Christoph and Anna Kunigunda Frust Stiebeling

Anna Kunigunda Frust

(Johann) Christoph Stiebeling

Parents: Unknown and Conrad Frust

Parents: Gertrude Ruppert and Adam Stiebeling

Born: April 30, 1703 in Usenborn, Hesse, Germany

Born: March 9, 1684 Gedern, Hesse, Germany (summary)

Married: February 6, 1727 to Christoph Stiebeling (record)

Married: 1-10/1/1705 to Anna Margaretha Morez (record)
and 2-3/6/1727 to Anna Kunigunda Frust (record)

Died: January 10, 1758 in Gedern, Hesse (record)

Died: August 28, 1756 in Gedern, Hesse (record)

Interred: Gedern

Interred: Gedern

Occupation: Count master baker and lay-judge (source)



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Johanna Gertrude

4/2/1707 Gedern

4/15/1760 Gedern

6/9/1727 Friedrich Muller


2. Anna Margaretha

10/8/1709 Gedern

4/4/1737 Gedern

1/24/1737 Johann Ochxxxx(?)


3. Catherina

6/21/1712 Gedern

7/10/1726 Gedern



4. Catherina Maria

1/19/1718 Gedern

9/25/1774 Gedern

4/16/1738 Friederich Oberheim


5. Anna Catherina

11/14/1727 Gedern

2/9/1728 Gedern



6. Christian

1/1/1729 Gedern

2/21/1799 Gedern

2/11/1751 Maria Weber


Note: The first four daughters are by Christoph's first wife Anna Margaretha; the second two children are by the second wife Anna Kunigunda. Kunigunda is the name of a saint. Usenborn was also owned by the Count of Gedern.

In 2008 fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant, John Illenberger, was in contact with a fellow genealogist and Stiebeling descendant in Germany, Erwin Diehl, who confirmed this information and added much more in his 2008 letter. The court master baker had his baker's cottqage next to the castle and lived on the ground floor of the Princess' building (source).

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