jun-1777, NC; d. 13-May-1859; m. (1) DAVID SIGLAR, 04-Feb-1797, Surry County, NC; m. (2) HIRAM DONOHO, 13-Mar-1832, Rowan County, NC.
iv.HERMINTA BECK, b. c 1778; d. Unknown; m. JOSEPH JONES. [-- only source for this is apparently the 1820 will of St. Leger Beck in Rowan, NC -- a Herminta Jones was a witness. - DLH 2011 - Tom is just reposting information by Kevin Beck, see below]
v.JANE BECK, b. c 1779; d. Unknown; m. THOMAS BROOKS, 13-Sep-1797, Surry County, NC.
vi.EDWARD BECK, b. 20-Feb-1803; d. 13-May-1850.
4.vii.ISRAEL BECK, b. 18-Jul-1804, Rowan County, NC; d. 1872, Burke County, NC.
viii.AMOS BECK, b. 29-May-1806, Rowan County, NC; d. 22-May-1843, Ashe County, NC; m. RHODA SUMMERS, 20-Jun-1824, Rowan County, NC.
5.ix.DAVID NATHAN BECK, b. c 1808, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. 1880.
6.x.ENOCH BECK, b. 24-May-1809, Rowan County, NC; d. 1887, Zion Cemetery, Crocker, MO.
Generation No. 2
2. JAMES3 BECK (ST LEGER2, UNCONNECTED1) was born c 1775 in Davie County, NC, and died c Feb-1846. He married (1) MARY DAVIS. He married (2) MARY "POLLY" _____ 01-Dec-1823 in Rowan County, NC.
Children of JAMES BECK and MARY DAVIS are:
i.MARY4 BECK, b. c 1800; d. Aft. 1846.
ii.ALFRED BECK, b. c 1802; d. Aft. 1846.
iii.FREELAND BECK, b. c 1805, Davie County, NC; d. 1855, Washington County, IN; m. SARAH _____.
iv.ST LEGER BECK, b. c 1806; d. Aft. 1860, Floyd County, IN; m. ELIZABETH FORKLIEU, 13-Dec-1832, Clark County, IN.
v.EDY4 BECK, b. c 1804, NC; d. Aft. 1846; m. (1) JOHN REAVIS, 28-Aug-1824, Rowan County, NC; m. (2) SAMUEL TUTOROW, 02-Nov-1851, Davie County, NC.
Children of JAMES BECK and MARY _____ are:
vi.JAMES M. N. BECK, b. c 1825, NC; d. Aft. 1846.
vii.NANCY BECK, b. c 1826, NC; d. Aft. 1846.
viii.RACHEL E. BECK, b. c 1827, NC; d. Aft. 1846; m. _____ BROCK.
3. SENTLEGER3 BECK (ST LEGER2, UNCONNECTED1) was born c 1776, and died c 1843 in Rowan County, NC. He married ELIZABETH MADDAN 23-Dec-1801 in Rowan County, NC.
i.MADDEN4 BECK, b. c 1811; d. Unknown; m. REBECCA HARTLEY.
4. ISRAEL3 BECK (ST LEGER2, UNCONNECTED1) was born 18-Jul-1804 in Rowan County, NC, and died 1872 in Burke County, NC. He married MARGARET _____.
Children of ISRAEL BECK and MARGARET _____ are:
i.POSEY M.4 BECK, b. c 1825; d. Aft. 1872.
ii.HANNAH J. BECK, b. c 1826; d. Aft. 1872.
iii.LAURA A. BECK, b. c 1827; d. Aft. 1872.
iv.JULIUS BECK, b. c 1828; d. Aft. 1872.
5. DAVID NATHAN3 BECK (ST LEGER2, UNCONNECTED1) was born c 1808 in Davie County, NC, and died Aft. 1880. He married MARY "POLLY" RICHARDSON.
i.ST LEGER4 BECK, b. 06-Jul-1836, Davie County, NC; d. 30-Nov-1910, Zion United Methodist, Davie County, NC; m. (1) SARAH A. SMITH, 15-Dec-1858, Davie County, NC; m. (2) MARIAH ELIZABETH PARRISH, 18-Mar-1885, Davie County, NC.
ii.WILLIAM PINKNEY BECK, b. 1838, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. 1870, Davie County, NC; m. RACHAEL WHITAKER, 12-Oct-1858, Davie County, NC.
iii.JAMES P. "PINK" BECK, b. 06-May-1840, Davie County, NC; d. 25-Sep-1916, Zion Cemetery, Davie County, NC; m. CENITH A. HEATH, 22-Jan-1869, Davie County, NC.
iv.EMILY A. BECK, b. 1842, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. Oct-1865; m. (1) DAVID PERRY DYSON, 15-Oct-1865, Davie County, NC; m. (2) ELISHA W. SHAW, 31-Aug-1884.
v.MILDRED BECK, b. 1843, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. 1850, Davie County, NC.
vi.MILLY MALONA BECK, b. 1844, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. Feb-1864; m. GEORGE R. GODBY, 11-Feb-1864, Davie County, NC.
vii.DAVID LINDSEY BECK, b. 06-Jun-1846, Davie County, NC; d. 18-Mar-1929, Zion Cemetery, Davie County, NC; m. AMANDA MALONA SMITH, 20-Feb-1867, Davie County, NC.
viii.MARY ELLEN BECK, b. 26-Jul-1848, Davie County, NC; d. Aft. 1870, Davie County, NC.
ix.SAMUEL NELSON BECK, b. 26-Jul-1851, Davie County, NC; d. 09-Mar-1934, Woodland Cemetery, Forsyth County, NC; m. (1) IDA BELLE BOOE, 07-Jan-1872, Davie County, NC; m. (2) ELMIRA CLEMENTINE MONEY, 03-Feb-1909, Guilford County, NC.
6. ENOCH3 BECK (ST LEGER2, UNCONNECTED1) was born 24-May-1809 in Rowan County, NC, and died 1887 in Zion Cemetery, Crocker, MO. He married MARY WARD 11-Mar-1832 in Rowan County, NC, daughter of WILLIAM WARD and ELIZABETH _____.
Children of ENOCH BECK and MARY WARD are:
i.MARION TURNER4 BECK, b. 07-Feb-1833, Iredell County, NC; d. 04-Jul-1921, Modesto, CA; m. SARAH CATHERINE BEACH, 1866.
ii.LORENZO JACKSON BECK, b. 06-Oct-1834, Davie County, NC; d. 30-Aug-1915, Gerald, Franklin County, MO; m. SARAH JANE FITZGERALD.
iii.SILAS WASHINGTON BECK, b. 06-Oct-1834, Davie County, NC; d. Unknown.
iv.ISHAM VAN BUREN BECK, b. 05-Nov-1836, Davie County, NC; d. 14-Mar-1910, Marlow Cemetery, Marlow, Stevens County, OK; m. SUSANNAH FITZGERALD, 06-Dec-1866, Franklin County, MO.
v.REBECCA AMANDA BECK, b. 02-Oct-1838, Davie County, NC; d. 18-Apr-1925, Crocker, Pulaski County, MO; m. (1) ENOCH HADDIX; m. (2) JOHN HOLTZMAN.
vi.WILFORD JEFFERSON BECK, b. 11-Jul-1840, Davie County, NC; d. 1925, Crocker, Pulaski County, MO.
vii.MARGARET JANE BECK, b. 26-May-1843, Davie County, NC; d. 1911; m. JAMES MARTIN SKAGGS.
viii.PERRY FRANKLIN BECK, b. 13-Mar-1845, Davie County, NC; d. Unknown, Virdeen, IL; m. HARRIET C. CAMPBELL.
ix.BRANTLEY POLK BECK, b. 17-May-1847, Davie County, NC; d. Unknown; m. SALLY KNOTT.
x.CLEMENT FISHER BECK, b. 10-Feb-1849, Davie County, NC; d. 26-Jul-1937, Fresno, CA.
xi.MADISON CASS BECK, b. 14-Jul-1852, Montgomery County, TN; d. Unknown; m. VIOLA MCCARTY.

Note: There are widely discrepant genealogies given for the children; some have the three older children born in the 1770s; some in the 1800s. One possibility for later dates, unknown where the specific birthdates are from:
1. Nathan -- David N. BECK b: 4 MAY 1808 in Rowan,NC->1880 married Mary "Polly" Richardson -- 9 children
2. James -- James BECK b: 1810 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC d. 2/1846 in Davie, wife Mary, daughter Rachel E. Brooks, Son: James M.N. Children of first wife: Mary Davis, Freeland, Stleger, Alfred; 3 youngest children James M.N., Edy, Nancy -- Groom: James Beck Bride: Polly Cashdollar Bond Date: 1 Dec 1823 Bond #: 000130896 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 001387 County: Rowan Record #: 03 009 Bondsman: Thomas Griffin Witness: L R Rose, Justice of The Peace
3. St. Leger -- St. Leger BECK b: 1812 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC
4. Edward -- Edward BECK b: 1814 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC
5. Taisel/Isiel -- Isiel/Isissic BECK b: 1816 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC -- OR -- Israel 7/18/1804 Rowan-1872 Burke,NC married Margaret, 4 children -- OR -- b. 29-May-1806, Rowan County, NC; d. 22-May-1843, Ashe County, NC; m. RHODA SUMMERS, 20-Jun-1824, Rowan County, NC -- Groom: Amos Beck Bride: Rhodah Summers Bond Date: 20 Jun 1824 Bond #: 000130893 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 007756 County: Rowan Record #: 03 009 Bondsman: Hamilton Summer Witness: John Cook, Justice of The Peace
Amos -- Amos BECK b: 1818 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC
Enoch -- Enoch BECK b: 24 FEB 1809 in Rowan,NC b. 5/24/1809 Rowan-1887 Crocker,MO married Mary Ward -- 11 children
Araminta -- Arginata Agustus BECK b: 1822 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC -- AND some have this as a separate child, omitting Jane: Herminita/Argeminta BECK b: 1826 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC
Margaret -- Margarey 'Margaret' BECK b: 1824 in Forks of Yadkin, Rowan,NC -- AND/OR -- Groom: Hiram Donoho Bride: Margaret Beck Bond Date: 13 Mar 1832 Bond #: 000124226 Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868 ImageNum: 000547 County: Rowan Record #: 01 100 Bondsman: John Brian, Jr. Witness: La R Rose, Jr

From: Kevin Beck
Subject: Re: [BECK-L] St. Leger, b. ca 1732, d. 1820, Rowan Co., NC
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 21:47:01 -0500
Hi. I have only done collected a little about St. Leger (St. Ledger, Sentleger) Beck. Below is what I have , right or wrong, I haven't verified it.
Descendants of St Leger Beck
1 [3] St Leger Beck b: Feb 1732 d: c 1822
. +Mary Wells Father: Mother:
..... 2 [1] James Beck b: c 1775 at Davie County, NC d: 1845-1846
......... +Mary Davis Father: Mother:
..... *2nd Wife of [1] James Beck:
......... +Mary "Polly" _____ b: c 1780 d: Unknown m: 1 Dec 1823 at Rowan County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 Sentleger Beck b: c 1776 d: c 1843 at Rowan County, NC
......... +Elizabeth Maddan m: 23 Dec 1801 at Rowan County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 Jane Beck b: c 1777
......... +Thomas Brooks m: 13 Sep 1797 at Surry County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 Herminta Beck b: c 1778 d: Unknown
......... +Joseph Jones b: c 1770 d: Unknown Father: Mother: [NO SOURCE--see below]
..... 2 [2] Margaret Beck b: c 1779 at NC d: Unknown
......... +David Segler m: 4 Feb 1797 at Surry County, NC Father: Mother:
..... *2nd Husband of [2] Margaret Beck:
......... +Hiram Donoho b: c 1770 d: Unknown m: 13 Mar 1832 at Rowan County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 Edward Beck b: 20 Feb 1803 d: 13 May 1850
..... 2 Israel Beck b: 18 Jul 1804 at Rowan County, NC d: 1872 at Burke County, NC
......... +Margaret _____ d: Aft. 1872 Father: Mother:
..... 2 Amos Beck b: 29 May 1806 at Rowan County, NC d: 22 May 1843 at Ashe County, NC
......... +Rhoda Summers b: c 1800 d: Aft. Jun 1824 m: 20 Jun 1824 at Rowan County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 David Nathan Beck b: c 1808 at Davie County, NC d: Aft. 1880
......... +Mary "Polly" Richardson b: c 1815 at VA d: Aft. 1850 at Davie County, NC Father: Mother:
..... 2 Enoch Beck b: 24 May 1809 at Rowan County, NC d: 1887 at Zion Cemetery, Crocker, MO
......... +Mary Ward b: 19 Nov 1810 at NC d: Jan 1891 at Zion Cemetery, Crocker, MO m: 11 Mar 1832 at Rowan County, NC Father: William Ward Mother: Elizabeth _____
*2nd Wife of [3] St Leger Beck:
. +Mary _____ b: c 1732 d: c 1790 Father: Mother:

2011 email to me from Kevin Beck regarding source of assertion that witness Herminta Jones was a sister to Sentleger Beck of the 1820 Rowan will: "I dabbled a bit in the Davie/Rowan County Becks a long time ago. Boy are they complicated!! I looked at your site yesterday and you are waaayy ahead of me on them. I agree 100% that the Devault family was completely different. Like you said different types of names, each kept to a different side of the river. I remember is the will you mentioned and may have guessed that she was a sister. I don't recall anything more than that. Haven't done genealogy in many many years. Sorry, KB" Note that the same information was posted by Tom Nagy above, but he was just reposting this information from Kevin Beck. There is apparently no documentation of any familial relation, just Kevin's supposition.

German Beck tree -- The 1799 Rowan records belonging to Catherine Beck deeding land to daughter Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Lanning, do not belong to our tree, but to the "German" Beck tree of Jacob Beck:
Jacob Beck (?-1790s? NC?) married Catherine Unknown (?-? Sevier,TN?) -- 3+ children
1. son Beck
2. Elizabeth Beck (6/20/1776 NC-9/28/1863 Iowa,IA) married Joseph Lanning, Jr (~1775 Rowan,NC-4/16/1846 Jackson,IN) -- moved to TN, then Barron,KY, then Clark,IN, then Jackson,IN by Sep 7, 1816 (160 acres of land purchased) -- 11 children (census: 1800?, 1810?, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860?) On Dec 2, 1799 Catherine Beck sold a tract of land located just across the Yadkin River, Rowan (now Davidson) county, adjoining Squire Boone's (brother to Daniel Boone) land, to Elizabeth, her daughter, and husband Joseph Lanning. This record apparently states that her husband is deceased, named Jacob, and she has two sons; Catherine and one son live in Sevier county,TN
-----2a. Joseph Lanning married (1) Charlana Laraway and (2) Mary Maxwell
-----2a. William Lanning married Mahala Hinkerlider
-----2a. Lewis Lanning married Lana Wilson
-----2a. Daniel Lanning married Mary A. Briner
-----2a. Richard Lanning married (1) Unknown and (2) Doratha Boas
-----2a. daughter Lanning married Mr. Peck
-----2a. Sally Lanning married John Wilson
-----2a. Rebecca Lanning married Richard Beem
-----2a. Mary Lanning married Eward Talbott
-----2a. daughter Lanning married Frank Dixon
-----2a. daughter Lanning married Ace Jackson
3. Daniel Beck
It would appear that this Jacob is NOT the same as the one who wrote a will in 1777 -- B. page 270 1777 BECK, JACOB, Cartharine, Jacob, Ludwig; also James, Catharine. At first I thought it would be a match since the wife's name is also Catherine, but there is no mention of (infant) daughter Elizabeth or her brother Daniel. I assume that the 1777 will is for Jacob's father Jacob Sr; Jacob Jr, who likely died in the 1790s, apparently wrote no will, perhaps due to a sudden and unexpected death.

Note that this underscores the problems of identifying each branch of the Beck tree -- "our" Becks and "their" Becks both moved from NC to TN and KY and IN!!! And all at about the same time, and they spent little time in each place! Who would have thought that farmers would be so mobile!

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From: "kathy e."
Subject: Re: [BECK] Rebecca Beck of Jefferson Co, Indiana
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2006 08:45:53 -0500
Since getting the DNA match [the DNA match was between a Jacob Beck descendant and Aquilla's son Samuel Beck (b.~1776) descendant -- per "kathy e.], I have found the Edward Beck Family of Bucks County, PA. to Kent County, MD. 1660s, at least one branch either never left PA or later returned, as in the History of Bucks, PA., it mentions the migration from MD to Bucks, PA., mid to late 1600.
Aquilla Beck born 1707, owned the waterway rights along the Delaware, he rented to Ferryboat Captains. The access of the Eastern Shore and the existing Colonies, can put this family just about anywhere. I somehow think the name is deliberate Aquila/Aquilla Beck, Beck means Brook (small body of water) and in Italian Aquila means Water (L'Aquila, Italy is the City of Water). Paul Beck had a son who was an Ambassador to Italy? (was there an Italian connection with this family?)
Early PA Land records, I found a Stephen Beakes, from researching the names and the area, there is no doubt that this was Stephen Beck, and related somehow to Edward and John Beck. Jeffrey Beck land in Virginia gives his name as Beake / Beck. And then there is the Stephen Beck (1788) will in Virginia, which mentions his daughter Catherine Beck Frenger (wife of Peter Frenger) In researching the Frenger Surname, it is exclusive to early MD, Bucks, PA and Virginia (until about 1830s) I have no doubt that this is one Beck family from the same common Ancestor, connecting them seems to be the problem.
Religion has been no help whatsoever, one branch was Quaker (probably through a marriage to the Preston Family). Early Presbyterian records and Jeffrey Beck married Lydia Phillips in a Presbyterian Church in PA, from the lack of Becks in the records, I don't think they were devout to that religion either. Most from what I have found on them is by late 1700s early 1800s the majority were Methodist, some of the earliest records of this religion in America, Beck can be found. The name Wesley Beck seems to appear at an earlier time then the Methodist movement.
I have been trying to find a Beck/Wesley connection, but the Wesley's of Europe seem to be scattered throughout, I've been getting nowhere. Does anyone know or have access to European records? Is there any Wesley Family Histories that mention when the first Wesley came to America? History says Charles came first and started a movement in Baltimore, MD, but I believe there was already a Wesley (or related) Family here before Charles? Does anyone have the Wesley surname in their Ancestry prior to 1720? Charles Wesley is said to have gone from MD to GA early to mid 1700s and there is mention in Northampton, PA of a George Beck who left for GA about 1753 to help build a church?
If I sound desperate, I am. I have all the pieces to a puzzle but can't seem to put it together, gives new meaning to the word "Frustration".

Re: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study
Posted by: Kathryn Ellis (ID *****2303)
Date: November 03, 2005 at 07:16:01
In Reply to: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study by Robert W. (Bob) Peck of 3948
Can I ask where your Peck Ancestors came from? I have submitted a sample to the Beck DNA project at Heritage. I did not get a match there, but when I posted my results at Sorensen Molecular, I got a match.
I do know for a fact that my Beck Ancestors used PECK, this story handed down through generations, said it was because so many of them shared the same name within the same areas of each other, they changed a letter to make sure they were paying the right taxes for the right person along with other bills. In the case of one Ancestor who died, his Heirs found out the name had never been legally changed and they changed from Peck to Beck, except for one Daniel S Beck remained Daniel S Peck.
I have not been able to prove that this name change had been going on earlier then early / mid 1800s but I suspect that it did.
The areas of my Ancestors are: Some PA / MD / VA Counties, then NC / IN / MI / MO , starting in PA 1600s to MO in the 1800s. As far back as they have been traced it is possible they could have been anywhere by 1800, but I am going by the DNA results.

Re: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study
Posted by: Robert W. (Bob) Peck (ID *****3883)
Date: November 03, 2005 at 09:00:12
In Reply to: Re: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study by Kathryn Ellis of 3948
Kathryn: In the US our Pecks appear to have started off in PA (Bedford County, now part of Fulton County). They were there by 1755 and many still are. Half the family thinks we're German, the other half English. It was not unusual for German Becks to take the name Peck, possibly because of the similarity of the hard "B" sound to a "P". I only have part of my DNA results so far but what I have suggests that the British Isles (and particularly Scotland) may be slightly more likely as the place of origin than Germany. Bob -- (Bold added by me. Note that Bob also says that his Beck/Peck line could have been Scottish.)

Re: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study
Posted by: Kathryn Ellis (ID *****2303)
Date: November 03, 2005 at 19:55:25
In Reply to: Re: Peck Y Chromosome DNA Study by Robert W. (Bob) Peck of 3948
My Beck family has been in Franklin Co., PA for more then 200 years , they are still in the same place. The Counties you mentioned were formed from Franklin if I remember right?
I too agree that my Beck line does not seem to be German at all, but many married into first Swiss then German Families and were known as PA Dutch. I do know that the Peck family that came from that area, were originally Beck. I have seen enumeration errors where Beck and Peck have been mixed up, but in the case of Peter Peck in Franklin County the Peck was deliberate.
What I am trying to find out is if it started before Peter who was born in 1799, I believe that it was.
Jack Beck who gave the DNA sample to the database a few months before he died, was the Grandson of my GrGrGrandfather who was in the Civil War he was born 1838. The DNA match in the Sorensen Molecular database was to an Aquilla Beck born in Kent, MD in 1753. His descendants from NC are well documeted they ended up in Clay, Missouri 1850s.
In my research I have found an Aquilla Beck born in the 1600s who owned the waterway rights to the Delaware Water Gap, 1703 to mid 1700s. I believe he is related to the Edward Beck of Bucks,PA to Kent MD, who had a son Aquilla Beck born in 1707.
This was really a surprise to me, I had been dancing all around that Beck line, I was looking for a possible Ancestor from Switzerland.
Since they appear to be here in the earliest Colonies, they could possible have been Dutch, I did find a Wm Beck in the VA Dutch Colony in 1612. It would have been much easier if they had tied into a Foreign line, they are easier to trace.
Thanks for the reply .

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From: Donald E. Beck
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006 8:01 PM
Subject: Re: [BECK] Rebecca Beck of Jefferson Co, Indiana
I believe Sentleger, St. Ledger, are given names refering to a Church of England saint. (I'm no expert on English saints.) It suggests that the Beck families in question are not connected to the Lutheran Becks in Rowan County. My guess is that St. Ledger and Aquilla came from an Anglo community in Kent County, Maryland to North Carolina.
Regards to all, Don Beck

kathy e. wrote:
Hi Bonnie,
How did you find the marriage record for Sentleger Beck? 1800 census for Rowan has a St Ledger (not sure how it's spelled) living near Aquilla (Agnello) Beck, I am trying to determine if they are Father and Son.
I have found census for Reck families in Jefferson, IN? (is the W.S you are looking for Winfield Scott?)
Madden / Maddan / Maden / Madan / Matten / Mattan / Matan / Maten are old established Kent County, MD families. (from the area and dates of the records, they are the same families) There is mentions of the families moving to NC, also some of the earliest records early 1700 have these families with multiple plantations, VA/MD/NC and PA. Thanks, Kathy

----- Original Message ----- From: James Grimmius
To: Sent: Sunday, January 29, 2006 3:52 PM
Subject: [BECK] Rebecca Beck of Jefferson Co, Indiana
Looking for information on Rebecca Beck family found on the 1850 Jefferson Co., Saluda Twp, Indiana Census. I need help confirming Rebecca is the dau. of Madden Beck and Rebecca Hatley of Rowan Co., NC.
Beck, Rebecca 48, b. NC
Matilda 18 NC
Wm. P. 17 NC (looks like) Wish it were W.S.
Emily A. 15 NC
Catherine 8 NC
Mary C. 2
Daughter, Matilda's death Certif. names Madden Beck and Rebecca Hatley as her parents of North Carolina. Matilda's full name is Aurena Matilda m. Abijah DAVIS 31 July 1851 Jefferson Co., Ind. Assuming all is correct, Madden's parents may be Sentleger Beck and Elizabeth Madden of Rowan Co. NC. They were married 23 Dec 1801 in NC.
Anyone else with ties to this family that can straighten me out? -- Bonnie

Angela kalnins (ID *****3259) Date: September 06, 2008 at 11:19:05 In Reply to: Aquilla and Sentleger/St. Leger-1800 NC by Joanne Anderson.
It's been seven years since you posted this question and I almost hate to reply since I have so little information.
What I have is very sketchy and the truth is--I'm not even 50% sure it's the same line... but the names Aquilla and St. Leger ARE kind of unique.
My name is Angela Anne Beck Kalnins (1964)
My father is Larry Weslyn Beck (1944)
His father was James William Beck (1907)
His father was Ira Dolphus Beck (1882) Note: born in Mississippi in 1882 and died in Texas in 1965; married Cora Lee Mayo (1888 TX-) in 1906 in TX
His father was Frank Morgan Beck married Mary J.a McClure
His father was Ira Dolphus Beck (1st) married Ellen Shands
His father was Enoch Beck (1810) whose brother was St. Leger
Their father was John Beck
whose father was Aquilla (1740 about)
His father was Philip Beck
and His father was Johan Lorenz Beck.
Unfortunately that ALL I know. Maybe in the last seven years since you posted you've found more. If so I'd love to read about it.
Note: the Enoch Beck born ~1809 in NC does not seem to have a brother St. Leger or a son Ira Dolphus. Plus, none of the children of the Enoch Beck (married to Mary Ward) end up in MS or TX; all move to KS, MO, OK, IL, CA or ID. Not clear how Angela linked to an Aquilla and Sentleger in NC in the 1800s, or how she determined Aquilla's father was Philip and his grandfather Johan Lorenz which are German names. I suspect there are some serious errors in this heritage as Sentleger and Aquilla are English names and Johan Lorenz is German.

From Bonnie:
• 1860 MO Census Madden Beck moved from Clark Co. to Washington Co, Concord Twp. IL
• 1860 Census Stephen D. Beck in Clark Co., Ind.
• 1850 & 1860 Ind. Census show St. Ledger Beck now living in Floyd Co., Ind.
• 1841 Sarah Madden Beck and Emsley Hooker mar. 28 Nov 1841 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., Ind.
• 1840 Ind. Census Madden BECK 3 sons & 6 dau. living in Clark Co.,
• 1840 Ind. Census list St. Ledger Beck and Christian Beck in Clark Co, Ind.
• 1840 Floyd Co., Ind., Henry Beck
• 1832 - Clark County Ind. Clerk's office - St. Leger Beck and Elizabeth Forklieu married 13 Dec 1832 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co. Ind.

From: Subject: Re: (Fwd) [BECK-L] St. Ledger Beck Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 19:57:37 EDT While researching my grandmother's family I came across a St. Leger Beck in the marriage records for Clark Co. Indiana. I have also seen him on census for Floyd Co., IN which is next to Clark Co.. My great great grandfather was Stephen Decatur Beck who settled, abt.1850, in Clark Co., IN. On several census he was listed as being born in North Carolina as was the Indiana St. Leger. I have not been able to connect the Beck families that came to Southern Indiana from North Carolina. The following are the Beck marriages I recorded in my notes. All of these marriages took place in Jeffersonville, Clark Co., IN. At that time it was very easy to get married in Jeffersonville, therefore a lot of people eloped to Jeff to marry. Emma Beck m. Jos. Beeler 1-20-1876 John Beck m. Catherine Kelly 7-28-1829 St. Leger Beck m. Elizabeth Forklieu 12-13-1832 Elizabeth Beck m. Joshua Phillip 10-31-1837 Eliza Beck m. John P. Tracy 8-11-1841 Sarah Madden Beck m. Emsley Hooker 11-28-1841 Alfred L. Beck m. Martha A. Lester 12-12-1848 James H. Beck m. Barbara A. Mathews 2-20-1855 Cornelius Beck m. Harriet Christy 12-12-1857 James Beck m. Mary Carter 12-27-1866 I may have more; I will post what I have. If you want more information on this St. Leger let me know. Carol

6/9/2012 -- from Lane Beck -- Re: Becks in Maryland and elsewhere
I have been particularly focused on the Becks in Maryland in the early 1700s -- my ancestor was James Beck (who married Sarah Duvall). He appears to have immigrated in January 1726 as an indentured servant and became a freeman about 1730. In trying to sort him out I have run the gamut of all the John Beck, Edward Beck, William Beck, etc lines that were hanging out in Maryland early on (and they all married women named with Mary or Elizabeth too!).
I do have some data that matches yours and some that would appear to conflict. For example, I have Jonathan Beck (1630-1718) with sons John (d 1733) and Edward (d 1734) (from his 2nd marriage) and sons John (d 1716) and Benjamin (d 1716) from his 1st marriage! And his brother Edward had another son named John. Jonathan and Edward appear to be the sons of a mariner named William Beck (died circa 1703) and his wife Elizabeth. There were Aquillas, Samuels, Calebs, and Johns among the descendants of William and Elizabeth and some of them did end up in the Carolinas. One the other hand, I can't seem to take the Sentleger Beck who married Mary Wells back any further than the 1778 fidelity oath he took in Choptank Hundred in Carolina County, Maryland. I think that was just before he moved down to North Carolina.....I think I may have a missing generation somewhere in his line....

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