Georg and Margarethe Deckenbach Stiebeling

(Catherine) Margarethe Deckenbach

Georg Christian Stiebeling

Parents: Catharina Elizabeth Volant(?) and Johann Christoph Deckenbach

Parents: Elizabeth Albertina Hoelle and Johann Christof Stiebeling

Born: February 11, 1791 in Gedern, Hesse, Germany (record)

Born: February 7, 1791 Gedern, Hesse, Germany (record)

Married: May 20, 1813 to Georg Christian Stiebeling (record)

Married: May 20, 1813 to Margarethe Deckebach (record)

Died: August 4, 1863 in Gedern (stroke) (record)

Died: March 28, 1847 in Gedern (church record)

Interred: Gedern

Interred: Gedern, Hesse, Germany

Occupation: master tanner and tavern-keeper

Picture: Stiebeling home in Gedern



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Marianne Elizabetha

1/8/1814 Gedern

9/24/1886 Gedern

7/28/1836 Johann Peter Carl


2. Fredrich Carl

3/5/1816 Gedern

11/15/1827 Gedern



3. Henriette

11/19/1817 Gedern

12/15/1817 Gedern



4. (Heinrich) Lorenz

11/13/1819 Gedern

3/30/1890 Washington, D.C.

10/12/1840 Catharina Rueb


5. Peter

1/12/1821 Gedern

4/2/1829 Gedern



6. Maria Mariana

1/20/1823 Gedern

1/7/1833 Gedern



7. Ludwig Carl

9/15/1824 Gedern

3/7/1888 Gedern

1/26/1847 Louisa Augusta Peters


8. Elisabetha

10/22/1827 Gedern

3/12/1828 Gedern



9. (Johann) Georg Christian

11/6/1830 Gedern

6/3/1895 NY, NY

1-5/3/1857 Hermine Kreymeyer, 2-Fredericke Stiebeling, 3-Eva Kohl



Note: Spellings in these old records vary considerably. Although Stiebeling was often spelled the same, Deckenbach has a variety of spellings, so no one way is known to be "correct."

On the Hessisches Archiv-Docukumentations- und Informations-System Hessisches Staatsarchiv Darmstadt (HSTAD) Kreisamt Schotten (G 15 Schotten) Identifikation -- Serientitel -- Genehmigung von Gastwirtschaften, Cafes, Kantinen und Branntweinausschänken (Translation: Approval of licenses for operationg hotels, cafes, cafeterias and serving alcoholic beverages). Titel -- Gedern Laufzeit -- 1834-1930. Vermerke -- Enthält -- Gastwirtschaft Karl Kauck (Skizzen), Richard Franz vorher Heinrich Distel (Pläne); Hermann Rullmann (Pläne); Gustav Seipel; August Becker; Karl Moog Witwe; Heinrich Wilhelm Geis (Pläne); GEORG CHRISTIAN STIEBELING; Karl Trank; Heinrich Dortwaldt II.; Philipp Becker; Christian Gerlach; Eduard Carl Konrad Ballinger; Benedikt Vöhl. (Translation: Restaurant owners Karl Kauck (sketches), Richard Franz before Heinrich Distel (plans); Hermann Rullmann (plans); Gustav Seipel; August Becker; Karl Moog Witwe; Heinrich Wilhelm Geis (plans); Georg Christian Stiebeling; Karl Trank; Heinrich Dorwaldt II.; Philipp Becker; Christian Gerlach; Eduard Carl Konrad Ballinger; Benedikt Vöhl)
List of publications, and civil war information and picture for Georg Stiebeling.
Georg Stiebeling left his wife Hermine to live with his niece Fredericke Stiebeling, Lorenz' daughter, by whom he had two sons. After her death, he lived with Eva Kohl by whom he had one more son -- see grandchildren page for more information. He apparently never divorced Hermine.
On his Civil War pension application (p.1-100, p.101-103), Georg Stiebeling is listed as 5'5.5" tall and weighing 123 pounds at age 60.
Georg Stiebeling was a physician and prominent Socialist, author of many books and articles -- see 1895 obituary with drawing, which states that he was the son of "wealthy burghers" (citizens).

In 2008 fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant, John Illenberger, was in contact with a fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant in Germany, Erwin Diehl, who confirmed this information and added much more in his 2008 letter. " In the years from 1814 to 1816 he built an inn, which today is called the “Bergwirtshaus"."

RIP John Illenberger (10/27/1931-9/26/2010) and George Gilliland (9/28/1939-7/2/2011) -- I would never have made it so far on the Stiebeling ancestry without the two of you; I miss you both. Donna Hay John was a descendant of Georg Christian Stiebeling though his first marriage to Hermine Kreymeyer. I remember fondly how it was hard for us to determine that Georg's second wife was his niece Fredericke, 25 years his junior, whom he "married" in about 1875 when she was 20. This was especially hard to determine since Fredericke's passenger list indicated she was a male, and her (assumed) 1870 census data lists her as Stepling born in Bavaria. It was only after locating her death record that John, George and I became convinced that she was the niece. We three worked together so well, all examining different census data, vital records, church records, and all working to translate the German records. I had never imagined I would find such a wealth of information dating back to the 1600s for this branch of my family, and could never have accomplished so much without such help from both of them. These pages are dedicated to their tireless efforts. RIP

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