Robert and Margaret Crawford Hay

Margaret Crawford

Robert Lyle Hay

Parents: Sarah McNeeley and David Crawford

Parents: Sarah Maiden and Thomas Hay

Born: October 15, 1826 in Saluda, Jefferson County, IN

Born: September 30, 1821, Saluda Twp, Jefferson Cty, IN

Married: 3/13/1845 Robert Lyle Hay in Saluda, IN

Married: 3/13/1845 Margaret Crawford, 10/8/1891 Mary Baker

Died: January 7, 1885 in Bradford, IL (no death certificate)

Died: December 7, 1903, Annawan, IL (death certificate)

Interred: Mound Cemetery, 11 miles E of Bradford (tombstone)

Interred: Mound Cemetery, 11 miles E of Bradford (tombstone)

Occupation: Farmer and stock raiser

Genome: Hay genome

"My grandmother died after a long illness during which her niece, Mary Frances Baker, came to help take care of her. This niece, daughter of grandmother’s sister Isabel, later became Robert Hay’s second wife. Her [Margaret’s] father was David Crawford and her grandfather William Crawford. They are said to have come to southern Indiana from North Carolina. The only child of this couple of whom I have knowledge was David who married Sarah McNeeley—daughter of Jeremiah [possibly Joseph] McNeeley and his wife whose name has not come down to me. Jeremiah [Joseph?] McNeeley is said to have been of Irish descent. There were eight children in David Crawford’s family, among whom Margaret was the third." -- William Perry Hay (1871-1947). Margaret died at age 58. Although separated by distance, she apparently was close to her siblings.

"Robert Hay lived in Jefferson County, IN until [November] 1850. In that year he moved with his family, consisting of his wife and three children, to Bureau County, IL where he bought an 80 acre farm near the present town of Bradford. His parents followed in six years, and all of his siblings but John. In the old house on this farm, ten more children were born. Later, a larger house was built and more land was bought until he became one of the largest land owners in the county [521 acres in IL and 160 acres in NE]. His wife, mother of all of his children, died in 1885, just months before the deaths of his parents. Six years later he married Mary Frances Baker, a niece of his wife. For a house he chose one of his farms, near Annawan, where they lived until his death." -- William Perry Hay (1871-1947). Robert was a Democrat and cast his first presidential vote in 1844 for James Polk, who may have been a distant relative (on his mother's side).

Margaret Crawford Hay

Census data: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880

William Perry Hay's "Hay Genealogy" book, William Perry Hay's page on Margaret Crawford

Robert Lyle Hay

Census data: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1890, 1900

William Perry Hay's 1941 notes, and page on Robert Lyle Hay. Photos: image 1, image 2 (from William Perry Hay's book). Image 1 and reverse side, image 2 (from album).



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Oliver Perry

5/23/1846 Saluda, IN

11/2/1930 Wash., D. C.

6/30/1870 Mary Emily Howsmon


2. Mary Elizabeth

10/23/1847 Saluda, IN

11/17/1914 Kansas City MO?

5/8/1870 Thomas Clarke


3. Julia

2/10/1849 Saluda, IN

8/20/1918 Bradford, IL

1/20/1869 Miles Shimel


4. Andrew Jackson*

~1850? Saluda, IN

~1850? IN (age 3 weeks)



5. Sarah Jane

5/6/1852 Bradford, IL

10/15/1860 Bradford, IL



6. Thomas

12/10/1853 Bradford, IL

4/7/1881 Shaller, IA

1875 Marietta Steever


7. Ann E.

7/7/1855 Bradford, IL

10/19/1928 Yuma, SD?

11/19/1871 George Reid, 2->1901 George Culp


8. Francis Marion

8/18/1857 Bradford, IL

>1937 Girard, KS

4/14/1873 Nellie Lombard


9. Maria A.

4/1/1859 Bradford, IL

>1937 Los Angeles, CA

1877 Levi D. Rich


10. Isabel

4/26/1861 Bradford, IL

4/4/1931 Adel, IA

1/30/1879 William Wilcox


11. Leroy Skelton

9/22/1862 Bradford, IL

11/30/1928 Princeton, IL

10/15/1885 Kate Shriver


12. Clarence Lansing

2/9/1866 Bradford, IL

1/26/1951 Bradford, IL

2/12/1890 Mabel Foster


13. George Collyer

7/22/1868 Bradford, IL

>1937 Whiting Lake, IN

5/29/1900 Mary Hoy Stover


14. Robert Cranston

7/15/1871 Bradford, IL

1948 Bradford, IL

5/4/1890 Ruth Sutphen



Note: *Andrew was listed by Robert Lyle Hay as 3rd, but not possible unless he was a twin! See 1850 census. William Perry Hay's genealogy for: Mary, Andrew, Julia, Sarah, Thomas, Ann, Francis, Maria, Isabelle, Leroy, Clarence, George, and Robert.

At right is a letter that Robert wrote to his son in 1901, after he had taken a nasty fall and broken three ribs. I was impressed that he was considering visiting his son in New York!

letter and newspaper article from Robert Lyle Hay to son Oliver Perry Hay March 26, 1901, Bradford,IL
Annawan, Illinois
March 26, 1901
Mr. O. P. Hay and Wife,
Dear Son and Daughter,
I will try to scratch a few lines To let you know I am on 2nd [mend?] again hunting for something [to] fall over again. Three weeks today since I was hurt, am feeling first rate. I never had anything give me such pain in my life, crapps [cramps] and spasms about Every mnute for one day and night. We would like to make you a visit but it seems like a big task for me to travel. I guess you folks will have to come to see us. If I get right well this fall we may get out to see the folks once more. Write soon as you can and let us know How you are doing. Will write again. The friends are all well as far As I know. Magre [daughter Margaret] Patterson had a bad spell of Diptheria [diphtheria] this winter and [daughter] Jane Giles had the grip [grippe]. She was out in Iowa at her Daughter Alla Edmonds. Well I will close for this time. Give you Our best wishes. Robert Hay

Robert Hay Sr., living in Annawan, is the victim of an unfortunate accident by which he is now suffering from three broken ribs. Uncle Robert is now about eighty years of age, and while he has been always quite a healthy vigorous man, yet at his age broken bones knit slowly and he is liable to be laid up for a long time. --Bradford Republican, March 18, 1901

Robert was written up in several biological sketches in Bureau and Henry Counties: 1885 Bureau County (delineates his parents, grandparents and great-grandfather) and a two-page write-up in 1901 Henry County. Note that there are discrepancies between the two -- immigration date of 1811/1813, and the 1885 write-up says Robert "is a Republican", while the 1901 says "since 1856 he has been a supporter of the Democratic party"!

We also have an old tintype photo from the 1800s of a man with a young girl; it does not appear to be Robert Lyle Hay; the person and child are unknown, but thought to be some Hay relative. It is possible it is son Thomas Jefferson Hay (1853-1881) and his daughter Isabelle; Thomas lived in Iowa and may have sent a picture; however, this is pure conjecture. It is also possible it is a picture of Margaret's brother William Crawford (1839-1881) and his adopted daughter Grace (see picture of William for comparison). These are my two best guesses, based on the assumed date of the picture (circa 1880) and the family members who would only have had one daughter at the time. Perhaps it is more likely to be William Crawford as there was the picture of him in William Perry Hay's book.

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