Don Hay's Football Days

Sports were an important part of my father's life. Especially football was mentioned prominently in his high school and college yearbooks, and was the source of many family stories. My favorite was listening to my Dad talk about how they used to pass a hat around during halftime for donations, so they could afford uniforms. And that was in the semi-pro days! How things have changed. He remained an ardent fan all his life, loving the Washington Redskins as well as Maryland University football and basketball teams.

Two games stand out in my memories -- watching the Redskins at R.F.K. Stadium with my dad circa 1975, when quarterback Theismann replaced Kilmer late in the game and they came from 13 points behind with less than four minutes to play! It was pandemonium in the stands! And a basketball game at Maryland University when the Harlem Globetrotters played at halftime. When I put all my dad's mementos together, I was stunned to find out his father also played football in 1902 for Central High School.

1902 Central High