Thomas and Ann Cranston Taylor

Ann Cranston?

Thomas Taylor


Parents: (likely) Margaret Douglas and Robert Taylor

Born: est ~1740 near Jedburgh?, Scotland

Born: (likely) August 20, 1739 Hawick, Roxboroughshire, Scotland

Married: ~1760 Thomas Taylor

Married: ~1760 Ann Cranston

Died: Kersheugh?, Jedburgh? Scotland

Died: Kersheugh?, Jedburgh? Scotland

Interred: Kersheugh?, Jedburgh?, Scotland

Interred: Kersheugh?, Jedburgh?, Scotland

Occupation: Tailor

It is not certain that Thomas Taylor's wife was Ann Cranston, as handed down in family stories -- no confirming document has been found (no birth record, marriage record, death record, will, or tombstone, and the children's birth records list the father's name only). She supposedly was related to the family of Lord William Cranstoun of nearby Crailing. She named a son Cranston, and her children used the name Cranston for their children, lending credance to the family stories. In Scotland at this time it was normal for married women to retain their maiden names, so the post-marriage records/tombstone, if she were listed, would include her maiden name. It is certain that she was not the daughter of the Ancrum Minister John Cranstoun; while it is true that this is the only Ann Cranston OPR birth record in Roxburghshire that would be the correct age (born 1725-1745), this Ann Cranston died unmarried in 1788 (documented by the Presbyterian church records (Fasti*) and her Ancrum tombstone**). I think it likely that the parents of the Ann Cranston who married Thomas Taylor were secessionists.

William Perry Hay (1871-1947) never learned anything about Thomas Taylor. According to family stories told to him in the early 1900s, there was a daughter Nellie who died on the way to America, and two sons, Cranston and Robert, the former becoming a farmer and slave owner in Kentucky and the latter following his trade of tailor in Jefferson County, IN. No mention was ever made of a son John, and no American records found, so it is assumed he died young. William Perry Hay somehow did not document any family stories about daughter Janet who married John Swan or son Thomas -- both of whom emigrated to Indiana together with Jane, and were founders of the Carmel Church with her in 1812. Thomas Sr. was likely the son of Robert Taylor and Margaret Douglas, but this is unconfirmed. If so, it is unknown why he moved from Hawick to Jedburgh, since Thomas appears to be the only Taylor in Jedburgh. Thomas and Ann's children were all "dissidents", and the lack of baptism records for the last two children suggests that Thomas and Ann Taylor had become secessionists in the 1770s.

Cranston/Cranstoun tartans

Taylor tartans - more information on tartans.



Date of Birth/Baptism,
Place in Scotland

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Robert

4/1/1761 Jedburgh Scotland

12/3/1848 Saluda, IN

~1790-93 Ellen Douglas


2. Cranston

3/1/1762 Jedburgh

1820s? Kentucky?

5/27/1792 Mary Unknown


3. Jane Ann

5/6/1765 Kersheugh, Jedburgh

9/4/1845 Saluda, IN

6/3/1787 William Hay


4. John

7/20/1768 Jedburgh




5. Janet

7/2/1772 Jedburgh

4/15/1857 Saluda, IN

5/26/1793 John Swan


6. Nellie

est.1776 Jedburgh?

~1809 at sea



7. Thomas***

~1779 Jedburgh?

4/11/1860 Saluda, IN

Nancy Unknown

0? 1?


Notes: Jane Ann Taylor was baptised Jean Ann at Carrsheugh also known as Kersheugh, which is less than one mile from Ferniehirst Castle, home of Lord Kerr. It is thought that it is possible that Thomas Taylor, a tailor, moved here from the Hawick/Wilton/Cavers area to be a tailor to the Kerr family.

births: Robert Taylor: born 4/1/1761 and christened 9/18/1761 in Jedburgh (film #1067944); Cranston Taylor: born 3/1/1762 and christened 7/27/1762 in Jedburgh (film #1067944); Jean Ann Taylor: born 5/6/1765 and christened ?? (film #1067944); John Taylor: born 7/20/1768 in Jedburgh (film #1067944); Janet Taylor born 7/2/1772 (film #1067944); [no Nellie; no Thomas] -- all specify father is Thomas Taylor with no mother named; no other records found for John in Scotland or America, so it is assumed he died young; Nellie is added in due to family stories; Thomas is added in based on his birthdate and his residence in Saluda, Indiana.
marriages: Cranston Taylor to Mary [Unspecified} on 5/27/1792 in Makerston (film #1067948); Jane Taylor and William Hay on 6/3/1787 in Makerston,Scotland (film #1067948) and on 6/29/1787 in Carnhill, Scotland (film #102297); Janet Taylor and John Swan on 5/26/1793 in Ancrum, Scotland (film #1067930); [no Robert, no Nellie, no Thomas] -- curiously, no marriage found for Robert Taylor and Ellen Douglas, estimated as 1790-1793 based on birthdates of children but searched 1780-1793, so perhaps the Douglas family is strongly secessionist; it is unknown if Ellen married, but assumed not since it was not mentioned in family stories.
No Thomas Taylor marriage record located; no Ann Cranston birth or marriage located.

Note -- also copy bottom of 1774 page which lists the following birth: John Cranston, taylor in Jedburgh and Jenet Waugh his wife had a son born August 12, 1765 and baptised the Sabbath the 15 named George. Witnesses Thomas Storie, smith in Jedburgh and George Waugh, the child grandfather. This is very interesting as in the very small parish of Linton, daughter Jane had a daughter Margaret born in 1797, and this church record page has entries for children of Alexander Cranston and his wife Isabel Hunter immediately before and after Margaret's entry: Adam in 1793, Agnes in 1795 before, and Robert in 1798 after. And, weirdly, children to George Taylor and Margaret Smith immediately after that for births in 1774 and 1780. Obviously this book was not maintained in date order; perhaps it was for late christenings? There is no positive relationship found for John Cranston, Alexander Cranston, or George Taylor to our Cranston-Taylor ancestors.

Birth records: 210, 213, 221, 234 and 250. Also interesting: 174, 187, 202, 223, 247 and 257. This is just first half of film #1067944. There is another copy which is good to copy too that are on the second half of tape. do index and second half.

Scottish research is difficult as the records are incomplete. Prior to 1855 the main source of information in Scotland is OPRs (Old Parochial Registors), but these have significant problems -- incomplete (not compulsory to register, so many events not recorded, especially deaths), missing (many old records lost, destroyed or unreadable), one church only (only the Church of Scotland, few secession churches), insubstantial (little information on records, e.g., often no maiden names, sometimes no mother's name). The detailed (individual enumerations) census data in Scotland start in 1841, after our ancestors left. Since it is impossible to know how many records are in fact missing, it is not adequate to assume that the single possible remaining record is in fact a match. Since additional church record books are unlikely to be found, it is unlikely that much additional headway will be made on the ancestry of the Scottish forebears.

*Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Volume I & II -- The succession of Scottish ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation, by the Rev. Hew Scott, D.D.: "JOHN CRANSTOUN, born 1705, ... He marr. 9th March 1743, Anne (died 14th Oct. 1795, aged 78), only dau. of John Gilchrist, min. of Bedrule, and had issue - Anne, born 5th Feb. 1744, died unmarr. 22nd Dec. 1788; ..." (full entry).

**Tombstone (Monumental Inscription) in Ancrum: (partially covered fallen stone): "In memory of the Rev. JOHN CRANSTOUN Minister ordained at Crailing 1692 and translated to Ancrum in 1.3.1701 died 7.10.1748. His son was ordained colleague and successor to his father 1.3.1735(?) and after discharging pastoral office with great fidelity for near 57 years died 7.1.1790 aged 85?. Mrs. Ann Gilchrist spouse to the latter died 14.10.1795 aged 78. DANIEL CRANSTOUN their son died 16.11.1778 aged 19. Their son JOHN Capt. of an East Indiaman died at sea 6.5.1768(?) aged 25(?). Their daughter ANN died 22.12.1788 aged 44. ANDREW, WILLIAM, GIDEON and GEORGE CRANSTOUN their sons died abroad also their son ROBERT who died in infancy." (Note that at this time in Ancrum, married daughters were included on family tombstones, but in these cases it seems it was normal to list the husband's name too. John Cranston and Anne Gilchrist had two other daughters who were not listed on the stone, confirming that this Anne never married.)

Church records FHL BRITISH Film Title Church records, 1737-1839 Authors Jedburgh Associate Congregation (Scotland : Nonconformist) (Main Author) 559522 Item 9 -- YES
Title Parish registers for Jedburgh, 1639-1857 Authors Church of Scotland. Parish Church of Jedburgh (Roxburghshire) Baptisms, 1639-1737; Marriages, 1669-1739, 1758-1772; Burials, 1641-1649. (Preferred film for viewing. Use this before ordering the other filming.) FHL BRITISH Film 1067943 -- NO
Baptisms, 1737-1782, 1758-1788 (Indexed), 1788-1821. (Preferred film for viewing. Use this before ordering the other filming.) FHL BRITISH Film 1067944 -- NO
Baptisms, 1820-1857 (Indexed); Marriages, 1821-1854; Burials, 1822-1855; Neglected Birth Entries, 1838-1851. (Preferred film for viewing. Use this before ordering the other filming.) FHL BRITISH Film 1067945 Item 1 -- YES
Another filming, 1951. VAULT BRITISH Film 102290 - 102292 -- NO, NO, NO
Title The annals of a border club, the Jedforest, of Jedburgh, Scotland : and biographical notices of the families connected therewith Authors Tancred, George (Main Author) Note Location Film The annals of a border club, the Jedforest, of Jedburgh, Scotland FHL BRITISH Film 253066 -- NO
Title Jedburgh Abbey : historical and descriptive Authors Watson, James (Main Author) Note Location Film Jedburgh Abbey FHL BRITISH Film 253100 -- NO

Get Hawick record for Thomas, and his parents/siblings records

Notes: The first five OPR birth records were found for Thomas Taylor and unspecified wife in Jedburgh. There was no mention in the family of the brother John, not emigrating or staying behind, and no American records were found for him, so it is assumed he died young in Scotland, without issue. Nellie was added based on the family stories handed down (as related by William Perry Hay) that a sister Nellie had died on the way to America; from what was written, it sounds like Nellie died on the first Taylor emigration prior to 1810, on the voyage with Robert and Cranston. Likewise, a birth record was not found anywhere in Scotland for Thomas.

*** Thomas Taylor was added to this list as a youngest sibling, without a verifying birth record. Thomas said on his 1850 census data that he and wife Nancy were born in Scotland. He is not in Shelby-KY with Robert and Cranston (no 1810 census in Indiana). He is just six entries above Jane Taylor Hay in Saluda in 1820, and nearby in Jefferson County in 1830 and 1840. Finally, Thomas and Nancy were founders of the Carmel Church along with Jane and William Hay and Janet and John Swan in 1812. Thomas and Nancy are buried in Carmel Cemetery along with William and Jane Taylor Hay and Robert and Ellen Taylor. William Perry Hay (1871-1947) also thought Thomas might be a brother, even though he had not been mentioned in the family stories. Other Taylor descendants have verified that Thomas is a brother. He and Nancy were likely to have married in Scotland, as did Robert and Ellen, but no marriage records were found for either brother, nor any birth records for any of Robert's, Cranston's or Thomas' children. A summary of missing records is detailed for all the Scottish ancestors. It is likely that the three brothers were secessionists, perhaps all in Jedburgh. While from census data it appears that Thomas and Nancy may have had a daughter and granddaughter, their wills (Book A-323) left their estate only to nieces and nephews.

The only Jedburgh Marriage records for Taylor start in 1821, after our ancestors emigrated in 1811. The marriage records for 1740-1820 were lost. The birth records are 1643, 1721, then our 1761-1772, 1805-1821. (1805 is Walter to William Taylor and Jean Anderson; 1811-1819 4 children to Archibald Taylor and Isabella Scot, 1819-1821 2 children to John Taylor and Janet Bruce).

Robert, Cranston and Nellie emigrated in the 1800s while Jane, Janet and Thomas followed in 1811. Robert and Cranston are both found on the 1810 census in Kentucky-Shelby county (neither had slaves), despite the fact that Robert's son Robert had used the date of emigration of 1811 in his obituary. His obituary further states that in 1814 Robert moves to Indiana -- he joined his newly-arrived siblings Jane, Janet and Thomas; however, Cranston stayed in Kentucky-Shelby. No record of Cranston or his family is ever found after the 1820 census. Based on the census data, it appears that one son died young, but the other son did survive, get married and have children, one of whom was the Thomas Taylor who shows up in Kansas in 1870 and 1880 as a cousin to other Taylors. It is unknown if Ann Cranston and Thomas Taylor were still alive circa 1809 when their children all began their emigration to America; no tombstone inscriptions for them have been found, no death record (mortcloth rental -- these records are not available for 1650-1821 in Jedburgh OPRs, and no secession death records at all), and no will for Thomas has been located.

One last piece of information explored was looking for the other founders of Carmel Church in Saluda Indiana in 1812. The "First Communicants" included: James and Jennett Anderson -- John was an Elder
John and Jane Anderson
George Sr and Ann Shannon -- George was an Elder
Samuel and Jane Legerwood -- Samuel was an Elder
Benjamin and Sarah Miller
William and Catherine Anderson
besides John and Jennet Swan, Thomas and Nancy Taylor and William and Jane Hay. James and Janet Anderson are buried at Carmel with the Hays and Taylors -- James died 1 Jun 1845 in his 67 year (b.~1778), and Janet on 9 Mar 1848 in her 69th year (b.~1779). In Old Bethel Cemetery, there are Ann Shannon ("consort of Geo Shannon - aged 83 years, 4 months & 7 days" - died 9 Sep 1847 (b.~1764) and George Shannon, Sen, b. Mar 1759, died 5 Dec 1840 "Aged 81 years and near nine months". However, there were no Legerwoods in Indiana by 1820, and no Legerwood tombstones were found in the neighboring cemeteries. Also in Old Bethel were Benjamin Miller (9 Oct 1785-25 Jul 1862 "Father & Mother") and Sarah Miller (28 Jan 1786- ---- (no date) "Father & Mother") -- the Millers were born in VA and PA respectively, according to 1850 and 1860 census data. The Swans are buried in Swan cemetery. Clearly not all the founders were recent Scottish immigrants, so more research into these other founders will probably not yield more information on our family.

Jedburgh is about 40 miles SE of Edinburgh, 8 miles SW of Kelso and 4 miles SE of Ancrum. Map of Roxburghshire; Kelso highlighted in yellow, ancestral towns highlighted in blue.

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