Don's football days - University of Maryland 1931
(1932 Yearbook)

Back row: Hawkins, Wright, Mayhew, Hay, Kirby, J. Norris, Miller, Simpson, Cronin, Sterling, Goldsborough, Benner
Third row: Williams, G. Norris, Krajcovic, Loughran, Koelle, Woods, Davis, Cole, Hayden, Buscher, Keener, Hockensmith, Snyder
Second row: Keenan, Hines, Venneman, Chalmers, Poppelman, May, Setting, Mitchell, Feldman, Wood Faber
Front row: Vincent, Kiernan, Duley, Scott, Peake, Berger, Nicholson, Carliss, Sothoron





on Squad


Donald Hay .......................guard




 Washington, D.C.

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(About one-third of the team, including five Senior football players, were Sigma Nu's with Don.


Results of the Season
                                U. of Md.Opp.
September26Washington College, at College Park      13  0
October  3Virginia University, at College Park        7  6
October10Navy, at Washington        6  0
October17Kentucky, at College Park        6  6
October24V. M. I., at Richmond      4120
October31V. P. I., at Blacksburg      20  0
November  7Vanderbilt University, at Nashville      1229
November21Washington and Lee, at College Park      13  7
November26John's Hopkins, at Baltimore      3514
December  5Western Maryland, at Baltimore      41V6

        Coach Curley Byrd's "Twentieth Season Special" was a football team that will go down in the records as one of the greatest gridiron aggregations ever to represent the University of Maryland.

        The Old Liners won eight games, tied one, and lost one for an entirely successful campaign. It was a season in which the team played real football from start to finish, except for a let-up in the fracas with Vanderbilt in the middle of the schedule.

        Included in Maryland's victories were a dramatic game with Navy, staged before a notable throng at Griffith Stadium in Washington, and decided by a 6-0 score after a stirring struggle; and a clean sweep over the "Big Four" of the Old Dominion - Virginia, V. M. I., Virginia Poly, and Washington and Lee. This marked the second successive season that the entire quartet of leading teams in the Mother State was conquered.

Chalmers breaks loose in Western Maryland game

        Maryland's tie game with Kentucky proved to be the best contest of the year and was called one of the finest ever staged in this section. Intelligent and modern football featured the contest which ended with the score standing 6 to 6.

        All of the other triumphs were registered over elevens from within the State, Washington College in the opening game, Johns Hopkins in the traditional Thanksgiving Day battle, and Western Maryland in the season's finale. The only defeat was administered by the powerful Vanderbilt team in Nashville.

        Team play and speed were the two vital elements behind the successful season, as the team averaged only 178 pounds to the man, and was small in comparison to its principal foes. There was only one player on the eleven who exceeded 190 pounds and only a few who bettered 180.

Poppelman running for touchdown against Virginia

        True to reputation, the Black and Gold gridders did not reach top form until the closing stages of the campaign. As a result, their best game was their last game. In crushing Western Maryland in the final contest of the season, Maryland's offensive, according to many of the experts who witnessed the game, was the finest attack, from the standpoint of variety and polish, they ever had seen displayed on the gridiron. It was replete with everything in the football category.

        At the close of the season, many of Maryland's players came in for much consideration from the metro- politan newspapers. Outstanding in this recognition was the selection of Jesse Krajcovic, great Old Line guard, to all-America mention by the Associated Press.

        Krajcovic, along with Ernie Carliss, tackle; Courtney Hayden, guard; Alfred Pease, end; Ray Poppelman, Al Woods, Shorty Chalmers, and Bozie Berger, backs; were named on all-State teams. Pease, Carliss, Kraj- covic, Chalmers, and Poppelman were chosen by all four Baltimore newspapers, while Woods was named by three, Berger by two, and Hayden by one.

Pease running for touchdown in Hopkins game

        Maryland's entire backfield — Poppelman, Chalmers, Berger, and Woods — was picked by the Baltimore Sun which annually gives gold footballs to the players it selects.

        Chalmers was declared to be the best forward passer in the South, while Poppelman gained more than 1,300 yards during the course of the season, to be one of the greatest advancers of the pigskin in the country.

        One of the features of the team throughout the year was the brilliant forward passing attack. With Chalmers on the throwing end and either Pease, Norris, or Berger receiving, the Terrapins proved a constant scoring threat. This combination won for Maryland against Navy and tied the contest with Kentucky. Another stand-out performance was registered by Chalmers personally. He added the extra point in twenty out of twenty-nine tries after touchdowns during the season. Letter winners for 1931 were Al Pease, Jack Norris, Ernie Carliss, Ted Keenan, Tom Duley, Jesse Krajcovic, Courtney Hayden, Parker Faber, John Mitchell, Shorty Chalmers, Bozie Berger, Al Woods, Ray Poppelman, Charles May, Joe Settino, Paul Kiernan, and Bill Luney, manager.

Berger covering yardage against Washington and Lee

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August 8, 1931 letter from H. C. Byrd, Director of Atletics, to Don about football practice starting September 7 and encouraging about the game against Navy on October 10.

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Cole, Poppelman, Wood and Woods were Sigma Nus with Don.