Hendrick and Sarah (Garrison?) VanDolah

Sarah (Garrison?)

Hendrick VanDolah



Born: ~1706

Born: ~1695-1705 Holland

Emigrated: probably early 1720s

Married: ~1725 Hendrick VanDolah, 1744 Johannes Johnson

Married: ~1725 Sarah Unknown

Died: 1744-1756, Hunterdon, NJ

Died: before Dec 4, 1743 Hunterdon County, NJ

Interred: probably Barber Cemetery

Interred: probably Barber Cemetery


Although there are only two records for Sarah, they document her given name, Hendrick's death, and her remarriage: on December 5, 1743 Sarah VanDolah leased property as "the widow of Henry VanDolah;" on April 18, 1744 she signed as Sarah Johnson, "the widow of Henry VanDolah." Nothing is known about the ancestry of Hendrick's wife Sarah, and the assertion that her maiden name was Garrison seems to be only a theory, without documentary substantiation; I have not even found the basis for the assertion, but assume it is the naming of the first son Garrett (see below) -- more research is needed. Garrison (Garretts-son) is of Dutch origin.

It is assumed that Hendrick emigrated in the early 1720s since there is no indication that any family members emigrated with him, and he would have been too young to emigrate alone too much earlier. It is thought he emigrated directly to New Jersey, as no other records have been located. He was Dutch, maybe from the part of the Netherlands that is now Belgium (see below); the origin of the name may have been van Daelle (meaning one who lived in a valley). He has records for land sales and agreements from 1731-1741, and a tax record for 1741 under the name of "Henry Vandole" in Maidenhead township of Hunterdon county.

Census data: none

Census data: none



Date of Birth, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Garret

~1726 Hunterdon, NJ

8/10/1807 Hunterdon, NJ

~1757 Catherine Unknown (Dalrymple?)


2. Anna

~1728 Hunterdon, NJ

after 1758

Unknown Wilgus


3. John

~1730 Hunterdon, NJ

after 11/18/1758 Hunterdon, NJ

(never married)


4. Charity

~1732 Hunterdon, NJ

after 1758

Unknown Hausman


5. Peter

~1735 Hunterdon, NJ

11/1815 Greene, OH

~1758 Hester Unknown (Dalrymple?)



Notes: son John wrote his will on 11/18/1758; it is assumed he died shortly thereafter. It is fortunate he specified the married names of his two sisters, as this is the only definitive information we have for them; research into the children is severely hampered by the loss of the 1790-1820 New Jersey censuses.

On 10 November 1756 Hendrick's son Peter VanDolah witnessed the will for Johannes Johnson (believed to be his stepfather; Sarah's second husband), with James Ashton and James Dalrymple in Hunterdon, NJ. It is thought that James Dalrymple may be Peter's wife Hester's brother. This assumption seems to largely rest on the fact that James Dalrymple's wife's name was Ereminah, and this unusual name is only found in Hunterdon in descendants of the Dalrymple and VanDolah families. The assumption she was born in Scotland is based upon the assumption that James Dalrymple was her brother. This is simple conjecture at this point; much more research is needed.
-- 1756, Nov. 10. Johnson, Johannis, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., cooper; will of. Wife, Maria, £7 yearly, while my widow. Grandson, Johannis Johnson, son of my son, Johannis, deceased, £7. Real to be sold, and the money divided among my three daughters, and the four children of my son, Johannis, dec'd, to wit., Alida, widow of Samuel Barber; Magdelena, wife of John Barber; Geertrue, wife of Caleb Faarly; and the four children of my son, Johannis, dec'd, Johannis, Sari, Susana, Cathrina. Executors - John Barber and Caleb Faarly. Witnesses - James Darompel, Peter Vandolah and James Ashton. Proved March 2, 1762.
--Note: his wife is listed as Maria, which means that assuming this is Sarah's second husband, she had died prior to the writing of this will in 1756 and Johannis had married for a third time to Maria.
--It should be noted that Peter was only about 8 years old when his father died and his mother remarried, so he would have been close to this stepfather, whom he had known for over 13 years at the time of the signing of this will. It is unknown if he (and his siblings) continued to live with the stepfather and his third wife after Sarah died.

There being no will for Hendrick VanDolah ~1743 suggests his death was sudden and unexpected, and that he was not old; he was probably about 43 (age 38-48). The five children were probably all minors, about ages 8-17.

From the Barber Cemetery listings online: Hendrick VanDolah (1705-1743) Birth: 1705, Holland. Death: Dec. 5, 1743, Amwell, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA. Married Sarah Ann Garrison born abt 1706 Father of Peter Vandolah b: abt 1735 Hunterdon Co NJ d: Nov 1815 Greene Co Oh Peter married Hester Dalrymple 1758. she died 1804 Greene Co Ohio. Family links: Children: Peter VanDolah (1735 - 1815). Spouse: Sarah Garrison VanDolah (1706 - 1744). Note: Old burying place in the Township of Delaware near Mount Airy Station on the Flemington Railroad, running to Lambertville. Burial: Barber Burying Ground, Lambertville, Hunterdon County, New Jersey, USA. Created by: Max, Record added: Mar 31, 2009, Find A Grave Memorial# 35389118.

Curiously, while there are no records found for emigration circa 1720, I did find a book of "Dutch Immigrants in U.S. Ship Passenger Manifests, 1820-1880, and it includes a Gerrit Vandohlen family in 1867 -- maybe some relative, but also curiously, this family cannot be found on the 1870 or 1880 census (perhaps they Americanized their names).

It is strictly supposition, but I wonder if the assertion that Sarah's maiden name was Garrison was based on the first child being named Garrett (and Garrison being a contraction for Garretts-son). While it is not uncommon to use surnames as first names to honor the maternal ancestors, the fact that there was a Gerrit Vandohlen in 1867 immigrating from the Netherlands indicates that not only is Garrett a common Dutch given name, but even Garrett VanDolah is not uncommon -- so naming a son Garrett could be unassociated with Sarah's ancestral line. On the other hand, perhaps the maternal ancestry link was indeed the catalyst for the name Garrett, and was so told to later generations, who would have stayed in touch with their Garrison relatives in Hunterdon -- there was a Johannes Gerritsen (1671 Staten Island,NY-1732 Staten Island, NY) whose son John Garrison (1704-1774) had a son John Garrison born in 1729 in Amwell, Hunterdon, NJ. John's daughter married the grandson of Johannes Johnson -- widow Sarah VanDolah's second husband. If Sarah is indeed a Garrison, my assumption is that it is likely she was a sister to the John Garrison born 1704, whose father was John; note that Sarah did name her second son John. Further research could be done in Hunterdon, and in Staten Island looking for a birth record for Sarah. Note that there was a large Dutch colony in Staten Island at this time; it was called "New Netherlands" and was a common destination for Dutch immigrants.

There is also a listing for a "P. V. 1806" in Kitchen Cemetery in NJ. Since there is no birthdate on this stone, it is assumed that the stone may be for a child or grandchild of Garret, but not of Peter, who left NJ in about 1771-1772.

It is curious that the Howsmon name comes back into our tree in subsequent generations. This Howsmon lineage traces back to a John Howsmon, father of John Howsmon born October 15, 1755 in Frederick,VA. Based on 1755-1761 voting records, it would appear that John Howsmon Sr arrived in Frederick around the time of his son's birth. While it is theoretically possible that this is a match to Charity's Houseman husband by 1758, Howsmon/Houseman is not an uncommon name (although the German name is more common than the English/Welsh one), and this could only be considered to be a match if supporting documents are located to specify a Charity Hausman/Howsmon in VA, or John Hausman/Howsmon in NJ with no records after 1755.

Genealogist Dianne Wood (Diannew524@cs.com) said the ancestry may be Belgian instead of Dutch; someone had contacted her in the 1990s and said the origin of the name was van Daelle in Belgium. Belgium seceeded from the Netherlands in 1830, so this is not inconsistent with Hendrick VanDolah being Dutch.

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