John and Anne Gilchrist Cranstoun

Anne Gilchrist

John Cranstoun

Parents: Anne Willson and John Gilchrist

Parents: Unknown and John Cranstoun

Born: October 8, 1717 Bedrule, Roxburghshire, Scotland

Baptised: November 8, 1705 Ancrum, Scotland

Married: March 9, 1743 John Cranstoun

Married: March 9, 1743 Anne Gilchrist

Died: October 14, 1795

Died: January 7, 1790

Interred: Ancrum, Scotland*

Interred: Ancrum, Scotland*

Occupation: Minister of Ancrum 1733-1790

Because the Ann born to this couple in 1744 is the only Ann Cranston/Cranstoun born in Roxburgh in the appropriate time period (1725-1745) who has a Church of Scotland OPR, it was assumed this was the lineage for Ann Cranston Taylor, when that is NOT the case. Information from the Scottish Presbyterian Church files and the tombstone inscription confirm that this Ann, daughter of Ann Gilchrist and John Cranstoun, died unmarried. This is not the ancestors of our Ann Cranston who married Thomas Taylor, although this could be (perhaps likely to be) a relative.

"During the first fifty years of his ministery, he was never prevented from performing his duty by indisposition. A comprehensive understanding and a penetrating discernment of character, improved by wide observation, joined to great facility and force of expression, rendered his conversation at once agreeable and instructive, while his piety, extensive knowledge, and sound judgment, rendered him useful and eminent in the Church." John and his father were both ministers, and served in Ancrum for almost 90 years, 1703-1790. In the record book of Ancrum, the name was uniformly spelled "Cranstoun."



Date of Baptism, Place

Date of Death, Place

Married - date and to whom

# children

1. Ann

2/5/1744 Ancrum

12/22/1788 Ancrum*



2. John

2/19/1745 Ancrum

5/6/1768 at sea

3. Andrew

6/28/1746 Ancrum


4. William

6/26/1747 Ancrum

5. Robert

4/10/1749 Ancrum

2/4/1751 Ancrum



6. Helen/Eleonora

1/21/1751 Ancrum


1/20/1779 Andrew Scott


7. Gideon

1/5/1753 Ancrum


8. James

10/12/1754 Ancrum

9. George

2/29/1756 Ancrum

10. Janet

5/7/1757 Ancrum

died young?



11. Daniel

4/13/1760 Ancrum

11/8/1778 Ancrum



Notes: *Tombstone (Monumental Inscription) in Ancrum: (partially covered fallen stone): "In memory of the Rev. JOHN CRANSTOUN Minister ordained at Crailing 1692 and translated to Ancrum in 1.3.1701 died 7.10.1748. His son was ordained colleague and successor to his father 1.3.1735(?) and after discharging pastoral office with great fidelity for near 57 years died 7.1.1790 aged 85?. Mrs. Ann Gilchrist spouse to the latter died 14.10.1795 aged 78. DANIEL CRANSTOUN their son died 16.11.1778 aged 19. Their son JOHN Capt. of an East Indiaman died at sea 6.5.1768(?) aged 25(?). Their daughter ANN died 22.12.1788 aged 44. ANDREW, WILLIAM, GIDEON and GEORGE CRANSTOUN their sons died abroad also their son ROBERT who died in infancy."

Scottish research is difficult as the records are incomplete. Prior to 1855 the main source of information in Scotland is OPRs (Old Parochial Registors), but these have significant problems -- incomplete (not compulsory to register, so many events not recorded, especially deaths), missing (many old records lost, destroyed or unreadable), one church only (only the Church of Scotland, no secession churches), insubstantial (little information on records, e.g., often no maiden names). The census data in Scotland start in 1841, after our ancestors left. Since it is impossible to know how many records are in fact missing, it is not adequate to assume that the single possible remaining record is in fact a match. Since additional record books are unlikely to be found, it is unlikely that any additional headway will be made on the ancestry of the Scottish forbears.

Presbytery of Jedburgh, Ancrum and Longnewton (Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, Volume I & II -- The succession of Scottish ministers in the Church of Scotland from the Reformation, by the Rev. Hew Scott, D.D.}:

1704. JOHN CRANSTOUN, probably of the Crailing family; M.A. (Edinburgh, 22nd May 1685); ord. to Crailing 20th Jan. 1692; called 25th Nov. 1703; trans. and adm. 2nd March 1704; died FATHER OF THE CHURCH, 17th Oct. 1748, aged 84. He marr. (1) a lady whose name has not been ascertained, and had issue - William, M.D. friend and correspondent of James Thomson, author of The Seasons; John, his successor; Andrew, an officer in the Life Guards; a daugh. (marr. Daniel McKay, min. of Jedburgh); Anne (marr. James Simpson, min. of Wilton): (2) 29th April 1714, Jean Turnbull, who died 30th Oct. 1760, and had issue - Helen (marr. 1736, William Ker, Kelso). - [Scots Mag., lix; Sir Harris Nicolas's Memoir of Thomson.]

1733. JOHN CRANSTOUN, born 1705, son of preceding; licen. by Presb. of Jedburgh 12st July 1730; pres. by John Scott of Ancrum, Dec. 1732; ord. (assistant and successor) 21st March 1733; died 7th Jan. 1790. During the first fifty years of his ministry he was never prevented by illness from performing his duty by indisposition. A comprehensive understanding and a. penetrating discernment of character, improved by wide observation, joined to great facility and force of expression, rendered his conversation at once agreeable and instructive, while his piety, extensive knowledge, and sound judgment, rendered him useful and eminent in the Church. He marr. 9th March 1743, Anne (died 14th Oct. 1795, aged 78), only dau. of John Gilchrist, min. of Bedrule, and had issue - Anne, born 5th Feb. 1744, died unmarr. 22nd Dec. 1788; John, captain, East Indian merchant service, born 19th Feb. 1745, died 6th May 1788; Andrew, born 28th June 1746, died 5th Sept. 1776; William, born 26th June 1747; Robert, born 10th April 1749, died 4th Feb. 1751; Eleanora, born 21st Jan. 1751 (marr. Andrew Scott, min of Stichill); Gideon, born 5th Jan. 1753, died 16th Feb. 1782; James, born 12th Oct. 1754; George, born 29th Feb. 1756; Janet, born 7th May 1757; Daniel, born 13th April 1760, died 8th Nov. 1778. - [Tombst.]

1773. ANDREW SCOTT, licen. by the Presb. of Chirnside 30th Sept. 1766, became assistant to Mr Francis Scott, min. of Westruther, pres. by George III. 18th July 1772, and ord. 4th Feb. following; died 12th Nov. 1826, in 83d age and 54th min. He marr. 20th Jan. 1779, Eleonora, daugh. of Mr John Cranstoun, min. of Ancrum, she died 11th Nov. 1828, and had three daugh., Janet, spouse of Rev. David W. Gordon, min. of Earlston, Ann, and Gilchrist. -Publication-Account of the Parish (Sinclair's St. Ace. iii.).--- [Pres. Reg., &c.]

Ancrum records begin in 1703 -- the same time John Cranstoun Sr. starts as minister! So he is the one making all the entries in the parish book!
Starting in 1756 the records specify a birthdate in addition to the baptism date:
1756. March 7. Mr. Cranstoun Minister Abr Ancrum A Son Baptized George. he was born Feb 29th 1756.
1757. May 15. Mr. Cranstoun Minister Daut B. Janet
1760. Apr 27. Mr. Cranstoun Mintr A Son Bap: Daniel
An interesting record was found in 1771. February 22nd. Andrew Hall, servant to the Honourable Mr. Cranstoun at Longrn a dau. bap. Margaret
In 1772 the handwriting changes dramatically. It had been hard to detect a difference over the past 70 years between the handwriting of the two John Cranstouns, but clearly a new minister started recording in 1772.
1780, 23 Jan Last. Christian Hunter Daughter to Thos Hunter herd in Ancrum had a Son B. Jas By Mr. Oliver Min of Maxton, born in Fornication between her and Jas Cranston, now in the West Indies.

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