Grandchildren of Ann Barnum/Lois Barnum and Nehemiah Gregory

"Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" by Grant Gregory, 1938 - click on image for larger view - Nehemiah II
"Nehemiah Gregory II (son of Nehemiah I), died 1770. Descendants say he married Ann Barnum of Kent, Connecticut. Vital records have the marriage as October 3, 1759 for Nehemiah Gregory and Lois Barnum, who may have been his second wife, sister of first. He moved by 1755 to Gregory Point, New York [actually CT; see note following], where Jehiel was born. By 21 Aug 1770, he lived in Bedford, Westchester Co., NY, where he appears to have mortgaged land there to John Concklin and Jesse Lyon. Gregory Point may have been in Bedford." -- Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory (see page at right). Note that Ann could not have been a (full) sister to Lois, as her father Jehiel Barnum married Marah Ferrey/Berry in 1741; Ann is older. It is possible that Jehiel had a first marriage that produced Ann, but no supporting evidence has been located. Jehiel Barnum died in 1758, after Jehiel Gregory was born ~1755. Unfortunately, Jehiel Barnum did not write a will as he reputedly died in an accident; clearly he would have mentioned his namesake grandson, only child of a deceased daughter, if this had been the case.

Nehemiah is known to have died prior to his father Nehemiah: Oct. 31, 1770, Nehemiah I signed his will, giving his Cranbury dwelling to his son Stephen, adjoining land of Denton Gregory; mentions his wife Elizabeth, son Daniel, surviving children of his son Nehemiah, and daughters Ruth and Olive. Lois Barnum is thought to have been deceased by then too, although I have not ascertained why other researchers are certain of this. It is unknown who raised the three Gregory orphans, although it seems likely that they stayed in Bedford, NY, as Nehemiah Gregory III says he was born there on August 29, 1862 and still lived there prior to enlisting as a Patriot in July 1779.

Note: Genealogist William Perry Hay (1871-1947 - descendant of Elizabeth Gregory Howsmon) researched (92,93,94,95,96) the locale of Gregory Point in the 1930s and 1940s, to determine whether it was in NY or CT. He concluded there is only one Gregory Point, and it is in CT not NY -- located at the east side of the mouth of Norwalk River in Fairfield County, CT. A very short distance up this river are the towns of South Norwalk on the west side and East Norwalk on the east side of the river; two or three miles above is the town of Norwalk.

Gregory Point on the US Geographical Survey map, 20th century - click on image for larger view
Gregory Point USGS Norwalk South Quad, Connecticut, Topographic Map. Gregory Point is a Cape in the state of Connecticut (county of Fairfield), located at latitude - longitude coordinates (also known as lat-long or GPS coordinates) of N 41.08704 and W -73.40151. Gregory Point is shown in the center of the topographic (topo) map, which is sourced from the United States Geographical Survey map USGS Norwalk South quad. The nearest major town is East Norwalk, CT.

It may be impossible to find documentary evidence as to the identity of Jehiel's mother, Nehemiah's first wife. Unless mentioned in a will, there often are not records that remain for women, who are not identified on the census (unless they are heads of households) or own land, which usually is only as an older widow. Both the names Jehiel and Annis come from the Barnum line; they are not found in the ancestors of Nehemiah Gregory II -- this could be a clue, however, there are two Jehiel Gregorys born ~1755 in CT, so this is not as definitive as it would appear. Since Ann died at a young age, she may not be mentioned in any will, further complicating research. Birth and death records from this period are incomplete, complicating research further still. It is expected that the certainty of Jehiel Gregory's grandchildren that their great-grandmother's name was Ann Barnum was not a confusion with his second wife being Lois Barnum; Jehiel's wife (Elizabeth Andrews Gregory) lived to age 99 in 1857, and should have been certain of her mother-in-law's name -- it is assumed that the grandchildren's stories originated with her.

Note that early female mortality, especially in childbirth, was not uncommon at this time. It was also not uncommon for the widower to marry a younger sister of his deceased wife, especially when there was a child. This would have been even more likely if the child had been named for the deceased wife's father.

Ann Barnum and Nehemiah Gregory

"Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" by Grant Gregory, 1938 - click on image for larger view - Jehiel's descendants
son Jehiel's descendants
son Andrews' descendants
son Adley's descendants
1. Jehiel Gregory (1755 Gregory Point, Bedford, Westchester county,NY-4/12/1818 Yankeetown,Fayette,OH) married Elizabeth Andrews (1757 CT-3/1857 Yankeetown,Fayette,OH) -- 6 children (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850)
-----1a. Jehiel Gregory (11/20/1782 Spencertown,NY-9/1823 Fayette,OH) married Sarah "Sally" VanDolah (~1793 Fayette,PA-1/31/1824 Fayette,OH) -- 4 children (census: 1820)
----------1b. Elizabeth Gregory (5/8/1817 Yankeetown, OH - 6/20/1893 Harristown, IL) married Joseph Howsmon on 6/7/1837 -- 9 children
----------1b. Annis Gregory (3/24/1819 Yankeetown, OH - 2/22/1900 Mt. Sterling, McLean, IL) married George Washington Knotts (3/21/1814 WV-) on 2/13/1840 -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. John Gregory (10/8/1821 Yankeetown, OH-3/22/1902 Normal, IL) married (1) Caroline Dawson (5/30/1823-9/26/1845 McLean,IL) on 1/19/1843 Caroline Dawson and (2) Mary Ann Henline (3/19/1829 IL-11/17/1916) on 7/9/1846 -- 11 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Mary Jane Gregory (8/11/1823 Yankeetown, OH - 7/19/1852 Yankeetown, OH) (cholera) married James G. Loofbourrow (6/5/1817 OH-7/18/1852 OH) (cholera) on 1/14/1840 -- 7 children [After the deaths of Mary Jane and James, the four orphans were raised by their aunt and uncle Milton and Urana Loofbourrow Thomas -- she was James' younger sister.] (census: 1850)
-----1a. Nehemiah Gregory Jr. (to distinguish from uncle)(3/31/1784 Spencertown,NY-2/21/1817 Fayette,OH) married Patience Brown (10/23/1790 Washington,NY-1/26/1882 Seneca,OH) on 12/31/1807 -- 2 children
----------1b. Maria Gregory (1808 OH-8/28/1899 OH) married (1) Milton McNeal (1796 NY-1840s? OH) in 1824 and (2) Able Rawson (~1798 MA-1870s OH) in 1850s -- 3 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Jehiel Gregory -- died young (in the "Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" book -- "a very bright young man, studied medicine and disappeared entirely."
-----1a. Elizabeth "Betsy" Gregory (10/3/1786 Spencertown,NY-1/10/1840 Jackson,OH) married (1) Jared Strong (4/30/1784 Lee,MA-12/20/1827 Jackson,OH) on 3/5/1809 in Jackson,OH and (2) John Burnsides (~1782 VA-1860s OH) ~1828-1830*** -- 4+ children (census: 1820, 1830?, 1840?, 1850 1p2?, 1860?)
----------1b. Jared G. Strong** (7/13/1813 OH-11/8/1886 Los Angeles,CA) married Jane E. Leuacy (1811 OH-12/31/1891 Los Angeles,CA) on 2/2/1834 in Jackson,OH -- 7 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860-but says David and Nancy!!, 1865, 1870, 1880)(marriage and children not in the "Ancestors and descendants of Henry Gregory" book** - see footnote)
----------1b. Jehiel Strong** (~1815-?) -- died young(not in the "Ancestors and descendants of Henry Gregory" book**)
----------1b. Stephen Strong** (5/23/1816 OH-9/1/1884 Los Angeles,CA) married Emily Pickerel (3/4/1819 OH-7/16/1905 Los Angeles,CA) on 3/10/1836 in Jackson,OH -- 7 children (census: 1850, 1856, 1860, 1870, 1880)(not in the "Ancestors and descendants of Henry Gregory" book** -- see footnote; accepted by DAR#643392)
----------1b. Elizabeth Strong (7/23/1818 Jackson,OH-7/5/1847 Ross,OH) married John Hayes Davis (10/2/1817 Pike,OH-1/23/1887 Craig,OK) on 4/13/1837 in Jackson,OH (John then married Rachel Corken and had 8 more children) -- 4 children (census: 1850, 1860)
*** Note that these are major additions to the Descendants of Henry Gregory book; in fact, mine is the only mention of a second marriage for Elizabeth Gregory Strong after Jared died. For more details on the sources, refer to footnotes at the bottom of the page on Jehiel and Elizabeth Andrews Gregory's descendants.
-----1a. Annis Gregory (8/8/1789 Bedford,NY/Newberry,MA?-10/8/1877 Meigs,OH) married Ozias Strong (4/18/1786 Berkshire,MA-1875) on 1/11/1811 in Gallia,OH -- 9 children (census: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860), 1870)
----------1b. Sophia Strong (5/3/1812 Gallia,OH-9/10/1831 Meigs,OH) married George W. Thompson on 11/10/1830 in Meigs,OH -- no children
----------1b. Elizabeth Strong (1/5/1814 Gallia,OH-12/18/1844 Meigs,OH) married William Hicks (?-?) on 8/4/1831 in Meigs,OH and M. C. Davis? -- 2 children
----------1b. Annis Strong (9/12/1815 Gallia,OH-2/27/1868) married William Flagg Felton (9/1807 VT-1880s/1890s? OH?) in 1836 in Gallia,OH -- 2 children (census: 1850?, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Ozias Gregory Strong (8/12/1818 OH-5/2/1893) married (1) Bethinia Elgin Pavey (9/12/1829 Columbia,MO-12/15/1869 Fulton,IL) on 2/26/1844 in Hannibal,MO and (2) Maggie Linabery (5/1843 Morris,NJ-) -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Sarah "Sally" Strong (2/27/1821 OH- NE?) married Truman Sanford Chapman (1/23/1816 Berkshire,MA-1880s/1890s) on 9/16/1838 in Meigs,OH -- 4 children (census: 1850, 1870, 1900)
----------1b. Adley Andrews Strong (3/12/1823 Meigs,OH-1/19/1895 Hall,NE) married (1) Drusilla Curry (4/10/1824-1/12/1874 Vinton,OH) on 4/26/1847 in Gallia,OH and (2) Sarah Clark (~1841 OH--?) on 5/12/1878 in Gallia,OH and (3) Rebecca Arnold (12/20/1831 IL-1/5/1917 Hall,NE) on 12/12/1892 -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885, 1900)
----------1b. Jared Strong (10/6/1824 Meigs,OH-3/3/1867 Gallia,OH) married Lucretia H. Moore (~1734 VA-?) on 5/11/1851 in Mason,VA -- 2 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------1b. Horatio Strong (1/1/1827 Meigs,OH-11/3/1847 Hannibal,MO) -- never married
----------1b. Joseph Jehiel Strong (7/7/1828 Meigs,OH-2/5/1904 Vinton,OH) married Elizabeth Ewing (12/14/1825 Gallia,OH-4/14/1891 Meigs,OH) on 8/12/1849 in Gallia,OH -- 4 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900 (p1)
-----1a. Andrews Gregory (8/8/1789 Bedford,NY-7/21/1866 Fayette,OH) married (1) Sarah Dunehew Roberts (2/6/1793-9/3/1844) on 1/2/1814 and (2) Isabel Foster (~1805 PA-) on 8/3/1846 -- 6 children (census: 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860)
----------1b. Eliza Ann Gregory (11/22/1814 Athens,OH-11/19/1857 Fayette,OH) married William Alexander Phelps (2/12/1804 Manlius,NY-12/15/1862 Fayette, OH) in 1836 -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2)
----------1b. Sarah Jane Gregory (8/16/1816 Fayette,OH-6/1901 London,OH) married Abner Driesbach (~1812 OH-1860s London,OH) -- no children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)(Sarah Jane was like a mother to her niece Theodora Annette Phelps, and they lived together for at least 1850-1870, and were buried in the same lot)
----------1b. infant -- died young
----------1b. Adley Nehemiah Gregory (11/27/1820 Fayette,OH-8/31/1865 Lovington,IL) married (1) Charlotte Ann Webster (12/8/1827-10/15/1852) and (2) Martha H. Million (~1834 KY-1910s? KS?) -- 6+ children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------1b. infant -- died young
----------1b. infant -- died young
-----1a. Adley Gregory (6/17/1797 Cumberland,PA-8/19/1878 Bloomingfield,IA) married Margaret Armstrong Walker (11/3/1811 Greenbrier,VA-4/22/1889 Polk,IA) on 1/16/1827 in Fayette,OH -- 2 children (census: 1820, 1830, 1850, 1856, 1860, 1870, 1880?)
----------1b. Ann Maggie Whitfall Gregory (9/29/1834 Van Buren,IA-4/29/1884 Washington,DC) married James Alexander Williamson (2/8/1829 Adair,KY-9/7/1902 Newport,RI(buried DC)) on 4/7/1853 in Van Buren,IA -- 8 children (census: 1856, 1860, 1870, 1880 & 1880, 1900)
----------1b. Emma Gertrude Gregory (1844 Van Buren,IA-11/14/1927) married John Albert Tiffin Hull (5/1/1841-9/26/1928)(buried at Arlington National Cemetery) on 7/17/1868 -- 3 children (census: 1856, 1860, 1870?, 1880, 1900?, 1910?, 1920?)

Lois Barnum and Nehemiah Gregory

"Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" by Grant Gregory, 1938 - click on image for larger view - Nehemiah's descendants
son John's descendants
son Henry's descendants
son Jehiel's descendants
son Nehemiah's descendants
son Isaac's descendants
2. Nehemiah Gregory (8/29/1762 Beford, Westchester,NY-3/18/1841 Kortwright twp,Delaware county,NY)(Bloomville cemetery) married Sarah "Sally" Unknown (7/6/1770--3/20/1845 Bloomville,NY) --
Nehemiah was living with his grandmother in Norwalk, CT in Jul 1779 when Tryon made a raid on Fairfield & Norwalk; Although he was under age 17, he enlisted in Capt. Marvin's Militia Co., served 12 days; He enlisted 3 Jul 1780 in Bedford, NY, where he was living, in Capt. Steven's Co. of Rangers, Col. Sheldon's Regt.; he served along NY-CT line until Nov, 1780; He was present at the capture of Andre; In 1781 he served in Capt. Moses St. John's Co., Col. Thomas Westchester's Regt., mostly repelling and capturing cowboys, Tories, etc., near White Plains, NY; In 1782 he substituted 3 months for his cousin Silas Gregory, under Capt. Ozias Marvin, on guard along the Sound; (Silas's first son was born in 1782); In 1831 he received a pension of $82.32 a year; Of his service pay, 10s 8d in Albany was never called for; In 1789 he and Daniel Gregory, both of Bedford, sold their right in Cranbury Plain land that had belonged to their grandfather Nehemiah; He lived in Norwalk and Bedford until 1794 when he moved to a farm in Kortright Twp., Delaware Co., NY; There he was supervisor for several terms and J.P. for 25 years; He was a blacksmith. -- obituary -- 31 MAR 1841 Delaware Co., New York, USA; Delaware Gazette' Gregory, Nehemiah: A Revolutioinary Soldier died on the 18th inst in the 70th [actually 80th] year of his age. He was among the first settlers who selected and purchased the farm about 49 years ago, upon which he lived until his death. He was several times the Supervisor of Delhi and was Justice of the Peace for 25 years. He was born in the County of Weschester, NY and moved from there to this town. He leaves an aged widow and large family of children and grandchildren. (Kortright) -- 8 children (census: 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830, 1840)(Note that the Nehemiah Gregory in Bedford in 1800 and 1810 was his cousin, born 1780, son of Stephen Gregory and Mary Benedict) Living nearby Nehemiah Gregory in Kortright were his cousin Aaron with his son Samuel (census: 1820, 1840)
-----2a. John Gregory (1790 Bedford,Westchester county,NY-12/27/1871 Kortright township,Delaware county,NY) married Mary "Polly" Lewis 11/22/1795-3/23/1869 Kortright,Delaware,NY) -- 6 children--Burial: Place: Bloomville Cem.,,Delaware Co.,NY Note: John was a blacksmith. They lived in Delaware Co., NY; (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------2b. Susan Gregory (~1818 Kortright,Delaware,NY-?) married George McDonald (~1811 NY-) -- 2 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?)
----------2b. Nehemiah R. Gregory (8/17/1821 Kortright,Delaware,NY-1/30/1890 Kortright,Delaware,NY) married Sarah "Sally" VanAlsty (7/15/1828-4/14/1869 Kortright,Delaware,NY) -- 3 children (census: 1850, 1860?, 1870, 1880 p2)
----------2b. Jehiel Gregory (11/1825 Kortright,Delaware,NY-4/17/1888 Bloomfille,Delaware,NY) married Eliza J. Barker (1833 NY-1910s NY) -- 7 children (census: 1860, 1870?, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Mary Gregory (~1831 Kortright,Delaware,NY-<1900?) married Harry Coan (~1824 NY-1870s NY) -- 1 child (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Esther Gregory (1833 Kortright,Delaware,NY-?) married Henry Goodrich (~1832 NY-) -- 2 children (1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?, 1900?)
----------2b. Phebe Gregory (~1839 Kortright,Delaware,NY-?) married Allen Mitchell (~1830 NY-) -- 1 child (1870, 1880?, 1900?)
-----2a. Henry M. Gregory (1/7/1795 Bedford,Westchester,NY-10/18/1871 Danville,Vermillion,IL) married Phrelove Seaman (5/3/1797-5/29/1884 Danville,Vermillion,IL) -- 12 children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Cynthia Gregory (8/27/1818 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-6/24/1858) married Adam A. Kedzie (~1820 NY-) on 12/29/1840 -- no children (census: 1850, 1860?, 1880)
----------2b. Sarah Gregory (5/4/1820-11/4/1820 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) -- died young
----------2b. Phoebe Gregory (1/27/1822 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-3/14/1896 Sanford,Broome,NY) married Andrew Kedzie (~1819 NY-<1900 NY) on 10/3/1848 -- no children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870)
----------2b. Henry Sackrider Gregory (1/27/1824 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-9/1/1889 Macedonia,Pottawattamie,IA) married Hannah Sarah Whitner (1823 NY->1880 IA?) on 1/25/1849 -- 5 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870?, 1880) In 1880 census, Henry was in Silver Creek, Pottawattamie Co., IA;
----------2b. Amasa Millard Gregory (2/28/1826 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-3/19/1918 Peoria,IL) married Marcia Field (~1842 VT-<1900 IL) on 3/18/1857 -- no children (census: 1850?, 1860 p2, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Pauline Gregory (1/14/1829 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-1900s Danville,Vermillion,IL) married E. M. Miller (~1812 VT-1870s NY? IL?) on 10/3/1848 -- 4 children (census: 1860-Canada?, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------2b. Adelia E. Gregory (5/13/1832 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-1870s? NY?) married Nelson G. Beers (12/20/1823 NY-?) on 1/22/1851 -- no children (census: 1860?, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Charles W. Gregory (11/11/1834 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-6/1/1921 IL) married Charlotte "Lottie" A. Nesher (1/1843 NY-1910s? IL?) on 9/4/1862 -- 3 children (census: 1870 p2, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920?)
----------2b. William Merritt Gregory (5/13/1836 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-11/8/1918 Deposit,Broome,NY) married Laura Azelia Bathrick (5/27/1841 NY-10/1/1927 Deposit,Broome,NY) on 6/18/1862 -- William was a farmer; trustee for Knapp Brothers, Deposit, NY. -- 4 children (census: 1870?, 1880, 1900, 1910 p2, 1920?)
----------2b. George L. Gregory (11/4/1839 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-8/25/1868 McClure,Broome,NY) married Eliza Rickard (~1842 NY-) on 2/21/1860 -- 3 children (census: 1870)
----------2b. Edmund S. Gregory (7/29/1842 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-9/15/1921) married Anna M. Maxon (~1845 NY-) on 7/18/1867 -- 1 child (census: 1870, 1880, 1900?, 1910? 1920?)
----------2b. Harvey Kedzio Gregory (4/9/1845 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-9/13/1925 CA) married Anna M. Bines (11/1844 OH-1920s? CA?) on 9/25/1873 -- 5 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
-----2a. Jehiel Gregory (7/9/1797 Kortright,Delaware,NY-1/18/1847 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) married Cynthia Osborn (11/23/1804-6/3/1883 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) on 10/1/1824 -- 5 children (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Samuel Gregory (10/12/1827 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-11/12/1884 Stamford,Delaware,NY) married (1) Jane Clark (~1827 NY-4/4/1861 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) on 3/20/1851 and (2) Julia/Juliett Helen Adams (5/15/1842 NY-1910s? NY?) on 2/4/1867 -- 4 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Melvina Gregory (8/29/1829 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-<1900? Bloomville,Delaware,NY) married James R. White (1818-7/15/1873 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) -- 4 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Horace Gregory (9/12/1830 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-1/11/1912 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) married Margart Harkness (7/1835 NY-1918 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) -- 5 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Osborn Elisha Gregory (4/24/1840-9/15/1861 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) -- never married (1860)
----------2b. Ruth Gregory (11/1/1842 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-1897 Stamford,Delaware,NY) married Johnson Hamilton (1/1838-1908 Stamford,Delaware,NY) -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900)
-----2a. Nehemiah Gregory (IV) (5/20/1803 Kortright,Delaware,NY-3/15/1888 Bloomville,Delaware,NY) married Fanny Butts (4/11/1807-2/19/1862 Bloomville,Delaware,NY)~1830 -- 4 children Nehemiah was a blacksmith and farmer; In 1850 census, in Kortright Twp., Delaware Co., NY; His farm was 3 miles from Bloomfield; (census: 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860 p2, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Cordelia Gregory (1831 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-1870s Oneonta,Delaware,NY) married Andrew Jackson Stoutenburgh (~1824 NY-<1900? NY?) -- 2 children (census: 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Luther S. Gregory (1829 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-<1900 South Bend,IN) married Elizabeth Unknown (~1847 OH-) -- 1+ child (census: 1880
----------2b. Marietta Gregory (6/20/1841 Bloomville,Delaware,NY-6/22/1929 Oneonta,Delaware,NY)(Bloomville cemetery) married George E. Scott (8/28/1835-12/24/1901 Oneonta,Delaware,NY) -- 2 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
----------2b. Charles P. Gregory (1848 Kortright,Delaware,NY-3/19/1893 Stillwater,MN) married Ida B. Coombs (widow Gaskill; stepdaughter Anne Inez Gaskill)(6/1852 ME-<1930 CA?) -- Charles practiced law in IL and also in MN where he formed a partnership with his uncle, Judge Edmund Butts; was elected to legislature. -- no children (census: 1880-note that Charles is living in rooming house where Ida lived, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
-----2a. Sally Gregory (~1808 Kortright,Delaware,NY-1889 Kortright,Delaware,NY) married (Major) Luther Butts (~1796 Kortright,Delaware,NY-? NY?) on 2/22/1827 -- 10 children (census: 1850 p2, 1860 p2, 1870?, 1880?)
----------2b. Julia Butts (~1830 NY-)
----------2b. Edmund G. Butts (~1831 NY-)
----------2b. Elizabeth Butts (~1834 NY-)
----------2b. William Butts (~1836 NY-)
----------2b. Nehemiah Butts (~1838 NY-)
----------2b. Sarah Butts (~1840 NY-)
----------2b. Augusta L. Butts (~1842 NY-)
----------2b. Caleb Sheldon Butts (~1844 NY-)
----------2b. James H. Butts (~1847 NY-)
----------2b. Mary Butts (~1851 NY-)
But the Henry Gregory descendants book at right has 10 children listed as: Amasa, Sheldon, Harvey, Henry, George, Molly, Dwight, Florence, Adele and Millicent; I cannot locate a Butts family on any census data with these 10 children -- and this is not even close to the 10 listed above on the census data; I believe the census data. Curiously, no census data can be located for the parents or children after 1860 even though they are expected in Kortright as of 1889.
-----2a. Isaac Gregory (2/1/1810 Kortright,Delaware,NY-2/12/1887 Jefferson,Schoharie,NY)(pneumonia) married Maria Fuller (9/22/1817 VT-2/12/1887 Jefferson,Schoharie,NY)(heart attack;Stamford cemetery) -- owned land in Stamford,NY; blacksmith; in 1855 bought 2 farms in Schoharie Co., NY, one was his homestead.-- 9 children (census: 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Howard O. Gregory (2/20/1840 Stamford,Delaware,NY-1864 Andersonville,Sumter,GA) -- When Lincoln issued a call for 50,000 men, Howard enlisted with Co. "E", 3rd NY Vol. Cavalry; promoted to Cpl, then Sgt; captured in Wilson's Raid in June 1864; died in Andersonville Prison. -- never married (census: 1860?)
----------2b. Willard Fuller Gregory (12/29/1842 Stamford,Delaware,NY-3/20/1904 Jefferson,Schoharie,NY) married (1) Caroline Buel (1845-3/30/1887 Jefferson, Schoharie,NY) and (2) Julia E. Fuller (1/1859 NY->1930 NY?) -- Willard served in Civil War for 2 years, Pvt., Co. E, 3rd NY Cav.; When his brother Howard was captured, he escaped by hanging to stirup of his swimming horse. -- 8 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Frances Helen Gregory (12/31/1843 Stamford,Delaware,NY-3/4/1872 Catskill,Greene,NY) married Jacob "Jake" Ruland (~1842 NY-) -- no children (census: 1870, 1880)
----------2b. Julia Eveline Gregory (12/16/1845 Stamford,Delaware,NY-12/17/1913 Stamford,Delaware,NY) married Charles W. Gibbs (5/15/1835 NY-5/4/1872 NY) and (2) Russell Dayton -- 3 children (census: 1870, 1880 p2-note: Russell Dayton lives next door, 1900, 1910?)
----------2b. Adeliza Marie Gregory (12/23/1847 Stamford,Delaware,NY-11/12/1925 Stamford,Delaware,NY) married Samuel Coley G. Maynard (~1843 NY-) -- 2 children (census: 1870, 1880, 1900?, 1910?, 1920?)
----------2b. John Peck Gregory (12/9/1849 Stamford,Delaware,NY-Hobart,Stamford,Delaware, NY) married Sarah J. Champlain (2/18/1847-Hobart,Stamford,Delaware,NY) -- rancher in KS in 1880s, returned to NY by 1900 where he was farmer, assessor, trustee at M.E. church. -- 2 children (census: 1880. 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930)
----------2b. Isaac Colby Gregory (6/1/1853 Stamford,Delaware,NY-Stamford,Jefferson, Scholharie,NY) married Mina Houck (12/19/1867-) -- farmed on father's old homestead, 3 miles north of Stamford village. -- 3 children (census: 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 1930)
----------2b. Amasa J. Gregory (3/25/1856 Jefferson,Schoharie,NY-9/8/1917 Delaware,NY) married Frances Annie Haines (9/16/1866-Delaware,NY-1900s NY) ~1885 -- 4 children (census: 1900, 1910)
----------2b. Adelbert Gregory (4/17/1858-3/23/1859 Jefferson,Scholharie,NY) -- died young
-----2a. William Gregory (4/9/1812 Kortright,Delaware,NY-8/25/1897 Deposit,Broome,NY) -- never married (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?)
-----2a. Cynthia? Gregory (? Kortright,Delaware,NY-?) married Unknown Storm -- 1 child
----------2b. Milton Storm (born prior to 1841)
Can't find Cynthia Storm on any census data, or a confirmed child Milton. The best possibility I found on the 1850 census was Lydia A. Storm in Schoharie county, age 32 (b.~1818 which would make her mother ~48 at her birth) married to minister Martin J. Storm, 43, with three children -- James 10, Martin 5 and George 1 (census: 1850 p2). Note that John Colby Gregory (b. 1907, son of Amasa J. Gregory and grandson of Isaac Gregory) who supplied this information for this part of the Gregory descendants book only mentioned there was another daughter, perhaps named Cynthia, who married a Mr. Storm and had a son Milton who was mentioned in the grandfather's will; it is uncertain if he was the only child alive in 1841 and if the mother, Nehemiah's daughter, had died by 1841. But this Martin, b~1845, was born after the grandfather died; this would only work if there had been another child named Martin, born prior to 1841, who died by the time of the birth of the second Martin in 1845, a seemingly unlikely scenario. Note that Lydia could be a second wife too.

"Ancestors and Descendants of Henry Gregory" by Grant Gregory, 1938 - click on image for larger view - Annis Gregory Carter
3. Annis Gregory (~1765 NY->1814 Bridport,Addison county,VT) married Frederick Carter (12/1/1761 Litchfield,CT-1810s? Bridport,VT) on 2/20/1785 in Christ Church,Salem,NY -- 6+? children (census: 1790, 1800, 1810) The census data has Frederick Carter living in these locales in VT: 1790 in Pownal,Bennington; 1800 in Monkton,Addison; 1810 in Bridport,Addison; (the 1820 listing in Cavendish,Windsor is thought to be their son). It appears that Fredrick and Annis likely died in the 1810s, but without individual enumeration, it is not certain -- either or even both could theoretically be included in the household of a son or son-in-law, especially if widowed -- see deductions.
-----3a. Sarah "Sally" Carter (11/18/1785 Pownal twp, Bennington Cty, VT-1821 Madison,Fayette,OH) married William Bostwick (1775 Litchfield,CT-1829 Madison,Fayette,OH)(will) ~1802 -- 9 children -- (census: 1810, 1820)(note that the Bostwicks moved from Bridport,VT to Yankeetown,OH next door to Jehiel Gregory some time between 1810 and 1817; William was a witness to uncle Jehiel's 1817 will).
----------3b. Adoniram Bostwick (6/10/1803 Bridport,VT-1/7/1897 Pancoastburg,OH) married (1) Roxenia Buckley (11/7/1801 CT-1/2/1870 Pancoastburg,OH) in 1822 in Madison,OH and (2) Martha Unknown (~1838 OH-?) in 1870s -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880) Helen Overmeyer Dudleson filed DAR#368156 (Adoniram Bostwick-Eliza Ann Bostwick-Lena Pancoast-Grances Gordy-Helen Overmeyer)
----------3b. Sarah "Sally" Bostwick (7/21/1805 Bridport,VT-9/1/1876 Mt. Sterling,OH) married Banjamin Leach (4/8/1803 Rockingham,VA-6/4/1873 Mt. Sterling,OH) on 2/1/1822 in Yankeetown,OH -- 12 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870) (descendant Miriam Riggin Shideler filed DAR#260296: Sarah Bostwick-Miriam Leach-Rea Riggin-Miriam Riggin)
----------3b. Joseph Morton Bostwick (5/22/1807 Shoreham,VT-3/15/1897 Bunceton,MO) married (1) Rachel Harris (1810 Queenbury,NY-9/17/1871 Pisgah,MO) in 1827 in NY and (2) Eliza Unknown (~1840 TN-?) in 1870s -- 6 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880)
----------3b. Frederick Carter Bostwick (11/23/1809 Bridport,VT-12/25/1900 Mt. Sterling,OH) married (1) Eliza Leonard (~1807 Granville,NY-4/24/1876 Mt. Sterling,OH) on 12/27/1831 in NY? and (2) Cynthia Alkire (9/1825 OH-?) ~1877 -- 3 children (census: 1850?, 1860?, 1870, 1880, 1900)
----------3b. William Bostwick (6/2/1812 Bridport, VT-4/8/1892 Fayette,OH) married (1) Eliza Armstrong (~1812 OH-1860s Ross,OH) on 1/1/1835 in Ross,OH and (2) Sarah L. James (11/26/1842 OH-1910s? OH?) on 4/20/1865 -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910)
----------3b. Lucy Ann Bostwick (8/29/1814 Bridport, VT-11/8/1893 Louisiana,MO) married Lewis Harvey (~1810 OH-1880s/90s?) on 12/31/1835 in Mt. Sterling,OH -- 10 children (census: 1850, 1860 1870 1880)
----------3b. Oliver Bostwick (10/8/1816 Fayette,OH-4/29/1867 Fayette,OH) married Malinda Thomas (3/25/1816 Pickaway,OH-7/14/1885 Mt. Sterling,OH) on 3/10/1836 in Pickaway,OH -- 8 children (census: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880?)
---------------3c. Sarah Bostwick (4/19/1848-4/15/1895) married Charles Miller (9/14/1846-1940s?) and their daughter was Stella Miller -- William Perry Hay visited with Stella and her father Charles (then 99) in 1947 in Mt. Sterling, OH to discuss genealogy and burials) Stella Miller filed DAR#50474.
----------3b. Adley Bostwick (~1818 OH-1850s Fayette,OH) married Mary Unknown (~1826 OH-?) -- 2 children (census: 1850, 1860 p2)
----------3b. Haddock Bostwick (~1820 OH-1820s OH) -- died young (not in father's will)
-----3a. daughter Carter (7/21/1787 Pownal,Bennington, VT-?) -- this may be Beatrice, or this daughter may have died young, and Beatrice born later
-----3a. son Carter -- assume one son is Retrace Carter, a witness to his cousin Jehiel Gregory Jr's 1817 will in Fayette,OH (together with brother-in-law William Bostwick), and that he had at least one child, son James, the only Carter in Fayette,OH on the 1820 census. Curiously, absolutely no records found for Retrace Carter anywhere in America, not even census; it is assumed he had died in Fayette prior to the 1820 census.
-----3a. son Carter -- one son may be the younger Frederick Carter in VT on the 1820 census, who is also listed on military records for 1824-28.
-----3a. son Carter -- unknown
-----3a. 1+ others? died young? the census data appears to indicate at least six children; Indiana DAR record mentions five children.
Vermont ODM, #7450048 includes a Pownal birth record for Sarah in 1785 and unnamed daughter in 1787 on the specific dates above, children of Frederick Carter and wife Annis
Indiana DAR (source) lists daughters Sarah and Beatrice and three sons, submitted by descendant Dorothy Riggin Johnson.
DAR lineage book, vol51, p.216 -- Frederick Carter enlisted 1778 - private in Capt Jonathan Rudd's company, Col. Samuel Chapman's regiment, Connecticut militia; married Annis; daughter Sarah Carter (1785-1821) who married William Bostwick (1775-1823) in 1802. MISS STELLA MILLER. 50474; Born in Mt. Sterling, Ohio; Descendant of Capt. James Davis, Jeremiah Thomas, Frederick Carter and David Deshler; Daughter of Charles Henry Miller (b. 1846) and Sarah Bostwick (1848-95), his wife, m. 1870 -- Frederick Carter (1753-90) enlisted, 1778, as a private in Capt. Jonathan Rudd's company, Col. Samuel Chapman's regiment, Connecticut militia. He was born in Connecticut ; died in Vermont.
1810 Carters in VT: Andrew in Caledonia, Andrew in Orange, Asa in Windsor, Benj in Windham, Ezra in Orleans, Frederic in Windsor, Frederick in Addison, Gedeon in Rutland, Jno in Orleans, Jobe in Rutland, John in Rutland, John in Addison, John in Franklin, John in Rutland, Jonah in Rutland, Jonah in Windsor, Lewis in Chittenden, Luke in Windsor, Moses in Orange, Nehemiah in Franklin, Noah in Orange, Olander in Caledonia, Philip in Caledonia, Saml in Orleans, Samuel in Orange, Solomon in Addison, Vaml (Saml?) in Orange, Wm in Windham and Wm in Orange. Others that may be Carters (messy handwriting) include Chandler/Charrellen Carlen/Carter in Windham, David Carten/Carter in Bennington, John Bliss Cortis/Carter in Orange, and Willoby Carles/Carter in Orange. Obviously, Nehemiah Carter would be of interest, as it is Annis Gregory Carter's father's name, as would be Thomas, the name of Frederick's father (his mother's name was Sarah; he had siblings Thomas, Adoniram, Adonijah, Benjamin, Braddock and Rufus).

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